Mitt in a Pickle

It seems to me that Mitt Romney is in a real Jam. As George Will so cogently put it, you have to assume that the cost of releasing the  earlier tax returns was greater than Mitt’s perceived cost of not releasing them. I think his greatest fear, that for instance, if the returns show him paying an effective tax rate of 4.5% in some year or he has a list of 50 off shore partnerships in the Caribbean and 20 tax shelters; these might be hard to explain to the 99%. It might be so hard to explain that his “firm delegate count” begins to soften and the convention turns into the Tet Offensive, where there is no where to hide. So maybe he ends up saying he will release five years in September after he is nominated. Could he get away with that?

I doubt it.

I think he is going to have to bite the bullet and get them out soon, knowing full well the game may be up.


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  1. Rick Turner says:

    McCain has seen them…and he chose Palin!

    Who else could the Repugnants throw up against Obumma at this point?

    Is this farce? Or is it tragedy?

    Can you say “hubris”? This makes Clinton thinking he could get away with getting a blow job look like normal behaviour.

  2. len says:

    Can you say Ron Paul?

    There is a not insignificant number of near but not quite Tea Partiers who would go for that and TJMaxx-shoppers who will go nuts. It would cut into the indies though. Mitt is hoping the announcement of his running mate will shift the conversation. I don’t think so.

    Signs around here say “So we are supposed to be more concerned about the way Mitt spends his money than the way Obama spends ours?” signifying some are ready to have this fight. When explained to them that it is their money, they reply, “Well, all politicians are like that.” so, they are willing to sacrifice every thing they say they stand for to keep Obama from a second term.

    It gets ever more desperate and demented in the lobster pot and some of the House Republicans are starting to crack.

  3. Percival says:

    So, would picking a Veep before the convention hurt him or help him? Would it help keep the Paul-tards from shoving (Rand?) down his throat? Or would it put his candidacy writ large in greater danger?

  4. len says:

    Help him. He needs someone less dull than he is but more attractive to the thinking classes than Palin. Obama did well with Biden. When O has to go cool, B can bulldog. It works.

    His credibility is waning fast. For the Anybody But Obama crowd, it won’t matter. For people who believe in capitalism but also realize we got where we are by looking out for each other at the same time, this makes them reconsider. I suspect a lot of them will stay home, others will hold their nose and vote for him anyway because they always vote Republican. I think the ranks of declared indies will swell anyway.

    The best I can do is emphasize that Big O has done the job ok and the Mitt is not simply dull but a bigger risk than some want to admit. IOW, for those who thought O was going to go too far left, he didn’t. For those who think Mitt will go too far right, he probably will. We can’t risk two more Supremes going to dark side.

    If we want to get out of the hole we’ve been digging (and yes, we’ve all had a shovel; some bigger than others), we’re going to have to step up to some painful realities and just get it done. Here Morgan has a point: the Boomers need to think about their grandbabies and make sure they have a decent shot. IMO, that is.

  5. len says:

    Well I’ll be dammed. Jon just popped up on TV (PBS, History Detectives).

    A roadie, eh?

    And what’s in the glass?

  6. Alex Bowles says:

    From what I understand, Paul is out. Apparently Nebraska just nixed him by selecting 35 Romney delegates while giving him only two. I believe this was his last shot at securing the minimum needed to be included as a formal choice for conventioneers, and to win a speaking spot at the event, so that’s it for him.

    Meanwhile, FOX has been revisiting the Obama Did Cocaine story. Or as one wag noted, they’re breaking the glass in the event of an emergency. If they had *anything* substantial to work with, yesterday would have been the day to release it. Instead, they’re into another week of this horrorshow, and fighting the ghost of Palin no less.

    Credit must be given (ironically enough) to Rupert Murdoch for seeing something like this coming. A couple of weeks ago he tweeted this gem.

    Met Romney last week. Tough O Chicago pros will be hard to beat unless he drops old friends from team and hires some real pros. Doubtful.

    Total train wreck.

  7. Alex Bowles says:

    Oh but wait, it gets worse.

    The Clear Channel radio personality said in today’s broadcast that the makers of Warner Bros‘ The Dark Knight Rises are surreptitiously trying to brainwash audiences by naming the film’s villain “Bane.”

    Because that’s how bazillion dollar blockbusters are made these days; on a 96 hour turnaround.

  8. Jon Taplin says:

    My understanding of convention rules are that if Mitt doesn’t win on the first ballot, all bets are off and it’s an open convention. That would really be a battle royal.

