Delicious Irony

Two years ago Citizens United financed a documentary by Newt & Callista Gingrich called America at Risk. It was the typical Gingrich over the top Global War on Islam screed and par for the course for the production company most famous for the Supreme Court decision that unleashed unlimited corporate funds into the 2012 election cycle.

So what a delicious irony that Newt’s campaign has been brought to earth by the very force of Citizens United and the Super Pacs it spawned which are dumping endless negative ads on Gingrich.

The involvement of such groups can be especially damaging for candidates like Mr. Gingrich who have not raised enough money to be able to counter negative attacks with an advertising blitz of their own. Nor does Mr. Gingrich have a well-financed super PAC working on his behalf.

“The problem is the super PACs come in and spend $1 million a week blasting a candidate,” said Tim Albrecht, a senior aide to Gov. Terry E. Branstad of Iowa, a Republican. “And Newt has not been able to put an apparatus like that together.”

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

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5 Responses to Delicious Irony

  1. JTMcPhee says:

    But it’s a little like a Samurai “oater,” where when the Noble Hackers start in on each other, there’s a lot of “collateral damage” to all the mopes who plant and harvest the rice and vegetables and net the shrimp for the sushi… I don’t know, other than a little frisson of schadenfreude, with a soupçon of Weltschmerz, I got more of the feeling that I expect the mice have when the elephants start trampling each other.

  2. len says:

    Karma is a bitch.

    But Obama is signing a bill that snaps the spine of the Constitution, Jon. You and yours should face up to that and right soon. People are saying it may be time to defend our first ammendment rights with our second ammendment rights. It may become a very big deal.

    Obama has to wise up or move on.

  3. Morgan Warstler says:

    It isn’t ironic, it is fair.

    Anyone with a brain realizes money is speech and as long as advertising exists, and people want free media, will always be speech.

    Political ads are supporting (keeping alive) local TV right now and will only do so more in the future.

    AND STILL Americans spend more money on annually GUM then they do political speech.

    So really, what you are angry about isn’t the GIANT CASH in politics, what you are mad about is that 100M Americans don’t send $20 to the Dems to get the change you want.

    And since they won’t donate that $20, you want to silence everyone else.


    What is too bad is that even today, we have people like you folk… just LEARN to fight in the new world, having the most money isn’t the only thing – so stop trying to cheat.

    Play fair.

  4. Ken Ballweg says:

    How sweet that the job creators… (no, no.. too small for what they deserve, so start over)

    How sweet that the JOB CREATORS: BLESSED BE THEY FOR OUR SALVATION are so busy creating such high value jobs for all the people put on at PACs, state campaigns, blog trolls, and lobbyist. Pushing the economy forward, one (temp) job at a time.

  5. Abercrombie says:

    We drink sparkling juice out of wine glasses every Thanksgiving and Christmas lol. I don’t know when this tradition was started. Thanks for the giveaway~!

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