The Tide Has Turned

Gallup, Hotline and Reuters/Zogby all show Obama up from 2 to 3 points today. The polling average shows the steep fall off of McCain in the last three days. My guess is that America is waking up to the fact that just saying “The economy is solid” won’t make it so. As I said last week, “take a deep breath”, the Obama team is not panicking and neither should you. Here’s how a friend put it.

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  1. kolchak33 says:

    The polls aren’t going to mean anything until after the first debate.

  2. Rick Turner says:

    What do you think the odds are of a vice-presidential candidate debate?

  3. zak says:

    There’s a VP debate scheduled for October 2nd. . . or are you more questioning the outcome of that debate?

    Do you think Obama’s 2 minute national ad buy tonight is going to catch voters? Will they pay attention for a two full minutes? I like the talking to the camera style of some of the ads this season — like grown ups having a conversation about the fray of junior high politiking.

  4. Alex Bowles says:

    Amazing play by Obama. He could not be more on the money.

    I especially liked the way he talked about “outworn ideas of the left and right”, followed by “we’re Americans,” and the suggestion that we, of all people, can come up with something new. And maybe it was just me, but he seemed to sum up the entire Palin kerfuffle as ‘a distraction’, with no further commentary needed.

    The real kicker was the style – no cuts, no dramatic voice overs, no flashy graphics. Just a URL, and the simple request – read the plan for your self, and come to your own decision.

    Coming on the heels of his “make no mistake, this is serious” position yesterday (in stark contrast with McCain’s “we’re still okay, but I promise this will never happen again, but I also need to start a committee to find out what, exactly, did happen” stance) I guess the undecideds are starting see who the real Presidential candidate is, and who’s just wasting airtime, and their time.

    At the end of the day, nobody appreciates being lied to. Now that the news media has taken McCain to task for being chronically deceptive, Obama is free to rise above the fray, which is exactly what he’s done here.


  5. len bullard says:

    I think Obama is taking a critical turn in his message. And I like it. As I said elsewhere, the things he wants to change in the financial systems make sense. His message that left and right need to rein in the shockTalk is precisely right. He is starting to sound Presidential in the face of hysteria. I saw the same things when I was watching his message.

    He might pull this off but it helps if we pick up the hints and reinforce them.

  6. douglas newhouse says:

    all his ideas will be put on hold as the government has to pay for all the bailouts– a middle class tax cut–forget about it– raising taxes on the most productive members of society?– we will see

  7. Brian says:

    Still close in the electoral vote column though.

  8. zak says:

    Brian, changes show up slowly. the polls favored mccain for several days before the electoral college slid his way. i’d think the EC would start trending back toward obama if his polling continues to be favorable.

  9. Alex Bowles says:

    Doug – which brings us right to entitlement reform, and the costs of empire.

    With Federal spending in excess of 20% of GDP, ‘new ideas’ should not simply mean ‘more programs’. It should start with a fresh look at the value we’re getting for the enormous amount of money already being spent, and pointed questions about ROI we’re currently getting.

    Knowing, as we do, that money is being squandered lift and right on programs that don’t justify their costs in terms of their benefit to the common good, calls for more ‘I’ aren’t going to go over very well until the ‘R’ looks significantly better.

    Improving that part of the equation is where we really need some new ideas.

  10. len bullard says:

    The news just released a story about someone hacking Palin’s private email. Also, today we find out he is running the much admired message above in English while simultaneously running an ad in Spanish falsely linking McCain and statements from Limbaugh.

    His supporters are his curse.

  11. zak says:

    She was using those unsecure e-mail accounts to conduct state business — it’s practically an invitation to hack.

  12. Alex Bowles says:

    Yes zak, and that can be a crime – especially if it was done as part of a conspiracy to avoid legal oversight.

    And if she destroys any of the evidence after an investigation has begun, it becomes obstruction of justice, which can rise to the level of a felony (see Scooter Libby).

    McCain really had no idea what hind of hot mess he invited onto his bus when rushing to pick her.

  13. museincognito says:

    LOL! I laughed out loud at the caption on that Obama pic. Right on. Love it!!! Just sent it off to a friend….


  14. zak says:

    I read that those yahoo accounts have since been deactivated, but it’s my understanding that if you’re using free e-mail accounts sitting on someone other company’s server, those e-mails are pretty easy to retrieve from the account provider?


  15. Alex Bowles says:

    Not sure. I understand the Secret Service is investigating the break-in, so I can’t imagine that anything is just going to vanish.

  16. len bullard says:

    Hacking those accounts is a Federal offense. If you try to spin that any other way, you’re inviting the right to label your candidate as a man who considers himself above the law and untouchable. There is no proof that this is the Obama campaign but evidence it is the Obama camp, so to speak.

    Be very careful here. It won’t be hard to spin it back. Palin fought the Republican machine in Alaska and McCain fought Bush on key points. Obama accomodated the Daly machine and never once protested its chicanery. Obama was the lawyer for ACORN, a group alledged to be involved in voter fraud. Obama has 9000 lawyers ready to protest the voting results and a history of that from his days with Alice Palmer. McCain has 4000 lawyers, so a do over of the Hanging Chad month is possible.

    If you want to throw the bums out, that is your right. If you want to do that by any means, you go to jail. Don’t screw over your own candidate by too much cleverness. I’ve dealt with the people who are trained to find you and they are much much better at this then you are.

    Fair warning.

  17. pond says:

    ‘Chill out — I got this’ ???

    Wrong answer. Depending on the One True Leader to solve all our problems is what let the current president get us into this mess (which started before he got into office, though he did his best to make it worse after he got in).

    We ALL ought to ‘have this.’ We ALL have to look out for ourselves. Job #1 might be voting out all the politicians in office, Republican and Democrat, and getting new folks in there. But long after we go to the polls, we should safeguard our money, conserve resources, work on being productive, support American businesses and local farmers/businessmen, and look out for one another.

    I like the Obama graphic as a campaign ad, but the underlying message is the opposite of where we really ought to be going.

  18. Francheska says:


    But doesn’t the graphic make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

    I. Love. It.

  19. Seth says:


    The hacked graphic is somebody’s attempt to tell Obama backers to stop panicking about Palin-mania. As such, it’s funny and reassuring. But it has nothing to do with the deeper message of his campaign which goes back to “YOU have the power”. Lots of layers to politics and leadership. It can be maddening.

  20. Alex Bowles says:

    len – the Palin hack came from the /b/ board on 4chan, which is about as far from the Obama campaign as you can get.

    Seriously, it’s a troll den without compare, and makes the Daily Kos look like the New York Times.

    Some poor kid is about to find FBI and Secret Service agents combing through his parent’s basement, and radically different plans for where he’ll be spending his college years.

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