  9. Rick Turner says:


    No, Scott!!!!

    No, Perry!!!!

    No, Christie!!!!

    OK, Palin in 2012!!!!!

    No, Haley!!!!!

    Why not Sandusky?

    Can we all intone the word “clusterfuck” ???? “Political pederasts” ????

    We, the people, are getting gang-raped by the politicians. They are the politico-pedophiles to our innocence. Inside the Beltway has gone down on us for too many years now, and we’re inured to it; we barely feel it when we get fucked by the power elite from both major political parties. Stockholm syndrome ain’t got nothing on us for how we roll over and take it again and again. Must be our fault, just listen to Morgan…errrr, Morgain? Yeah, seducer of Avalon… Evil man-sister…

    It would be great to know John Lennon’s post “Revolution” take on where we’re at now…

    I just hope I live long enough to vote for Hillary and then a Green Party candidate in my lifetime for real…

  10. len says:

    @Jon Taplin

    Which according to some ron paul fans is what they’ve been anticipating.

    What are the historical precedents? I suspect if they spread enough money and strong arming, they’ll avoid this.

    The challenge for them is to create the perception that Bain is good for the country even if bad for a few workers here and there. I wish a few of the people who are making that case had lived through a “transformative” experience in one of these companies where the company was making a profit but it wasn’t enough profit for a select few investors. It is almost a Buddha-rant: life is suffering, get used to it. Then they spend the rest of the time explaining how they aren’t the ones causing the suffering.

    I’m puzzled; how could Obama who has been described as detached, aloof, professorial and unable to move Congress have created this much suffering this fast? Seems to me it takes a lot more time and influence to do that, something Romney and his kind have had.

  11. Alex Bowles says:

    So I understand how an open convention could take place, but what I don’t understand is how it could be seen as anything other than evidence of total chaos and mayhem within the Republican establishment.

    Or does this result in a situation like the recall of Gray Davis in California, which is the opportunity Arnold Schwarzenegger needed to make his bid? The thing to remember is that Schwarzenegger’s socially liberal positions on abortion and his marriage to a Kennedy made him a non-starter among primary voters. And it took a random, once-in-a-century recall to open a path to office that didn’t run right through their lunatic asylum.

    So is that what happens here? Does the Tea Party become so hostile, destructive, and uncompromising that they lose all control over the decision making process? Related: What’s Jon Huntsman thinking right now?

  12. JTMcPhee says:

    @Alex Bowles
    One other piece of learning that might be extracted from Der Aahnold’s tenure is that when somebody like him manages to sneak into high office, on the basis of Big Hair or Big Muscles or Big Name Recognition, there seems to be a strong correlation between those kinds of surprise apotheoses and lots of really bad stuff getting shoved down the unwilling throats of the uneducated and unedified electorate (and all the people who fail or are precluded from taking part in that chimerical “electoral” process in which we Nacerima set such great store.) And quantum increases in the energy levels of those who move wealth toward the Blessed Already Got Too Much Extreme.

    And is it the case that CA’s government is sitting on more than enough in liquid assets to wipe out the Huge Deficit? Not that anyone “in charge” would, in today’s “where’s mine?” world, would deploy those accounting entries in any way that would be of long term benefit to the culture and the species.

  13. Rick Turner says:

    Can you spell “toast”?

    Bloodletting and evisceration ahead in the near future.

    Gingrich must be planning something…

    Paul is unelectable…

    Bring back Palin or Bachmann, and let the comedy hour begin!

  14. len says:

    jfr :@len Nicely said….

    I’ve been in one of those companies. It was a raw nerve sitting on a hot stove in the middle of a nuclear test. Then I went to something worse and from there ….

    Now I work for a government contractor. If you think the government is tough on business, be in a situation where the government customer is wrong, the company reps are wrong, the technical artifacts they bid are wrong and the processes they use cover all of that up. THAT’S a miserable day.

    Sigh…. 30 year old computer tech should have been retired fifteen years ago. Internet Time. yadda yadda.

    We get wrapped around the competing interests without really taking into account the cumulative effects of political promotions, social engineering and the lack of training that accumulates because of those. We really are in a battle of incompetence and because of that, Romney and His Ilk are evolutionary winners. As the Chinese said about Nixon, “He is the epitome of your system.”

    It’s not hell being a Grigori, but I’ve forgotten what Heaven smelled like.

  15. JTMcPhee says:

    Incompetence: that’s what’s killing the species.

    We don’t have the sense that, as they say, God gave geese.

