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Do We Need War to Grow our Economy?

The economist Tyler Cowen wrote a piece in the New York Times today entitled “The Lack of Major Wars May be Hurting Economic Growth”. He raises a serious point that requires two questions to be answered. First, does modern capitalism … Continue reading

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Economics of Culture

The New York Times ran an article this morning entitled “Movies Try to Escape Cultural Irrelevance”. I had to smile because I have been thinking for a while about what is going on culturally in our entertainment universe and trying … Continue reading

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Karl Rove’s Nightmare

The conventional wisdom is that Republican Super Pac money will overwhelm Democrats in the last six weeks of the fall election. This week Bernstein Research put out some data that lead me to believe that the returns to scale on … Continue reading

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The Big Lie

  Kim Dotcom is the alias of a modern day digital mafioso, who made more than half a billion dollars in the last few years by selling advertising on a site filled with stolen movies and music. Like any mafia … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games

We had our Annenberg Innovation Summit yesterday and it was a smashing success. So today for the first time in two weeks I went to the movies. I saw Hunger Games, because I am going to give a lecture on … Continue reading

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Coup D’Etat

I was struck this morning while reading the New York Times story on the billionaires who are funding the Republican efforts to remove Barack Obama from the White House, just what a distance we have traveled in the nearly fifty … Continue reading

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Financial Musings

I have been known to make occasional predictions about our economy, and this quiet time between Christmas and New Years leads me to venture once again into these waters. In general I feel that the incessant Chicken Little “sky is … Continue reading

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Four Years is a Lifetime

The first post of this blog was exactly four years ago.┬áIt’s been a long strange journey and yet I’m struck by how much I feel the same mixture of hope and foreboding. As to hope, I am still struck by … Continue reading

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Delicious Irony

Two years ago Citizens United financed a documentary by Newt & Callista Gingrich called America at Risk. It was the typical Gingrich over the top Global War on Islam screed and par for the course for the production company most … Continue reading

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Brilliant Advertising

Many years ago Ridley Scott did a famous ad for Hovis Bread in London. So this year the English bread company celebrated their 150th Anniversary with a wonderful history of England in 2 minutes.

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