Sarah's Suicide Mission

After Thursday’s debate, Sarah Palin had a choice. She could finish out the campaign and try to remain the sunny face of neoconservatism in the hope that she could become a major leader of the minority party during the Obama Administration. Or she could become McCain’s Kamikaze attack dog. It looks like she chose the latter course.

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Saturday accused Democrat Barack Obama of “palling around with terrorists” because of an association with a former ’60s radical, stepping up an effort to portray Obama as unacceptable to American voters.

As even the McCain friendly AP notes,

While it is known that Obama and Ayers live in the same Chicago neighborhood, served on a charity board together and had a fleeting political connection, it’s a stretch of any reading of the public record to say the pair ever palled around. And it’s simply wrong to suggest that they were associated while Ayers was committing terrorist acts.

Nonetheless, Palin made the comments at two appearances in separate states.

We all know that an increasingly desperate McCain operation now believes it has no hope of winning unless they can convince America that Barack is some sort of closet Muslim/terrorist/liberal/”other”. I guess Sarah Palin is the designated messenger of these lies, since John McCain is too chicken-shit to take responsibility for his campaign’s dirty tricks.

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  1. MichaelR says:

    Sarah Palin is no Newt Gingrich. Perhaps her nick name will be reworked into Sarah Kamikaze Barracuda.

  2. Rick Turner says:

    She’s going to wind up with a permanent stink of shit stuck to her. Stay up wind…

  3. woodnsoul says:

    This is, most likely the high point of her career and maybe her life. After this she will go back to Wasilla and be the butt of many Alaskan, moose and caribou jokes.

    Well deserved I’d say.

  4. zak says:

    She’ll go on and be a GOP fundraiser, raking in the millions for herself, as well. While she might not be beloved on a national stage, she’ll be riling up the GOP base, which just about orgasms every time she speaks.

  5. Hugo says:

    Really now? See, I think she’ll go on to become the GOP standard bearer. And I wouldn’t think that except that she already pleases more than the GOP base, and more Americans than the Republican ones.

    The last time I heard about pre-orgasmic responses to the speeches of a candidate in this race was…just before the public’s attention shifted briefly from Obama to the sudden emergence of Palin. Granted, she’s no Elvis, but she’ll always be someone’s David Cassidy.

    Peace, Love, and Bobby Sherman,

    yr. hugo

    P.S. Todd is still Godd

  6. Hugo says:

    But then, as is made so plain here, so very plain as dirt, great masses of Americans can’t tell a citizen of merit from a piece of upwind shit.

    And nor, evidently, can many of us webby commentators tell a vicious rhetorical pile-on from the ability to say, in any perspective either human or humane, something new.

    Why any of you dear worthies would wish to immitate the perfervid adolescence of a waning and discredited Kos is flat beyond me. The woman is not a criminal. She’s not a fecal bolus. She’s not a streetwalker trafficking in STDs and cheap turn-ons.

    I’m still waiting for a one of you to summon that modicum of your customary rationality it would take to name what the woman is, other than that lowest bacterium found in some recent evidence even on Mars: a Republican in leadership.

    But I forget! Ours is the party of FAIR PLAY for women!

    Knock it off and get your own schticks, you schmucks, or else move on over to Huffington’s rope line. The next smart thing I read about Palin will be the first.

    Sheesh, you guys!

  7. Marc Cooper says:

    Hey, make that Mister Chicken Shit, sir.

  8. Hugo says:

    Now THAT’s the spirit, Marc Cooper!

    If I can’t always manage the wit to kill two birds with one stone, at least I can manage to wonder why I’m trying to stone a bird.

    Why indeed?

  9. beingajoe says:

    Sarah Palin is worthless and a total distraction on the national scene. She bring no knowledge and has very little merit. – the scandals, incompetence, palinisms, lies and deceptions of Sarah Palin! – social news for the Barack Obama nation

  10. Dan says:

    Palin is the mouthpiece for yet another sickening swiftboat attack and deserves to be called out for it. You and Len would have a lot to agree about in your wide-ranging discussions of fairness, equal rights, and Republican hotties.