    Little zones of dominance, attracting (not creating) what we call “wealth,” leading to perceived personal gains, flooding out and drowning whatever base of wisdom and decency might still obtain. Sucking others into the vortex. For a little sick humor, go to Youtube and search for videos on “military fails.” Competence is a major myth. Even Seal Team 6 got lucky (unlike that effort to grab the Embassy hostages out of Teheran way back in Carter-time) in only crashing one Blackhawk on the way in, and many of its members ran their luck out not long after.

    Shot down, apparently, by a $6 RPG round, in one of those many illustrations of the idiocy of asymmetric “warfare.”

    A former “hero” and a number of his band of brothers have this to free-speechify, to demonstrate the seriousness with which they took that soldier’s oath:|newswell|text|Iowa%20Politics%20Insider|s

    “THAT’S a miserable day.”

    But it’s still a PAYday, right? Like so much else, there’s no consequences for fucking up, or fucking over.

    The World is Too Much With Us
    (attention to the punctuation, please, when scanning this)

    by William Wordsworth

    The world is too much with us; late and soon,
    Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;
    Little we see in Nature that is ours;
    We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!
    This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon;
    The winds that will be howling at all hours,
    And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers,
    For this, for everything, we are out of tune;
    It moves us not.–Great God! I’d rather be
    A pagan suckled in a creed outworn;
    So might I, standing on this pleasant lea,
    Have glimpses that would make me less forlorn;
    Have sight of Proteus rising from the sea;
    Or hear old Triton blow his wreathèd horn.

  16. JTMcPhee says:

    I’d forgotten about the Grigori —

    So much to try to keep in mind. So little mind left to do it with.

    I wonder: Who is the epitome of the Chinese system? Mao? Chou? Chiang Kai-shek? One or some floating set of of the current crop of kleptotechnocrats?

  17. len says:

    Remember Seal Team 6 didn’t crash the helicopter. That was the Army. My guys. Even then, the 160th did the hard part well (flying just below Not To Exceed) a hundred feet off the deck through valleys trusting the maps, NVG and the GPS. Actually, they did very well until they were hovering over a walled compound where loss of lift is a problem and even then, the pilot did a damm good job getting it down and everyone off the vehicle still able to do their job. That failure was the mission planning. They wanted to get in from above and below so they took a risk and paid for it with technology they didn’t want to give up to the … well whoever. Oopsie. But that’s what the dammed things are for. They all got out without having to waste the neighborhood.

    No the incompetence is in the small both technically and ethically. The big things are easy to spot but the little interactions are where the light is lost. It is the day to day inability to keep up the good fight, the willingness to be a little cooler, a little more patient, and able to accept the cost of not taking the last doughnut knowing the guy in the next cube had to work a minute longer and will get there to find an empty box.

    The technology I’m wrestling with isn’t hard to use or understand. It has interacting mistakes, inconsistencies among the moving parts made by competing organizations that get it to a place where it is politically and contractually incorrect to fix. We aren’t allowed to do that so instead, we keep using it and every time the same problems come up, instead of saying, this is broken, we find a fall guy, a victim, a patsy.

    And that is what we’ve become for Romney and his Club. We are their patsies, their field niggers, the folk who accept our lot because we don’t believe we have the right to change it and if we try, we might not be allowed to keep our watermelon patch.

    We accept it. So we fail to evolve, to be bigger than the last doughnut in the box. We grab and laugh as we pass that last guy still trying to get it done. And that is why we are struggling to fix our problems. We can’t admit they are ours.

    Some of the fallen believed that unless the humans could live longer, use the signs of the earth, cosmetics, could be admitted to the secrets of the universe, they were unworthy. Others found them erotic, attractive, forbidden. Another group accepted their lot and led them toward their essential failures so they would learn from them and ascend, and these remained bound to the valleys doing as they were asked and patiently trusting that a day would come when their creator would let them come near the source again, let them sing their perfectly consonant harmonies, release them from lamentation and the hard loneliness of being silent watchers, to be small patches light moving across the fields of heaven. Leaving the last doughnut in the box.

  18. JTMcPhee says:

    I’ll stick with the conviction that the system and the mission are broken, after-the-Fall failures. Local “successes” are just tiny vortices in a Maelstrom.

