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Do We Need War to Grow our Economy?

The economist Tyler Cowen wrote a piece in the New York Times today entitled “The Lack of Major Wars May be Hurting Economic Growth”. He raises a serious point that requires two questions to be answered. First, does modern capitalism … Continue reading

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Digital Monopoly Capitalism

This week it was revealed that Amazon has been bullying the publishing house of Hachette to give it better terms. Among Amazon’s tactics against Hachette, some of which it has been employing for months, are charging more for its books … Continue reading

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New Normal

Friday’s employment numbers have caused many analysts to set their hair on fire. Initially the Dow fell more than 100 points before saner money returned in the afternoon. This reinforces a theme I have been pursuing on these pages for … Continue reading

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Watch and discuss

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America 3.0

Here is a speech I gave last month to the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce. It is as close to my “philosophy of everything” as you will get.  

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Subsidies and Collective Action Problems

The New York Times is running an amazing series of articles about how corporate America has played city and state governments like a fiddle to extract generous subsidies for locating plants in their areas. A Times investigation has examined and … Continue reading

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Fiscal Cliff Follies

The phony Republican outrage after Tim Geithner’s visit to Congress yesterday shows what a pickle they are in. Geithner carried to the Hill the same proposal Obama made to Boehner and Co. last Friday, but this time the Speaker went … Continue reading

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Rational Markets and Corruption

When a religious fundamentalist suffers a “crisis of faith” it is a mournful incident to witness. Such was the occasion when Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve appeared before Congress in the wake of the financial crisis of … Continue reading

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Aspen Effect

When my flight from Los Angeles touched down in Aspen, Colorado I counted 80 private jets parked at the airport. I had come for the annual Aspen Ideas Festival and what follows is a critique written with some affection for … Continue reading

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Fiscal Cliff Follies

I’ve been thinking about this fiscal cliff all the pundits are warning us against. Since the election of Ronald Reagan the country has made two profoundly damaging mistakes. It has continually raised the Defense Budget, thereby robbing our education system … Continue reading

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