The Perfect McCain Spokesperson

Turns out Joe The Plumber is not a licensed plumber, has an outstanding tax lien and wants to privatize social security. Where does this guy get the idea that he could buy a business with more than $250,000 per year income? Even at 5X income (low) he’d have to be worth more than $1.5 million. You’d think a guy like that could pay his taxes.

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  1. alexmorrisroe says:

    Awww poor guy, let him take his money and… well you get my meaning.
    Do people really accept this as a reasonable opinion to hold? I think i’m lucky i’m yet to meet anyone like good ol Joe

  2. Dan says:

    The fact that this guy has a tax lien against him will only make him a hero of mythical proportions to the base.

    He’s fighting the government! Government isn’t always the problem! There is no problem that cannot be solved by a tax cut!

  3. Dan says:


    I mean, government isn’t always the solution. The base’s backhanded way of saying that they hate all government that doesn’t throw bailouts and contracts their way.

  4. MS says:

    Don’t miss this report on the ways that “Joe Plumber” is not on the up-and-up:

    • Wants to buy a firm worth $250K – not with $250K revenues
    • Not a licensed plumber
    • Longtime Republican, first registered with the right-wing Natural Law Party
    “• He also told Obama that he’d been a plumber for 15 years. He’s 34. He also says he has served in the military. So unless he was a military plumber, something doesn’t add up.”

    the whole list is at:

  5. Mark- says:

    McCain’s campaign is looking more and more like a Fox reality series;, a mix of Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader. Sad-

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