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Pentagon Propaganda Machine

The very best thing that could happen for America is for the Super Committee to fail. To understand why I say that you need a little history. In my new book, Outlaw Blues;Adventures in the Counter-culture Wars, I write about … Continue reading

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Deluded and Defiant

A headline in this morning’s New York Times described the last days of Qaddafi’s life as “deluded, defiant and unwilling to quit”. I laughed and thought, “just like like Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachmann”. The Republican Presidential field does make … Continue reading

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Year of Living Dangerously

One year from today we will enter the final two weeks of the Presidential Race. The punditry are making certain predictions they see as “inevitable. But there is a big chance that the radical spirit in the air on both Left … Continue reading

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Morbid Symptoms

“The old is dying and the new cannot be born.  In this interregnum there arises a great diversity of morbid symptoms.”-Gramsci The etymology of the word “morbid” is the Latin word morbidus meaning disease. Let us consider the particular disease … Continue reading

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What is to be done?

When I started promulgating this notion of The Interregnum–“The old is dying and the new cannot be born;in this interregnum morbid symptoms abound”(Gramsci)–two years ago, I had no idea how morbid the symptoms would get. The last week has been … Continue reading

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