Biden is In Good Form

Biden scores on nailing McCain for his deregulation agenda. Palin does not want to defend McCain. She keeps wanting to talk about taxes. Biden is killing her (with kindness).

She’s like a AAA ballplayer just moved up to the Majors. They are in different leagues.

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  1. Kitty says:

    It looks like she’s going from memorized material.

  2. Kitty says:

    It looks like she’s going from memorized material.

  3. zak says:

    Biden is holding back a bit.

    Palin is really reserved. She started out strong with personality and that personality faded away

  4. Dan says:

    Memorized indeed. She’s been coached on nearly every phrase.

    But then I’m sure Biden has been as well.

    The difference is that she only has about six phrases.

  5. VeryBadMan says:

    Palin said, “May I call you Joe?” before the debate because she was setting up the supposed knock out line, “Say it ain’t so Joe, there you go again…”

    (And, of course, she didn’t answer a single question.)

  6. Dan says:

    In the interset of being fair and balanced *cough cough* I must point out one thing about Biden. Toward the end, we started getting the BS questions, questions that no sane candidate will ever answer honestly. “How would your administration differ from your running mate’s?” “What are your weaknesses?”

    Gag me. Why not ask them about turn-ons and turn-offs.

    To the latter, Palin swung right back into her, “I’ll fight for the average citizen to get government out of the way etc.” crap. What you’d expect (from any politician).

    Joe “I’m So Smooth” Biden begins by saying that Gwen was being kind by pointing out only his verbosity (I think that’s what she mentioned as his weakness), and added, “some people will also tell you that I suffer from excessive passion.”

    Honky please.

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