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Everybody Out of The Pool, Now!

Just another day at the Community Pool in Penglai in Sichuan Province, China

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China's Pragmatism Dodge

The recent Pre-Olympics scuffles over Chinese actions in Tibet only served to obscure a much more serious problem in China’s foreign policy: their willingness to support and arm the worst dictators in Africa. Yesterday a courageous South African dock-workers union refused … Continue reading

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China's Broadband Dilemma

China has blocked all access to You Tube in order to prevent citizens from seeing images like this from Tibet.  For years the Chinese government has maintained a fantasy narrative that the Tibetans love being ruled by the Chinese. Clearly recent … Continue reading

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Sexy Photo Gate

As I’ve said before, its hard for countries still trying to practice Internet censorship to know where the next challenge will come from. China is entranced by a new scandal known as “Sexy Photo Gate”and the desire of average citizens … Continue reading

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The Stimulus Plan

Let me see if I understand this. The U.S. Treasury is going to borrow $150 Billion from the Chinese and other T-Bill buyers and mail checks for that total amount to anyone earning less than $75,000 a year. But because … Continue reading

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Blowback II

This morning in Beirut, a U.S. Embassy Bullet Proof transport was blown up. In Kabul, the main hotel where Americans stay, was the target of “a commando style Suicide raid”. The NPR Reporter asked a local Beirut journalist–“Who might be … Continue reading

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