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Sleeping Through a Revolution

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Against The Monoculture

As most of you know, I worry a lot about the American Monoculture: where 80% of the music downloads got to 1% of the musicians. Where 80% of the people buy from H & M or Forever 21, taking advantage … Continue reading

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Fear Itself

Waiting in the airport for my plane back to LA, I heard one of the CNN bloviators describe the last four days as a “Reign of Terror”. The mind boggles. I don’t mean to discount Boston’s tragedy and obviously these … Continue reading

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Twilight of the Oligarghs

This image of Sheldon Adelson wheeling his way out of a busted Romney Victory Celebration seems so telling to me. This sad old man, with his badly dyed hair, who thought he could buy the election, unable to even walk … Continue reading

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American Crack-Up

When did it start? When did America’s mass consensual hallucination begin? When did the boundaries between truth and fiction dissolve? Consider the evidence. I awoke this morning to read that a candidate for the Presidency (Newt Gingrich) believes we should … Continue reading

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Bring on the Culture War

The pundits are saying this week that progressives are experiencing “Perry Panic”. Bullshit. I say bring it on. Bring on this culture war to end all culture wars. We need a real clear decision. Do we (all the people, not … Continue reading

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Brave New World, Redux

After Thursday’s stock market crash, we find ourselves staring into the abyss of a potential double-dip recession. Republican’s, having ignored the history lesson of the business lobby 1937 Austerity Push, which managed to push America back into depression, seem to … Continue reading

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Our Greatest Hits

Here are some of the most epic strings of the last three years.

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Art of the Long View 2

Ivan Seidenberg, CEO of Verizon  talks to me about the Network of 2020.

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Old Masters and Young Geniuses

In researching my book I have been reading the work of an economist named David Galenson, who is trying to understand the life cycles of artisitic creativity.  In his book, called Old Masters and Young Geniuses: The Two Life Cycles … Continue reading

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