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World Cup Collective Consciousness

The French Sociologist Emile Durkheim created the concept of “Collective Consciousness” in the 1890’s. The University of Chicago Theories of Media states, “The phrase collective consciousness implies an internal knowing known by all, or a consciousness shared by a plurality … Continue reading

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In Praise of the Beautiful Game

I’m not sure I know why the whole planet is transfixed by the World Cup, but I think its a good thing. Deep in the Amazon jungle, villages running their sole TV off of car batteries gather to celebrate athletic … Continue reading

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Johnny Humble There was a point about two hours into last night’s NFL Draft where the supremely arrogant Johnny Manziel seemed like the kid that no one wanted to pick for their kickball team. After the 20th pick had gone … Continue reading

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Donald Sterling:Egomaniac

Anyone who has lived in LA for the past 15 years knows that Donald Sterling suffers from an acute case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder that perhaps has no equal in the U.S. with the possible exception of Donald Trump. Symptoms … Continue reading

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You Can’t Handle the Truth

This week’s news brings to mind Jack Nicholson’s famous rant in “A Few Good Men”. We see the truth staring us in the face, and we can’t handle it. Mitt Romney’s aide Eric Fehrnstrom repeated Richard Nixon’s advice to run hard … Continue reading

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Fire The Advance Man

If Sarah Palin was on a Jihad to get her ex-brother law Trooper Michael Wooten fired, my guess is that the Republican advance man who came up with the brilliant idea of the hockey puck drop at a Philidelphia Flyers … Continue reading

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"Thunder" Bolt-RIP

The golfer Tommy Bolt died yesterday. Some say he had the sweetest swing in golf, but his temper was so bad that he could hardly get through a round without throwing all his clubs away. There was the time he … Continue reading

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A Proud Professor

I’m a proud Professor today. Yesterday, my student Rebecca Soni won the Gold Medal in the Women’s 200 Meter Breaststroke. Two days earlier she won the Silver in the 100 Meter Breaststroke. BTW-She’s a great well prepared student, who asks … Continue reading

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Everybody Out of The Pool, Now!

Just another day at the Community Pool in Penglai in Sichuan Province, China

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Obama's Courage and Inspiration

Barack went to church on this Father’s Day to talk about some uncomfortable truths. Addressing a packed congregation at one of the city’s largest black churches, Senator Barack Obama on Sunday invoked his own absent father to deliver a sharp … Continue reading

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