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I once taught a graduate seminar on Science Fiction films and their social meaning. From Metropolis  to Minority Report , their view of the future and the role of technology in our lives was universally grim. There is a scene in … Continue reading

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Watch and discuss

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For the past couple of months I’ve been engaged in reporting on the nexus between major brands and pirate bit-torrent sites. It has been like lifting up a rock to see all the weird life forms crawling out of the … Continue reading

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Don’t Cry Wolf

Readers of this blog know that I believe that President Obama has been very effective in setting the course of the nation since his reelection. But I must point out that the news conference yesterday on the Sequester was pretty … Continue reading

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Rhythms of Life

When I was 20 years old in January of 1969 and a senior at Princeton, I went to work for The Band as their first tour manager. At the time most of the American music that was being played on … Continue reading

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Bad Actors

A continuing source of frustration for many Americans has been the fact that no one on Wall Street has gone to jail for the mortgage fraud that nearly crashed the world financial system in 2008. But in the last three … Continue reading

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Good News in the Bad News

The markets got a bit spooked today by the unexpected drop in GDP for the final quarter of 2012. But buried in the numbers are signs of a positive transition from a war to a peace economy. The drop in … Continue reading

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Obama’s Second Term

I must say I am looking forward to the President’s second Inaugural Address on Monday. In my lifetime there have only been two second term Democratic presidencies and Bill Clinton began his second term with the shadow of the Whitewater … Continue reading

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Aaron Swartz

I noticed a lot of comments on the suicide of young Aaron Swartz on my last post. It’s a tragedy when anyone takes their own life and I can’t really write about the issues surrounding the legal case he was … Continue reading

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A New Civil War?

Andrew O’Hehir’s latest essay in Slate is pretty damn provocative. It’s titled Welcome to the New Civil War and it pulls no punches. So even though it’s a truism of American public discourse that the Civil War never ended, it’s also … Continue reading

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