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Put a Stake In It

The reports of the death of the Neo-Conservative Movement have been greatly exaggerated. Dick Cheney has become a cheerleader for Newt Gingrich whose sole intention seems to be to continue The Long War ad infinitum. On a day when we … Continue reading

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Our Biggest Problem

For a few years I have worked with the OECD(Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development) in media and telecom issues. The organization has always done the best statistical analysis of the economies of the 30 Developed Countries that are members. … Continue reading

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The Democratic Economy

Former Fed Vice Chairman Alan Blinder makes a pretty convincing argument, that no matter where you are on the income scale, you do better¬†under a¬†Democratic President. The stark contrast between the whiz-bang Clinton years and the dreary Bush years is … Continue reading

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