Hooray for Mitt

Democrats should be rooting for Mitt Romney to win the Republican nomination. A new Pew poll shows that Romney is the perfect opponent for Obama

About two-thirds of Americans now believe there are “strong conflicts” between rich and poor in the United States, a survey by the Pew Research Center found, a sign that the message of income inequality brandished by the Occupy Wall Street movement and pressed by Democrats may be seeping into the national consciousness.

What is astonishing about the Pew Poll is that 55% of Republicans believe that income inequality is a serious issue and the largest strain in American society. This of course is why both Gingrich and Perry believe they can run against Romney as a Vulture Capitalist. Let’s hope Mitt wins South Carolina so he can represent the 1% in the election.


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16 Responses to Hooray for Mitt

  1. Paxton says:

    I’ll bet you $10,000 it’s gonna be Mitt.

  2. Dan Conover says:

    The best part is that Gingrich, Perry and Huntsman have all made the “vulture capitalist” points this week, and each of those statements can now be incorporated into advertising in the general election. Whether or not Romney wins here in South Carolina, this could wind up being a good week for the Democratic Party.

  3. len says:

    Anyone want to take a shot at who his running mate will be? Santorum gets him any voter with a heart. Huntsman gets him any voter with a brain. Paul gets him any voter with courage. Bachmann gets … well, no she was melted and Gingrich will ascend on the hot air of his own rhetoric, alone and waving his hat. Palin already clicked the ruby slippers and is having tea with Auntie Em.

    Mitt has to defend being a moderate vulture. Obama has to defend being a sneaky snake. We devolved from the election of the century to the predator of the month.

    Pass the stale popcorn.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Len, where is Santorum’s heart? No love for anyone who’s outside of his view of how it should be.

  5. len says:

    A bit harsh, Anon. I think him genuine and wrong. It is hard to know what is in a man’s heart unless I hear his voice in an unguarded moment. And in a modern media enabled politician, there are very few of those.

    I miss Walt Disney.

  6. Jon Taplin says:

    @Len-Pretty shoddy quoting Putin’s Propaganda Organ RT , as your source Len. Your. Paranoia is getting the best of you when you have to go that far down the rabbit hole to back up your story.

  7. len says:

    It’s shoddier when we have to go to Russia to get the news. Your urge to power is getting the better of you if you don’t consider the possibilities. Mistwust but werify.

    Is the university of michigan a mouthpiece for the ‘ratchiks too, Jon?

  8. JTMcPhee says:

    I’m losing track — so tell me again, what the world looks like after the Interregnum?

  9. len says:

    A postregnum.

    Obama may get by in a squeaker but he’s going to win because it isn’t hard to see that Mitt Romney is a heartless cocksucker. And then what? We can no longer tell if our government is lieing more or less than Russia and maybe we are simply waking up to a truth that’s been there for a long time, but it sure feels like a different place than the one I grew up in.

  10. len says:


    Yeah, that’s what I remember. Martin Luther King was deep in the duck doo because he’d moved on to the next problem: economic inequality as an engine of social injustice. Our generation dropped the ball. We didn’t understand: you can’t have it both ways always.

    There is another good piece in the NYT about group think and the lone worker that resonates because it puts the Steve Jobs as Engine of Apple Innovation Big Lie to rest. It’s a fairy tale for the money people and other bullies but nothing difficult or smart gets done in committee.


  11. JTMcPhee says:

    Is this becoming a chat room for the two of us? Thanks for the links. How dumb we all are, how short the memory, how weak the grasp, how readily we follow the various Judas goats up the chutes to the bloody group workers with the “human killers…”

    Paranoia? Huh.

    How you feeling?

  12. Mark Morris says:

    You are not paranoid Len. You are just seeing thru the BS. I believe you have done so because you don’t have money, power or influence to protect. And you sound like a decent person. : )

  13. len says:

    Before I read Jon’s revisit to the Why Do They Steal From Us meme, thanks Jt and Mark. First, I am paranoid. People are out to get each other. As the pie shrinks in the face of increasing numbers of hands out plus the silo effects, the game will get rougher and rougher. Second, yes, when one has little to lose, there is a clarity because all that is left is the need to see clearly. That said, I might be better off physically if I were richer but that ship sailed a long time ago when I decided it was better to have absolute control of the art. The consequence is I have little control of my day spent working for the masters of the green beastie business. There is no free lunch. I chose to lease my brains rather than my heart and there are consequences. I do not in any way resent those who choose otherwise and insist, there are some very generous and kind people in the business on those tour busses. They pay a high price because those are very little boxes and the people outside chanting to them neither understand them nor want to. What they and we can do is respect each other’s decisions and talents. Life is good as long as one can be respected within one’s own tribe because that is where the most enjoyable conversations can be have. I will ride Jon for certain topics and positions but I genuinely respect the man and the people about him. They leave a legacy of recognized work and I do not. Such is the price of my own selfish attitudes about art.

    @jtmc: In the chair again this morning as the benadryl kicks in and the little machine next to me buzzes and pushes the ritauxin and trienda into my veins. My son is sitting across from me reading on his cellphone and all about me are kind people and other patients. It is winter outside the big plate glass doors. It isn’t all bad and in fact, there is so much love here I quite understand why the former patients who are now volunteers bringing us drinks and pretzels do it. A life of service to others is the best life one can have. Otherwise, I am still basking from watching Alabama maul LSU. It was… exquisite.

    Y’all have a great holiday in memory of a man who took all the risks the rest of us can’t or won’t, paid the price, but made a difference. Celebrate!

  14. len says:

    Paranoia 101: they may be out to get the person next to you too.


    Obama is either out of control or completely in a pocket.

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