Yosemite Sam


Rush Limbaugh has taken to calling John McCain “Yosemite Sam”. This obviously reflects the hard right’s displeasure with McCain’s Tuesday night debate performance. Last night at a dinner party, several of the women said that the contrast between Obama’s vitality and McCain’s grumpy old man routine really struck them viscerally.

The point where the cartoon allusion really hits home is that Yosemite Sam was full of bluster, but always chickened out. Barack gently alluded to this quality in McCain this morning to Charlie Gibson.

“I am surprised that, you know, we’ve been seeing some pretty over-the-top attacks coming out of the McCain campaign over the last several days, that he wasn’t willing to say it to my face. But I guess we’ve got one last debate. So presumably, if he ends up feeling that he needs to, he will raise it during the debate.”

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  1. Rick Turner says:

    McCain reminded me of no less than Gollum.

  2. Alex Bowles says:

    No question. Jon Stewart needs to moderate all the debates in 2012.

  3. Rick Turner says:

    Rachel, no, I hadn’t. No TV in my little part of the world… But thanks!

  4. douglas newhouse says:

    his time is past–way past

  5. Adam says:

    Hi Rachel

    The youtube has gone – I assume it’s a Daily Show video?


    I notice Biden has also said the same thing. I wonder if McCain will take the bait and blow up at the next debate?


  6. Rachel says:

    Adam, you can also find it here: http://crooksandliars.com/nicole-belle/daily-show-mccain-gollum

    “He hates the bill, he loves the bill, he hates the bill”.

  7. zestypete says:

    It’s not the man who scares me, it’s the people supporting the man:

    BoingBoing’s got another couple of these posted today – these kinds of videos are starting to pop up online quite a bit. Not sure how much impact they’ll have, of course – and I’m sure Republicans will start posting footage of Democrats being equally stupid about Obama on camera. Nonetheless, disturbing.

  8. zestypete says:

    Sorry, typo in the above, meant to say “Democrats being equally stupid about McCain” above.

    And also, Slate.com’s covering this angle as well:

  9. VeryBadMan says:

    There is that equal and opposing forces meme again. There are NO Democrats calling McCain a terrorist and saying he caused the financial meltdown, or that he is a Communist and that he should die, or any of the other crazy programming recorded here and many other places.

    There are not two equal and opposing forces at work here. Things are so imbalanced that it is impossible to have a balanced view. There is no such thing as non-partisan in this environment. To be non partisan in this imbalance is to be on the side of those who repeat these ignorant, stupid, and dangerous slanders. You may characterize them as you will. Their words speak for themselves.

  10. T Bone Burnett says:

    My sin weighs heavily on me as I see these people without sin, without humility, and without truth, incited by a presidential candidate and his running mate, angrily and proudly make false judgments and bear false witness against someone about whom they know nothing while the candidates smile, nod approvingly, and tell them they are right. I never thought I would see this. We live in a Dark Age. We live in an age of spiritual terror.

  11. Dan says:

    “There are NO Democrats calling McCain a terrorist”

    Maybe not

    (Not saying I believe or disbelieve this charge)

  12. andrewnewby says:

    When did McCain begin his campaign for the presidency of The United Hates of America?

  13. VeryBadMan says:

    Dan- I’m not clear about what you are saying.

  14. Dan says:

    VBM, that link highlights alleged relationships between McCain and people who have carried out numerous bombings in the United States. It’s roughly equivalent to saying that McCain has been palling around with terrorists.

  15. VeryBadMan says:

    I read the article and it’s links. These dangerous tactics by the McCain campaign are backfiring badly. The people quoted in the Yahoo article are talking about an issue that has been haunting them for some time. They are not calling McCain a terrorist. There are large and loud crowds at McCain rallies calling Obama a terrorist, a murderer, a Communist, and what else? I can’t remember. I don’t want to remember.

  16. VeryBadMan says:

    Oh yeah, I remember one. They are screaming, “Kill him.”. Do you think anyone will scream, kill McCain at an Obama rally? The article you linked to was about Cuban issues in Florida. There are some very serious problems down there. I hate to see this come up. It takes us back to JFK.

  17. Rick Turner says:

    How the hell did the Cuban refugees get to be so powerful? These are the folks who supported Fulgencio Battista, fer heaven’s sake. And for those of you young ones, Battista was the guy who ran Cuba for the Mafia who apparently had pictures of J. Edgar Hoover in drag and therefore it was official US policy that there was no Mafia.

  18. T Bone Burnett says:

    It is disturbing to see the candidates of the party of Lincoln inciting the sort of violent language they are inciting. It is also disturbing to see how easy that language is to incite. Today in Minnesota, McCain tried to tell his audience to show respect to Obama. His pale entreaty was met with boos.

  19. http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0810/S00152.htm

    The Palin Mob Mentality: Racism, Willful Ignorance
    Friday, 10 October 2008, 12:20 pm
    Opinion: Scoop Link


    VIDEO: The McCain-Palin mob in Strongsville, Ohio

    By Tim Russo, Blogger Interrupted
    Wed, Oct 8, 2008

    It’s no wonder that the slightest incitement from Sarah Palin or John McCain will turn one of their rallies into a lynch mob. Just talk to the folks who attend.

    My camera was rolling for literally seconds before people happily said to me, on camera, that Barack Obama is a terrorist. If I hadn’t spent most of my time at the event inside, waiting for the candidates to show up, I could have gotten dozens of these people on tape.

    The fact that my videos of McCain-Palin supporters (here and here) are blowing up online tells me a lot.

    First, the media should be ashamed of themselves for not covering this until now. The McCain-Palin supporters in my videos are not new, they are not exceptional, they are not hiding. This is who they are. It has been brewing for months, and not one mainstream media outlet has taken the time to expose them. Not one. And that is dangerous. If America is about to decide on its president based on this level of hate and ignorance, without a single question being asked as to why, then America is in for a rude awakening.

    You could get video of these hateful and ignorant people in your sleep. Not just in Ohio, everywhere. Our country has been sleepwalking through this campaign as if none of this vitriol exists. Well, not only does it exist, it is rampant, and it is there for anyone with a camera to record. And these people are proud to be this hateful and ignorant on your camera.

    Second, the McCain campaign has done nothing to dispel these fantasies. To the contrary, McCain and Palin themselves have been stoking it. That, too, is dangerous.

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