Cognitive Dissonance 101

From the Heartland of Indiana: “It’s The Economy, Stupid”.

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  1. BobbyG says:

    Martinsville MS, actually, I think.

  2. Seth says:

    The flags are actually a bit ambiguous. Since the Confederate flag is flown under the US flag, there’s a suggestion of defeat and surrender. Is the household mourning Confederate defeat, or proudly proclaiming Union victory?

  3. Ken Ballweg says:

    But Seth, size matters, so while it appears to be a reb surrender monkey, it’s actually a subtle way to say, “We’re under you, but we’re bigger.”

    Or it’s just a way to keep his house from being vandalized for the Obama sign.

    Or, an interesting marriage lives here.

  4. Armand Asante says:

    I think there IS a resigned/surrendered feel to this photo, but I don’t see that as a bad thing.

    One thing that struck me in this campaign is Nate Silver’s stories about pollsters getting replies like “we’re voting for the nigger”.

    There’s a lot of bitterness in those comments. You can tell those voters are not happy about putting a black man in the White House.
    But there is also an implicit resignation in them and an acceptance of reality. A realization that some issues ARE more important than race.

    Race and racism might still exist, but they must take a backseat to what’s really important. They can no longer be decisive issues.

    I think the cognitive dissonance is only on the surface. This to me looks like a genuine attempt to reconcile people’s pride in their past and heritage with their understanding that the future needs to focus on different values.

  5. Brian says:

    It all comes down to ‘being one of us’ no matter the skin color or sex. If candidates can show connection and purpose, then they have a chance for votes with people who may intensely dislike them and would never have them over for dinner.

  6. oj says:

    try not to hyperventilate, liberals…
    this decypher is free:

    American first.
    Southern by the Grace of God.
    F**k George “Elitist” Bush.

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