  11. VeryBadMan says:

    David Cassidy, Hugo?

    Maybe more Britney Spears, in that she has had FAME thrust upon her rather than her achieving greatness by her being a good singer. It is not that she is completely without talent. There is a certain inescapable dishonesty about her.

    Are you, of such great historical knowledge, ready to have her lead the United States in the Twenty First Century? Is that really a good idea?

    It feels like a cynical manipulation by social engineers, by people who have used dysphemisms like feminazi in the past.

  12. Rick Turner says:

    She believes man walked the earth with dinosaurs 6,000 years ago. Has anybody had the balls to ask her if she believes the Rapture is coming soon, or, and perhaps more important to understanding her world view and what might affect her foreign affairs policy, if she believes that a nuclear (Oh, sorry…nucular…) holocaust in the Middle East is the fulfillment of biblical prophesy. I have this sneaking suspicion that the “End of Days” crowd would just love to get their puppet in there with the keys to the missile silos…

  13. Rick Turner says:

    BTW, if you want to see what the Middle East and much of the world could look like united through music, check this out:

    Jews, Latinos, Afro Americans, and knowing this crowd, probably some Greeks and Arabs all in the band. The guitar player is the son of the original owner of the Cafe Feenjon in the Village. He’s playing one of my guitars, too.

  14. len says:

    It’s comforting to see I’ve become the new pinata for the Californicators who just sent their governator with his begging bowl to get a bailout for their state. And you want to pick the next president too?

    Don’t let them rile you too much, Hugo. I hear Obama has the wind at his back. That explains the odor around this election.

    Here come the Obama Jugend.

    And this one is really California at its sacrificial best:

    I wonder if Toltec parents had that same adoring smile when putting their babies on the spit.

  15. Ken Ballweg says:

    Hugo, Getting birds stoned, I hear, is really tricky and requires a reformed hippy’s ethics to even consider it. Be careful you reveal too much.

    As for Sarah, here’s an intelligent statement: a large part of her legacy is still to be determined in Alaska. While the investigations are yet to play out, there are Senate seats that she could get as a consolation prize if the McP ticket loses. The old guard will have to die or step aside, or as is looking increasingly remote, be disqualified by felony convictions, but the Alaska that loves her will likely continue to do so long enough to assure you see her elected to federal office in the future.

  16. VeryBadMan says:

    And, Hugo, if she becomes the GOP standard bearer, then the Standard has, by her own proud insistence, become average.

  17. pond says:

    Your post, Jon, assumes that Governor Palin says what she wants, and has the power to say Yea or Nay to any of the speeches she delivers.

    Is there any evidence of this? I would expect that McCain staffers write and vet her speeches, and the fact that she used nearly identical phrases — ‘palling around’ and ‘pal around’ — at two different venues (a public rally and a private fundraiser) indicates to me that these are the McCain camp’s new smear-lines for the Vice Presidential candidate to use.

    Hell, she claims the campaign didn’t even let her know that they were conceding Michigan — she said she had to read it in the newspaper.

    I agree with you, however, that she would serve her own future political fortunes better if she played nice, presented herself as sweet and folksy, a femme-Will Rogers if you will, and let the left and democrats attack her (perhaps thereby winning more sympathy).

    I recall that Dan Quayle went on delivering speeches and making headlines for a couple years after 1992…what happened to him since then?

  18. Chris Weekly says:

    Here’s what an independent but historically Republican-leaning blogger (Dave Winer) has to say about it:

    If there are any Republicans out there…

    I know some of you are honorable people, good Americans, taxpayers, people who love your families, pay your taxes, do your best to live by the Golden Rule. People who try to do the right thing, whatever that is. It’s to those Republicans that I wish to have a few words.

    1. Barack Obama is an honorable person. You may not agree with him, or like where he would take our country, that’s your right of course, but he doesn’t “pal around” with terrorists. I think we all know that, right? If you have any doubts, you can skip the rest of this post, and please don’t leave any comments.

    2. Your candidate is pretty safe from counter-attacks because the Democrats don’t resort to tactics like that. Note that it would be easy to do so, McCain has lots of skeletons in his closet. The press knows about them, people who study this stuff do too. And Obama has the money to make these national issues, but he isn’t doing it.

