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This is Getting Depressing

I was going to write a post about all of the stupid new reality shows ABC is advertising on the NBA Finals game. With titles like “I Survived a Japanese Game Show” or “Wipeout”–I was going to call the post … Continue reading

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Big Brown & Steroids

Big Brown, with two legs of the Triple Crown in hand ran without steroids for the first time today and lost badly. Michael Iavarone, a co-president of International Equine Acquisitions Holdings, which is one of the owners of Big Brown, … Continue reading

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Did Tiger Prepare the Way for Barack?

I started reading Chip Brown’s magnificent profile of Tiger Woods this morning and as I finished the first paragraph, I thought to myself of how in the 1950’s the only black men allowed at the country club outside of Cleveland my … Continue reading

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Advertising's Future

Ten years from now the historians of marketing will look back at last week as the time that Interactive Advertising came of age. CBS Sports put all of the games of March Madness on the Web for free with targeted … Continue reading

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Hopped-Up in America

Our concern earlier in the week that the PTSD-caused murders by returning Iraq Vets were exacerbated by Amphetamine ran smack into the Baseball hearings yesterday, where it was revealed that in the last 2 years that 103 major leaguers have … Continue reading

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Random Saturday Musings

This could get interesting-Dennis Kucinich has demanded a recount of the New Hampshire Primary “Mr. Kucinich’s letter cited “unexplained disparities between hand-counted ballots and machine-counted ballots.”  Salon’s reporter is skeptical, but thinks the recount should go on. Needless to say, … Continue reading

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Surf City

Yesterday four madmen rode the largest waves of their “Big Wave”career’s. Grant Baker, one of the surfer’s summed it up: When asked to gauge the size of the biggest waves, Baker pointed to a poster of Parsons that promoted the … Continue reading

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Brian Roberts is not happy.

At halftime, the fact that the Patriots-Giants game turned out to be so good is just gravy to the NFL Network in their two year battle with Comcast and Time Warner Cable. The telecast on both NBC and CBS is … Continue reading

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