    Great, Our guys killed bin Ladin, in a more-or-less “successful” application and demonstration of the “Success,” however qualified, of all that Really Cool Technology and Training that ipso facto, Q.E.D., justifies buying and doing more and ever more of the same. Even some Muslims were happy to see him go. Look back down the timeline to how bin Ladin got to the point of being able to catalyze the 9-11 thing, and what do you see? Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors… And how many “jihadists” got motivated to get off the couch by 17 massacre-dead villagers here, 31 drone-dead villagers there, this or that assassination, these cyberwar “successes” that catalyze their own evil reactions? And for what? To have some inter-competitive shits in the Pentagram and Foggy Bottom and Langley and their furrin analogues be able to say “I AM the boss of you!”? On the way to diverting an ever-huger chunk of the wealth of nations into that desiccated, shrunken, oh-so-seductive chase for the Final Game Changer (or set thereof) that will do what, assure hegemony and the “right” of a very few to use up, in their own protracted orgasssm of dominance and consumption, the last bits of everything that people (writ large) value?

    All well and good to find “wholeness” and counter-entropy in parts of a structure that is kind of like a helicopter — lots of competing parts, with friction and torque and vibration and all the rest doing their darndest to make sure that at some point all those “parts flying in loose formation” intersect the ground with a large delta-V. That mechanics, like I was, or engineers, or assemblers and machinists and all that, do their jobs “well” within the parameters of the overall notion that the way to achieve “something or other” is to be able to kill it, burn it, detonate it, frag it, pierce it in ways that are inconsistent with life functions, completely begs the moral and even simply survival question: Is this trip/mission necessary? And the subsidiary one, “What the hell does all this MEAN?”

    No question that humans are going to organize to consume, steal, kill, conquer, manipulate, subvert, defraud, defame, destroy. There’s examples in other parts of the animal and plant kingdom of organisms that will trample and devour everything else living in their realms, to the point of self-extinction. Can angels, fallen or otherwise, steer 8 billion of us around that temptation, or rather the myriad of microtemptations that sum into it? What the MIC and our politics are doing is army ants on the long upward limb of the population curve, just before the crash.

    As far as I can see, anyway.

    “We,” or at least our Elite, are going to have that last drop of oil, that last cubic meter of shale gas, that last “green” Evian bottle, and our Elite will enjoy all the sweetness and savor of what’s decreasingly left, while for a payday (and I took my bag of the King’s shillings too) a whole lot of us will work our asses off to facilitate and innovate and improve the weapons and try to reduce the Babelization and take at least some of the “dys” out of dysfunction on the path to imposing omnidynia on the vast mass of us.

    “We” hate and fear and cheer the destruction of the aliens on “Independence Day,” but what differentiates us from them, functionally, other than a lag in technology and communications, a lag that the whole MIC thingie is scurrying to remedy as part of turning EVERYTHING into elements of a Vast Interoperable Universal Networked Battlespace, where the cutting and grinding and shooting and exploding and genotype-perverting edge is supported, as long as any extractable energy and wealth are available, by all those self-interested little groups of technocrats applying their copious and compendious skills to this or that little part of a Thing that maybe is designing and building itself out of a set of plans plotted out in the ugliest and least survival-oriented parts of our brains and consciousnesses and consciences?

    Were there Grigori on the work teams erecting that glorious Tower on the Plain of Shinar, near that place called Babylon? Did they set to work , after G_d confused the humans by giving them FORTRAN and BASIC and C+++++++++ and all that, scribing Rosetta Stones to nudge the 70 septs back toward that kind of common effort, when G_d confounded their tongues with mutually incomprehensible languages? Any analogues in the current situation? And anything to be gleaned from notions like this, ?

    It was towards the end of Peleg’s life that something happened which changed the social life of all men on earth.

    After the Flood, man had again begun to multiply and fill the earth. They all spoke one language and understood one another well. The generations of people before the Flood had been interested only in themselves; they thought of themselves as supermen and lived each one for himself alone; they used violence and force against their weaker neighbors, paying no attention to laws and rules. The new generation of mankind was different. They stressed the opposite code of living. The individual did not count for himself; he counted only as part of the community, and he had to subject his own interests to those of the group. Had they confined themselves to this kind of social life, all might have been well. But they overdid it. The tremendous strength that grew out of their organization and goodwill made them proud, and their pride made them turn against G-d.

    They decided to build a tower which was to reach to heaven, to make them equal to G-d, and at the same time, to make it possible for them to stay together. This symbol of their divine strength, as they thought, was to be built in the valley of the Land of Shinear.

    Their Punishment

    G-d decided to destroy their arrogance by destroying their ability to understand one another. He, therefore, confused the people by splitting them up into seventy different nations and tribes, each with a language of its own, (hence the name Babel, meaning “confusion”).