    3. All you need to know about me is that I’ve voted Republican in Presidential elections more often than I’ve voted Democratic. I belong to neither party. I only want good choices, I would love to have a choice for President where the toughest part of the decision is which of two excellent candidates do I vote for. Unfortunately I’ve never had that problem, quite the opposite, it’s always been a matter of holding my nose and voting for someone I can’t stand, only because I couldn’t stand the other guy more. This election is the first time I’ve ever felt like I was voting for a good man. I’ve done my homework, read his books, watched him in some very difficult sitatuations, observed the kind of campaign he’s running and the organization he’s building. I would be proud to have him lead my country, I think he would do a good job, for all of us.

    4. This crazy stuff about him palling around with terrorists is only serving to burn whatever bridges your party has left with people like me. If it goes far enough I will not only never vote Republican again, but I will swear an oath to do everything I can to put your party out of its misery, for the good of all Americans.

    5. I urge you to use whatever influence you have with your party to get them to stick to the economy, the wars, energy, taxes, health care, education, housing, infrastructure, the stuff that is the proper domain of politicians. Deliberately misleading like this is bad politics.

    6. Thanks for listening.

  19. whitehawk says:

    Sarah Palin is the new, improved version of the DC Madame and John McSoulmate is her pimp. I have never quite witnessed the screwing of the American imagination as this political prostitute, shoves her queer ware and tears in our face. She excites her audience with her primal, unintelligable shriek of shrill to millions while basking nakedly on the slick backs of her OIL men. Her propheserial manipulation of the dunce core of the ignorant, she massages the slick lips of her incoherant base, while stroking her soulmate with ‘untrue adoration and her husband with the bondage of Alaskans as he subtly intimidates and threatens his voters with illegal destruction. They truly are the anti-christ, dysfunctional parents of the ‘new’ republican base.

    Their denial of consequence is part of their thrill for the kill, living on the edge lifesyle that no human would mistake for clean living American. The whore of Babylon looked so similar to Palin back in the days, and hasn’t changed a bit. Watch her seductive flow of adjectives as she describes her opponants with words such as ‘unqualified’, ‘terrorist friends’, etc., she really has a flair for the void space in her head as she squeels her answers and proudly emasculates both men and women. What a pro…..Sarah Palin, what a pro….

    I am a woman, fed up with this woman representing women. I am angry with the media, giving her time on any serious network or blog page, column website. I’m being a little synical with this but you in the media are giving this moron a stage for what???? How low can America go with this kind of irrisponsible candidate for V.P. DO YOU ALL THINK WE WANT TO HEAR ANOTHER WORD FROM THIS IDIOT THAT CLIMBED IN FROM THE SEWER??? Shameful

  20. Alex Bowles says:

    The next smart thing I read about Palin will be the first.

    That, Sir Hugo, is an excellent line. And here is something to consider.

    If there’s one smart opinion you read about Palin, I hope this one is it.


  21. Hugo says:

    Thanks Len.

    They don’t rile me at all. They ain’t heavy, they’re my posse. But it doesn’t sound like any of them (other than perhaps our VeryWittyMan) has taken the Framers’ standing challenge to root for the best team to beat.

    Instead these variously talented, so differently yet so similarly brilliant folks suddenly began writing as as though they want the woman to get her brains blown out on live television, her grey matter to land on her husband’s Sunday best. This outbreak is the last remaining phenomenon about this relatively amazing election that I simply can’t put to bed. Ain’t nobody talking smack here; they’re talking headshots. Subjournalistic annhilation. Not funny. Not funny at all.

    You’re right, they really do klick into Obama Jugend mode, don’t they? As if Barack Obama would wish to gain the Presidency this way, with his brightest bulbs locked in idiot guttertalk, sure of facts not even in evidence, practicing their [Y]id-ghetto thuggery by night and their electronic goosestepping by day, preparing themselves to serve The Leader’s homeland by dishonoring his ancient party and its principles and everything that he himself tries each day to stand for, never really knowing, at any instant, whether it is HE who next will be brained in the presence of the spouse and the videovultures.

