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Bear Flag Revolt

Gov. Schwarzenegger will sign the California budget today after an 85 day stalemate brought about by the truculent blackmail of a minority Republican cabal. California state law requires a 2/3rds majority to pass the state budget. There is a growing … Continue reading

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Splitting Up General Electric

If the ET (Energy Technology) Revolution is going to be one of the pillars of American Renewal, then the General Electric Company will be in the vanguard. Jeff Immelt has built their wind, solar and water technology divisions to be … Continue reading

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Sex, Drugs & Drill Baby Drill

Before we all blindly follow John McCain into allowing Big Oil access to even more of our public patrimony, we might observe the cautionary tale of the Minerals Management Service, the people who are supposed to make sure the taxpayers … Continue reading

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The Speech Obama Needs to Make

Tom Friedman worries that Obama is not connecting on the gut level the way he was in the spring. It’s time for some passion. Here are some possible words for Barack. *    *    *    * My fellow Americans. Tonight I … Continue reading

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Creative Destruction & The Federal Bailout

On the heels of the Federal Bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the Detroit automakers drove into Washington in their largest SUV’s pleading for Federal Loan guarantees in order to “transition” to more energy efficient fleets. This is nonsense … Continue reading

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John Zogby's New Book

I’ve been reading The Way We’ll Be by John Zogby, the famous pollster. I really recommend it because it uses very hard data to show that the general direction of the country is headed our way. Zogby totally refutes the conventional … Continue reading

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Northwest Passage Open

The Northwest Passage is no longer a myth. The North Pole is freely navigable as of last week.  

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Global Warming & Hurricanes

We had a pretty spirited discussion a few days ago about the relationship of warming oceans to the intensity of hurricane season. Yesterday the new issue of the journal Nature, published the most definitive research on the topic. A new … Continue reading

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Cheney Energy Taskforce Redux

When Alan Greespan said the Iraq war was “all about oil”, he spilled the beans on the one global obsession of our Vice President and former Oil Services CEO–U.S. control of global oil supplies. Well, Tricky Dick is back at … Continue reading

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Right Wing on Red Bull

I was at Princeton from 1965-1969. Despite the right’s narrative that the country went to hell in those years, for most of us at the school they were glorious years of celebration, solidarity and justice. But we had one classmate … Continue reading

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