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For the past couple of months I’ve been engaged in reporting on the nexus between major brands and pirate bit-torrent sites. It has been like lifting up a rock to see all the weird life forms crawling out of the … Continue reading

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Aaron Swartz

I noticed a lot of comments on the suicide of young Aaron Swartz on my last post. It’s a tragedy when anyone takes their own life and I can’t really write about the issues surrounding the legal case he was … Continue reading

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Cambrian Moment

My friend and colleague John Seely Brown gave a speech yesterday that really lifted my spirits. He said we are in a Cambrian Moment with a whole new tool set consisting of Cloud Computing; Graphic processing chips/systems;Social Networks; Big Data … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs

  I will add but a few words to the millions that will be written in the next few days about Steve Jobs. At the Innovation Lab we try to inculcate the notion that you can’t be afraid. You can’t … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs and America

I’m lucky in that I get to work pretty closely with Apple at the USC Annenberg innovation Lab. So if I have anything to add to the reams of copy written this morning about Steve Jobs’ decision to step down … Continue reading

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