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Karl Rove’s Nightmare

The conventional wisdom is that Republican Super Pac money will overwhelm Democrats in the last six weeks of the fall election. This week Bernstein Research put out some data that lead me to believe that the returns to scale on … Continue reading

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Tail Wags Dog

I know I’m going to catch hell for this post because no one is allowed to criticize Israel, but I’m really tired of our foreign policy being driven by Right Wing Israeli politics. Two cases in point this morning. First … Continue reading

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Turning Point

The apparent Obama post convention bump does not surprise me. Much of my life has been spent evaluating cultural projects as a producer or manager, from the early records of The Band, to Mean Streets or The Last Waltz, I … Continue reading

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Propaganda Machines

I watched Paul Ryan’s speech last night in amazement as it seemed so untethered to reality and then I thought about a book I’ve been reading, the second volume of Richard Evans stunning trilogy about the rise and fall of … Continue reading

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Overproduction and Recovery

It has been my contention for some time that one of the flaws of the Libertarian “perfect market” model of capitalism is that the rise of globalization has tended to exaggerate the jagged rhythm of free market growth that inevitably … Continue reading

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The Choice

The reason the Todd Aiken rape comments have resonated so strongly is that they bring a bit of clarity to a race that was in danger of being dominated by the ad budgets of Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers. … Continue reading

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Ryan’s World

From all the press coverage over the weekend, you would think that Paul Ryan was at the top of the Republican ticket. For those of us who have been having an intellectual battle with Libertarians for the past few years, … Continue reading

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Globalization Fail

A few weeks ago I wrote about the anomie that enveloped me when I attended the Aspen Ideas Festival. The sense that what was taking place in our economy and society was the effect of forces outside our control. The … Continue reading

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Mitt in a Pickle

It seems to me that Mitt Romney is in a real Jam. As George Will so cogently put it, you have to assume that the cost of releasing the ¬†earlier tax returns was greater than Mitt’s perceived cost of not … Continue reading

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Rational Markets and Corruption

When a religious fundamentalist suffers a “crisis of faith” it is a mournful incident to witness. Such was the occasion when Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve appeared before Congress in the wake of the financial crisis of … Continue reading

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