Biden at His Best

Joe Biden is really hitting his stride on the trail.

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0 Responses to Biden at His Best

  1. Alex Bowles says:

    I think Joe Biden just called John McCain a coward (at 1:25).

  2. Kitty says:

    More than that, Alex. He verbally emasculated him.

  3. woodnsoul says:

    As Josh Marshall said the other day, Barack and Joe MAY let McCain have non-custodial visiting privileges of his testicles.

    Both Obama and Biden are rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’ out there on the stump. And, gee, no one is threatening McCain, and these guys are leading. Hmm…. is there a message here?

  4. Calraigh says:

    Chills, people, CHILLS. Biden is astounding here.

  5. Joelyn says:

    thanks for posting this on twitter! Gotta love those tweets!

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