An American Prayer

Every movement needs an anthem. Dave Stewart and his friends just created a brilliant one for Obama.

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  1. John,

    Is it possible for you not to blog, at least until spring time, so my boyfriend will stop reading your site (for all hours of the day) and get a job? There is nothing he look s forward to more than eating and reading your blog.

    If not, perhaps you can write a blog on how he can help stimulate the economy by getting into the work force. Doing this would save me a lot of time and money feeding the lazy bastard.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated…please take pity on me…

  2. Jon Taplin says:

    Dear Frustrated-You just made my day!

  3. Cara says:

    Speaking of Bono … he co-wrote American Prayer with Dave Stewart. Really . But this video for the song has been out for a month, and it really doesn’t seem to have resonated all that much.

  4. peter says:

    please please please, this is the america i want to live in….

  5. Captison says:

    What’s really resonating with me are the grassroots intl videos —
    Gondoliers for Obama

    And from Daily Kos, Israelis for Obama:

  6. Jan Sutherland says:

    Two days ago I came and read the Bono thing, and got ticked and wrote this and never sent it. But KITTY! Arggh. So, I went and found my little rant below, and send it on now. With this additional: We are at the tip of the iceberg here, I do believe, and any compromise that says we will do 350 now, revaluate with oversight, then do more later, sorry, just looks like break it up so it doesn’t sound so big. Remember, they are raising the debt ceiling so we can lawfully borrow against the future. There isn’t any real money, we are a debtor nation. So, here is what I wrote the other day: I came here after hearing Deutsche Bank say the bailout is not the answer and things are going from bad to worse even if we do it. Others say it IS the Bailout, or rather the spectre of any bailout at all, that has us teetering on the cusp to begin with. The buyers of our debt (raise your hands if you know who they are) sit quietly by, watching. That may change this week. That the overarching question: will we let the market do what the market should do, washout and recover, is not even in play, has principals ‘over there’ trying to figure out how to deal with the socialization of Wall Street. All bets are off as the rules have changed. And, sorry Jon, but the shorts (yes, yes, there will always be the profiteers, but they are not in the main here) have been some of the few who have seen this coming for the last 10 years, and have even written the playbook on how it would fall out. From a purely mechanical point of view, if you have done your homework on a company and you know it is lying and the books aren’t what they say they are, betting on the company to falter is the wise move, and hedging bets – Both Ways! is what keeps liquidity in the market. When the company cleans up its act, who has the money to invest in its prosperous rise? Not those who held on all the way down. Now then, Company becomes Country, writ large. Pretty unsettling. The ‘fixers’ and we, have every right to be near a panic. Not only is there the fear that the buyers of our debt will just cross their arms at the next auction, step back and say ‘no thanks’, but that doubling down now, they and other countries with them, are very busy investing in the real assets of nice attractive ‘other’ ‘little’ countries (spells Russia). Read Deutsche Banks latest effort in this vein: And then make sure you read Kitty’s link.

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