    Note even the aphasic overlooking of the gulf separating my DEFENSE of an American public official from my putative SUPPORT of her. They think they’re up in the skyboxes with Washington and Franklin and Jefferson, but in fact they’re not even in the cheap nosebleeds above Left Field.


    Is there a one of us over the intellectual age of the average Columbia President who believes that ANYONE in national politics got there by DESERVING to be there? I mean, as we used to say for a time at Berkeley, Get a beak! (It’s a long story.) Fly off back to your cuckoo’s nest. Take it easy and hi to Kesey please, and make sure both legs are safely inside the treehouse before you drop your next tab.

    And God bless you and have a nice trip, because ain’t nobody been so much as bumming on the K Street of the nation’s capital OR even of California’s capital — or of points between or of points outriggered in Honololu or Juneau or the sweet swinging City of Saint Johnny — who can’t tell you that it just don’t work that way. As The Ross Perot of San Carlos say, “You jes cain’t pee into a Mr. Coffee and expect to get lemonade, People!”

    Oh hell no. Instead you fetch up one day in some happenstance way that’s got nothing at all to do with merit and you find yourself an over-promoted pilot climbing into a plane destined for the shores of Martha’s Vineyard or the bedchambers of Hoa Lo Prison; or you find yourself in Clinton’s White House, the silly daughter of an even sillier Westside physician; or you find yourself a patiently groomed St. Albans preppie bearing up to the pleasantly problematic name Gore; or you find yourself a fast-talking boy stuck in Scranton with only the God part to complement their guns and xenophobia — and THEN WHAT HAPPENS, smart Taplinites? What happens next? Anyone? Anyone?

    Take your time now. Because it’s not luck that determines your fate as an American. It’s your answer to this question, WHAT WILL YOU DO ABOUT IT?, that is the only and one-time determinant of whether you get a crack at the highest honor this unspeakably fine country can bestow, the honor of being called to the People’s service.

    So, should you awaken in your igloo one day and step into the Arctic sun resolved to govern your town, or perhaps even your state, come hell or a high bridge to nowhere, and should you manage to fight your way into a club mathematically twice as exclusive as the club that is the United States Senate, and then to make Brooklyn’s surprise first draft pick, well, hell yes I’m going to ask for your autograph even if you are doing the devil’s own work for Brooklyn.

    And you know why? Because I want my Yanks playing against your damn dream team of all dream teams one day, and I want it so bad that like any serious Yankees fan I got ideas of my own as to who you sad sacks are gonna need in the front of your bullpen if you’re gonna stand a Brooklyn chance of ever taking the pennant away from us. And if you’re still wearing Satan’s jersey when that day comes, and you can still make the cut with Giuliani and Steele and the rest of their talent, then as far I’m concerned, good for you and so much the better.

    Because I intend to be there in the stands with my child when than match-up finally happens, that Battle of the Dream Teams. And just in case you manage to take us, I intend to turn to my daughter and give her your old autograph.

    It’d be the least I could do for her after blowing her whole college fund on a Yankee bet.

    Sign here Ms. Sarah, please.

  22. Mason Dixon says:

    Hugo, you are probably right. She will go on to become the GOP standard bearer,exactly what GWB was at one time, until he piled this Corvette of a country his daddy gave him into a guard rail, flipped it and rolled it several hundred feet dow the side of a mountain. It’s a miracle it didn’t kill him. The school bus full of honor students that swerved to miss him wasn’t so lucky. Someone has to tell their parents.

    Hugey, there is simply no credible way to compare the oratory skills of Palin to Obama, based on content alone, forgetting the mangled execution, it’s as different as Alison Krauss is to Miley Cyrus. And yes, I know Miley Cyrus has more fans, but really, I know you of all people get my drift.

    The “pile on” of which you speak comes from real, hard earned indignation that is righteous, from experience, a direct result of watching the last winner of of American Idol, Race for the Whitehouse, lie with a grin and a wink, sending our kids to war to defend freedom where it wasn’t under attack, stealing from the till, a little at a time, the freedom that he cared as much about for the American people as fried potatoes in the congressional commissary. The money is gone, Hugo, the kids want to come home. They’re tired of being target practice for people who on either side, don’t want them there.

