My Fellow Prisoners!

I know he keeps relying on the Prisoner of war story, but I think the old guy is losing it. He calls us “my fellow prisoners”.

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  1. VeryBadMan says:

    It sounds like he is back in Viet Nam. Now he is going to apply that same standard of clarity to his opponent. This might get interesting.

  2. Alex Bowles says:

    I liked / was disturbed by the way he smiled when he finished delivering his line, as though he were pleased that he got the rest of the words to come out right.

    And Palin’s ‘yeah’ in the background is just so…Palin.

    An as aside. Nate at 538 has, for the first time, pegged Obama’s chances of winning at + 90%, with 155 more electoral votes than McCain, and a 5.4% lead in the popular vote, which is about what’s needed to correct for any reasonable margin of error.

    Unless Obama turns out to secretly be Bin Laden (or even another one of his drivers), he doesn’t need to do anything else but run out the clock on the election, and start laying groundwork for his first 100 Days.

    Bottom line is that McCain is simply not going to get any younger between now and November.

  3. Rick Turner says:

    Can you say, “Untreated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?”

  4. I’m with Rick Turner on this one.

    Plus, I’m real tired of just hearing one of his 8 talking points.

    One Love,
    –Rev M

  5. Throw a trucker hat a pimp cup and a new gold grille in there and Palin is Little John to McCain’s Usher.

  6. BobbyG says:


    POTUS will come to mean “President Of Traumatic Untreated Stress” if McCain wins.

  7. Rick Turner says:

    He ought to be smoking some POT for US. Might mellow him out a bit.

    I did my share and don’t have to anymore…

  8. Terry McCall says:

    @rick & peterson.

    hahaha… wow. CHEESE.

    @ Alex

    Yeah… that’s insane. I was trippin when it was @ 70% & climbing hard. but now McCain has less than a 1/10 shot? Ouch.

    When Palin & McCain react to one another’s gaffs, hilarity ensues.

    On an unrelated note: Can’t wait to read the next to next post.

  9. zestypete says:

    McCain’s whole speaking style freaks me out. I know he’s trying to be folksy, but when he says things like, “You know, my hero is a guy named Teddy Roosevelt…”

    Dude, we all know who Teddy Roosevelt is. Calling him “a guy named Teddy Roosevelt” makes it sound like you’re talking about some other Roosevelt. Like your local little league coach or something. And it makes you sound like a moron.

    Then again, I have a problem when Obama and McCain say “Taliban”. Why do they pronounce it like “Tally-ban”? Every time they said it, I found myself singing “Hey Mr Taliban, tally me bananas, daylight come and me wanna go home…”

  10. Zhirem says:

    ummm, Zesty, dunno if you saw this one:

    Best check that out.

    – Zhirem

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