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Culture of Distraction

  The last few days have brought forth a number of studies that would make most conscious citizens of a republic take to the barricades (or, more productively, the ballot box) in anger. We start with a report from professors … Continue reading

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Bad Actors

A continuing source of frustration for many Americans has been the fact that no one on Wall Street has gone to jail for the mortgage fraud that nearly crashed the world financial system in 2008. But in the last three … Continue reading

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Aaron Swartz

I noticed a lot of comments on the suicide of young Aaron Swartz on my last post. It’s a tragedy when anyone takes their own life and I can’t really write about the issues surrounding the legal case he was … Continue reading

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America’s Paranoia Problem

A year ago I wrote a post called American Crack-up, in which I argued that a good bit of the country had become completely divorced from Reality. It began with these lines. When did it start? When did America’s mass … Continue reading

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Globalization Fail

A few weeks ago I wrote about the anomie that enveloped me when I attended the Aspen Ideas Festival. The sense that what was taking place in our economy and society was the effect of forces outside our control. The … Continue reading

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The Big Lie

  Kim Dotcom is the alias of a modern day digital mafioso, who made more than half a billion dollars in the last few years by selling advertising on a site filled with stolen movies and music. Like any mafia … Continue reading

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Money, Power and Wall Street

You owe it to yourself to watch the new Frontline two part special, Money, Power and Wall Street. It is as fine an understanding of where we are and how we got here as anything in our media system today. Part … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games

We had our Annenberg Innovation Summit yesterday and it was a smashing success. So today for the first time in two weeks I went to the movies. I saw Hunger Games, because I am going to give a lecture on … Continue reading

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How do you like your democracy now, Mr. Scalia?

Only one year ago, the Supreme Court handed down it’s decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. But I wonder how Mr. Justice Scalia, whose concurrence outlined the most radical defense of Corporate speech, must be feeling as he surveys … Continue reading

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New Liberalism

I had dinner last night with one of the most important conservative media voices in America and some of his friends. I had gone to the dinner expecting some fireworks, but was totally caught off guard by his charm and … Continue reading

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