    The anger about Sarah Palin is because we see in her that same callous disregard for anything beyond her own drive for power. So far, the worst they can come up with on Obama is that he pushed for people to get into low income housing. I wish more sins like that were committed. Hell, Obama hasn’t had time to become as corrupt as some would like to believe, and certainly hasn’t had the years of connections and money that John McCain has.

    But I digress. Even on a personal level, it sure as hell doesn’t look like she puts family first. Even with her own daughter. Did you read that boy’s myspace profile, the baby’s daddy? Who would let their daughter marry a kid like that? Who would do that to their own daugter? Isn’t this the very thing we condemn in other countries? Forced marriage? What’s next? Honor killings?In my heart of hearts, I don’t believe she cares one scintilla about you or me or your kids or anyone else’s. I’m going with my gut on this one, since that seems to be how politics is done these days. If that’s what she sees as good for her own child, I can’t imagine what hell she has in store for ones she’s never met.

    So if you want me to name what she is, she is an attention seeker, a worthy reality show contestant, but out of touch with her own intellectual limitations and limitless in willingness to smear anyone and anything who gets in her way. She’ll criticize Rev. Wright, who condemns in extreme and extremist terms, and rails against the worst of racial inequality, expressing the understandable rage of an oppressed race, while her own Rev. Muthee still believes in witches. That is hypocrisy, pure and simple, and worth raging about.

    I don’t believe she knows what she’s talking about. To my mind, the problems facing this country require more than anything a hockey mom or Joe Sixpack can bring to it right now, and if having enough college to know when someone is smarter than me and when they’re not makes me an “elite”, then so be it. Of course, until the Republican Orwell machine got a hold of it, elite used to mean something else entirely, something good, and even in it’s most pejorative meaning, it meant someone who had been born into money and power not of their own making, someone like George W. Bush or John McCain.

    The fact that she’s a woman has nothing to do with it.

    Now, Hugo. I have much more to say on this and will, but it’s a beautiful day and I want to get out in it. I hope it is fine where you are and we’ll pick this up later… Have a glorious Sunday.

  23. len says:


    For the children of the summer of love would age and die as all children must who cannot bear that their season in the warm softness must fade like music improvised for the occasion, it’s ringing notes while colorful merely a chalk drawing whose last strokes fell as winter’s first rain caressed a toy bucket, bottom covered by the last shovel of sand, rolling back and forth on the beach before it disappears into the unfathomable ocean of Earth’s existence bubbling insubstantial before stubborn men waiting for the ghosts of the wooden wrecks before them.

    As wonderful as it must have been, I think I’m glad I missed that party, but because it was a conjunction of hope, heart and magic, two decades later, I wrote a song for its elegy.

  24. Hugo says:

    Will do, Jon, and forthwith. May I please then, in gathering my snifter to repair to your next room, in leaving express my gratitude to Alex for his most recent, and to Mason Dixon for that wonderful blast I both deserved and needed; so wonderful that it more than stands on its own without so much as my mere existence. MD, that was the thing that the doctor ordered. Thanks.

  25. T Bone Burnett says:


    I am sorry, man, but your view of the world is dark and convoluted.

    I hope you find peace.

    T Bone Burnett

  26. seattle steve says:

    Alex Bowles,
    the link does not work. can you post it again. or has it been censored?

  27. len bullard says:

    On some days, T. On others, it shines.

    Such is the fate of the chimera.

  28. Terry McCall says:

    woah… hella hate in here (let alone sexism). I’m by no means a Palin fan–I love getting my laughs at her expense–and yes, she’s sayin’ some crazy things these days… but wow. I gotta agree with Hugo… this isn’t funny picture time, people are out for blood. It’s kinda scary seeing this stuff from people I think of as my political bloggy comrades; The bloodlust in here is gettin up to Factor levels in here. Like I said in that discussion about Bin Laden, we’re better than that.
    Maybe I was wrong. I guess I’m not too surprised though…

    What happened to “Don’t worry, I got this?”

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