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Hooray for Mitt

Democrats should be rooting for Mitt Romney to win the Republican nomination. A new Pew poll shows that Romney is the perfect opponent for Obama About two-thirds of Americans now believe there are “strong conflicts” between rich and poor in … Continue reading

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American Redoubt

As the European fiscal crisis continues and political instability worsens across the Middle East, it is perhaps time to rethink our country’s deep embrace of globalization. Instead, we should concentrate our economic and cultural energies on the Americas, the Western … Continue reading

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Morbid Symptoms

“The old is dying and the new cannot be born.  In this interregnum there arises a great diversity of morbid symptoms.”-Gramsci The etymology of the word “morbid” is the Latin word morbidus meaning disease. Let us consider the particular disease … Continue reading

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Hardball opener- Matthews has the “Obama opening lead” poll story. Charlie Cook to Chris Matthews’ question ‘does McCain have to go real dirty now to stop Obama’s advance?’-“Go to the Reverend Wright Well?”. Says Cook- “They have to. This thing is setting like … Continue reading

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"Dr. King Didn't Just Give Speeches"

For Hillary to say with a straight face on Meet The Press this morning that she does not want “to inject race or gender” into the campaign is ridiculous. She is asking us to believe that the Clinton Machine is the most … Continue reading

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Hillary & The Military Industrial Complex

In all the excitement over the New Hampshire primary, a little noticed article about political turmoil inside Iran points to the danger of the Clinton approach to relationships with Iran and to Military policy in general. When Hillary voted for … Continue reading

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Clinton's Victory

Three thoughts on tonight’s New Hampshire results. Older women clearly thought Hillary was getting ganged up on during the Saturday debate, and in that sense Edwards was the one doing most of the ganging. When she “teared up” yesterday, it … Continue reading

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With Drudge predicting Hillary’s exit and Barack Obama increasingly building excitement towards locking up the nomination on Feb. 5, I’m thinking about the role Mike Bloomberg could play as Obama’s running mate. The Republican battle could last all the way … Continue reading

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Post-Partisan Politics

The back to back debates last night left one powerful impression. There are three candidates who understand that we are entering a new era, where the old left-right labels do not make any sense. They are Barack Obama, Mike Huckabee … Continue reading

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Fired Up in New Hampshire

A college roommate writes from New Hampshire: I tried to get into an Obama event this morning at a high-school here in Nashua, but after waiting in a traffic jam (a decidedly uncommon occurrence in Nashua) and driving around the … Continue reading

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