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Do We Need War to Grow our Economy?

The economist Tyler Cowen wrote a piece in the New York Times today entitled “The Lack of Major Wars May be Hurting Economic Growth”. He raises a serious point that requires two questions to be answered. First, does modern capitalism … Continue reading

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New Normal

Friday’s employment numbers have caused many analysts to set their hair on fire. Initially the Dow fell more than 100 points before saner money returned in the afternoon. This reinforces a theme I have been pursuing on these pages for … Continue reading

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Aspen Effect

When my flight from Los Angeles touched down in Aspen, Colorado I counted 80 private jets parked at the airport. I had come for the annual Aspen Ideas Festival and what follows is a critique written with some affection for … Continue reading

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Private Equity Myth

As many of you know, David Brooks is one of the few conservative columnists that I regard highly. But occasionally he writes something that is so boneheaded, it makes you wonder. Such a column was his defense of Mitt Romney … Continue reading

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Bring it On

Cory Booker revealed the real stakes for the November Election. Faced with having to raise most of the money for his next campaign (maybe Governor?), Cory chose to suck up to Wall Street on Meet The Press and trash Obama. … Continue reading

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Let them eat cake

Our some time correspondent, Tennessee William Shakespeare sent me a link and I wrote a friend who used to work for Bloomberg News to ask if this story, written by one Max Abelson for Bloomberg Business Week was tongue in … Continue reading

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Inequality Smackdown

I always love it when David Brooks and Paul Krugman tussle on the pages of the New York Times. On Monday, Brooks wrote a column called The Wrong Inequality, arguing that the Occupy Movement was wrong to target the 1% … Continue reading

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Year of Living Dangerously

One year from today we will enter the final two weeks of the Presidential Race. The punditry are making certain predictions they see as “inevitable. But there is a big chance that the radical spirit in the air on both Left … Continue reading

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Savage Capital II

This morning it is deja vu all over again. In March of 2008, after having warned my readers for three months that a crash was coming, I wrote a piece about what I called Savage Capitalism. The short selling sharks … Continue reading

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Farewell, F**k Off and Pass the Bong

Andrew Lahde had a very good year in the last 18 months running a small hedge fund that bet that the sub-prime mortgage business would go down in flames. His fund had a one year return of 866%! Last week he … Continue reading

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