    When this happened, the project of the Tower had to be given up. The various groups migrated in different directions and settled in all parts of the world. The Tower itself was partly burned and partly swallowed by the earth.

    Is there a Prime Meridian, a True North, a single moral axis that lives as a guide, visible or not, toward right conduct? It would not be hard, probably, to identify 70 or more different versions, all claiming to be the Way, the Truth and the Light. Sufi? Zoroastrian? “Christian” Armageddonist? Pick one and stick with it, right or wrong, adding one’s own little twists and quirks? How much easier it is to morph Man’s Quest for Meaning into My Quest for Money, when there’s the brooding sense of a Great Fall, a Serious Ending, a K-T kind of event hanging over all?

  19. len says:

    That’s a lot to ask of a fallen angel, JTMc, particularly when they can only perform acts that are consonant lest the guardians of the guardians appear. If Heaven wars on Heaven, was chance is there for middle earth?

    On the other hand, the more we’ve proven about the Higgs Mechanism, the more it looks like the gnostics (pick one) were close to at least describing the physical rules. I’m not sure what to make of it since it assumes creation is a mistake and the God of Moses and Abraham is not the true God but merely the Creator God. Philosophy gives us a place to keep our weeping cloths but only the discards of the roaring ball of fire at the center of these orbiting rocks can dry them.

    Out of the clouds back to the mundane election: have you noticed that the know-how Romney and crew say they will apply to fix our economy and get people back to work is inexplicably the know-how of a Mafia Accountant? IOW, work them hard, keep them down, suck out their retirement accounts, squeeze whereever possible and send the cash skimmed overseas into untraceable bank accounts? I mean, Dude, if that is the American Way to success that they keep saying it is, we’re freakin’ La Cosa Nostra coast to coast and now shore to distant shore.

    Seems to me we are not all made men nor do we want to be. Seems to me the American Way is the citizens get to say what they want to be and our elected officials have to ensure nothing stands in our way to making it so. And Romney and His Gang are standing in our way holding us down with our own money using the same old roust that kept the neighborhood merchants paying protection money and the Irish cleaning the sewers.

    Is there one way? Yeah and we have to decide where it leads every day.

  20. Rick Turner says:

    Mitt has thrown his wife to the dogs to double down on how they don’t need no stinkin’ badges, don’t need to show no stinkin’ papers, and Mitt pays 10% to Moroni, and that makes him a super nice guy, and he’s a great business man, and don’t we all wish we had tax shelters from the storm…

    I wonder when Guitar Center is going to declare bankruptcy…

    (Owned by Bain…)

  21. Roman says:

    “…Mitt Romney is in a real Jam.”

    Hmm, there’s THAT question again, “Did Mr. A get his man?” Sure seems like it.

    Brokered convention; for a chance at winning they need high name recognition plus a strong measure of WOW, how about Pres. – Jeb Bush (name), VP – Condoleezza Rice (WOW).

    If it’s a farce, anyone will do, how about Paul & Palin, or Trump & Limbaugh?

  22. Alex Bowles says:

    Well, whoever it is can be expected to favor fiddling while Rome burns.

  23. len says:

    @Alex Bowles

    It’s one of those historical myths. Nero actually returned to Rome to fight the fire and even opened his own palaces to house the people. When a historical fink is in reality a better man than a current one, it’s really a wowser.

    Jeb and Condi could save the face but can’t win. Newt and Paul could put up a good fight because Paul has a following that will drink his bathwater and having exited at the right time, Newt even if damaged in the 90s is not altogether burnt toast (not enough national ad bombs from Romney). My bet is they go all the way to November with Mitt and Whosoever unless a real smoking gun is found with his prints on it.

  24. Rick Turner says:

    Also, there were no fiddles in Nero’s time. Maybe a lyre…

    But we have liars.

  25. len says:

    I heard the statement from Mitt’s wife and was astounded. When they try that, something really is worth seeing in those tax returns and one way or another, they will come out.

    This is better than Dallas in the 80s, JR and all.

  26. Roman says:


    I sense a ‘show me yours, I’ll show you mine’ moment brewing.

    But here’s the thing, Mr. A’s an ace, and he won’t send Mitt down in flames until it suits HIS timeline. It’s far too early for Mitt to tap out. There’s $ to be raised and faithful to get to the pols.

  27. len says:

    She lit up facebook with that “you people” remark. Her handlers should be turning in their resignations, but they won’t. Worse, she said the other side will just use them against her husband. Not to be cliched but if something is in them, sure they will and if nothing is in them, the story is over. WTF?

    Their camp is cranking up the “how can Obama say that about business owners” rhetoric by either ignoring the context or saying regardless of context, it is insulting. For Romney in or out of context it comes off as “let them eat cake” and plays right into the other side’s hands. Unless they are working some incredibly clever ploy, it’s a gaffe and it will become a piece in a commercial.

    Does anyone think we’ll feel sorry for her? I don’t get this. They are dumb as rocks or something incindiary is in those tax returns. If they don’t have perfect security on them, someone somewhere will get them and sell them illegal or not. Gad.

  28. Rick Turner says:

    Hillary in 2016…

    We just have to survive the next four years to get there…

  29. Jon Taplin says:

    @Roman Roman- You have probably nailed the scenario. Who does Adelson want to be the candidate?

  30. Alex Bowles says:

    I suspect Adelson has run out of time.

    One of the side effects of our absurdly costly election process is that people accept the amount of time it takes as normal and expected. It’s become a game in which last minute substitutions are unlikely to fly – especially since a person sane enough to be viable would, almost by definition, trigger a collapse among core voters. Chaos at this stage (only 15 weeks left!) is doubly unforgivable when coming from what is, theoretically, the conservative quarter.

    In the meantime, we get hits like this from Paul Krugman. Bam, pow, zing, wham. And I agree, Roman, there’s no need to drop the hammer just yet. Axelrod & Co. picked the right strategy and went with it in spite of real unease among Democrats in Congress. They know what they’re doing, and they’re doing it well.

  31. Rick Turner says:

    Romney mus be secretly relieved that he’s not the leading story in today’s news…

  32. len says:

    In a way he is. So is Obama. Another edge case just went over the edge. We have via the web and mainstream TV been priming the violence pumps for over a decade. It’s time to throttle back.

    This isn’t about gun control pro or contra. a) The guy used tear gas and fired into the ceiling. Anyone with a gun who wasn’t close enough to see would not likely have had a clear shot. b) Taking the guns away from people won’t fly in this country. More control of assault weapons would be a good thing in my opinion, but there are other ways to do what the guy did without them.

    This is first about one crazy and second about a zeitgeist where the pressure and the violent rants from all sides keep pushing one over the edge with just enough frequency to be noticeable. The frequency of violent messages on FB is going up noticeably from the far right where guns are more a passion. The more threatened they feel, the more they talk about their guns, but keep in mind, a “rugged individualist” exercising his second ammendment rights just wasted a theatre full of people and killed children. He was 25 years old (last I checked), may or may not have been a game player (won’t proved causality) and is crazy by definition.

    Someone tell Joe Scarborough to shut the hell up about rugged individualists in business vs collectivism and socialism. Our election is not about that; it is about society and how rugged individualists with all of those rights behave as responsible individuals. The key to western civilization is the brave knight lays his sword before the king and kneels no to the king, but to the society he represents. Respect and responsibility are the values we must have and demonstrate if we wish to be the America we claim we have been.

    If I were Obama, I would go before the press and tell them I am personally taking down any ad I may have approved that has any hint of disrespect and ask my supporters to do the same saying that if his opponent cannot do the same, then one should consider the source, but that no election is worth winning if it even remotely can cause another person to take the life of a six year old who dressed up to go see Batman. It just isn’t worth it.

    That would be a leader I can respect.

  33. Rick Turner says:

    If I were Obama, I’d get out there with twenty years of tax returns, full disclosure re. college transcripts, a copy of my first driver’s license, my kindergarten report card, and so damned much personal information that all the idiots just shut up and ask why Romney can’t do the same.

    And all this “more Christian than thou” shit just has to stop…but it won’t. I’d rather have an ethical atheist in the White House than a sanctimonious Christian, Jew, Muslim, Jain, Hindu, etc. How is it that the religious nutters can thank god for anything good that happens…even a stupid goal in a football game…but never blame god for earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc. It’s kind of like privatizing profits and socializing losses. Hmmm, and it’s the same people doing it. Heads where sun doesn’t shine department…

  34. JTMcPhee says:

    @Rick Turner
    If you haven’t done so already, and feel like head-butting another concrete wall of a different color and finish, may I suggest Taibbi’s “The Great Derangement” for a serious bit of depth on Where We Really Are And Seem Inevitably To Be Going. The bidding on who can be off-the-planet craziest is open and the prices are running up pretty fast.

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