Palin's Reimbursement Scam

I’ve worked for various companies for forty years and never billed them for a per diem when I was at home. But somehow Sarah Palin thought that was a legitimate expense reimbursement.

Ms. Palin received a “per diem” expense allowance for 312 nights she spent at her home in Wasilla, The Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

The $60-a-day allowance is available for state employees when traveling on official state business to cover meals and other sundry expenses. Ms. Palin’s per diems, which included some charges for partial days, totaled $17,059, from Dec. 4, 2006, when she took office, through June 30, 2008, the most recent data available, according to Sharon Leighow, a spokeswoman for the governor’s office. Ms. Palin’s salary is $125,000 a year.

The whole notion of a perdiem is to reimburse you for hotel expenses when on the road. If she was working for a corporation, she would have been fired for fraudulent expense billing or at the minimum, asked to repay the money.

She’s a real nickel and dime operator, who lies through her teeth. It’s beginning to sink in to the MSM.

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  1. Mason Dixon says:

    Really speaks to her accountability,( and her accounting ability.) Once again, perhaps there would be some outrage – but only if she were a Democrat. Because she spent less than Murkowski, this is what passes for fiscal responsibility with taxpayer money.
    I’m sure she and McPain will apply this same logic to rationalize the twenty-plus million dollar payout to Daniel Mudd and Richard Syron. Other guys who drove their companies into the ground got WAY MORE.
    This is another in a series of concussion-inducing forehead slappers.

  2. BobbyG says:

    Given that the McSame campaign managers look like they’re gonna keep her in a bubble and away from insufficiently “deferential” reporters, the media need to make McSame her interview surrogate. They should hound him with the specific policy and political questions (staying away from the red herring tabloid trash queries).

    Preface questions with “Senator McCain, given that time is short in the remaining days until november 4th, and given that your campaign has decided that your running mate is off-limits to the legitimate open questioning that you and Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden have repeatedly subjected yourselves to, maybe you could answer on her behalf, given that the American people have both the need and right to have answers to politically relevant and proper policy detail. So, let me ask you __________________…?”

    And then sit back and watch his head explode. Get that hot head flusteritis goin’.

  3. Jon Taplin says:

    Bobby G. Good one.

    BTW- Did she also bill the state a Per Diem while she was staing in a hotel in Juneau (her supposed residence)?

  4. alex says:

    Having dealt with per diems (and having abolished them at my company for this type reason), it’s hard to draw a moral judgement on this one, sorry.

  5. fieldingbandolier says:

    She was told it was all right to take it. Not only that, she was told she could collect a daily per diem for each of her children (she declined). The issue has to do with what’s considered her center of operation as governor.

    Again, this is a nonstarter. If Democrats start accusing her of taking extra pay, she points at her self-administered salary cut (among other things) as evidence of her honest intentions. This might be an argument for her ineptness (she should’ve known better, but didn’t), but it’s not going to stick as evidence of corruption – perhaps the reverse.

    You wrote a great post the other day on pop culture. Observing the events of this election, I’ve reached a conclusion that might apply there as well. Americans have become increasingly lazy and reactive. It’s like the attention span of the country has been so reduced we can’t bother ourselves with a substantive analysis anymore – we just grope blindly around for the most conveniently placed means by which we can either limit the field of consideration, or bolster our pre-existing conclusions. Or get cotton-candy entertainment.

    For Palin, everybody’s looking for the knockout punch. The result is, we’ve been swinging wildly without landing even a glancing blow. We look inept, and we’re wearing ourselves out. Worse, the impression left with the sideline judges is one that stays, and might bias their scoring even if we recover our composure.

    You want to know why pop culture doesn’t matter? Substance is not immediately accessible to people. Looking through history, the Beatles were the exception. More often, the innovators creating pieces that inspire and influence people over time – the real masters – are about as popular as Van Gogh.

    Because pop culture is marketed, and because people are increasingly inclined to make decisions on the basis of hastily formed impressions, the likelihood that pop culture will produce a master decreases. There’s just no market in it. Sorry. And if one does come along, who will notice? They’ll be drowned out by the latest flood of digitized pap, carefully packaged to appeal to rebellious, differentiating youth.

    Unfortunately, the same seems to go for substance in many other areas as well – from social planning, to politics, to corporate behavior. I never realized how pervasive the “fast food” mindset was until now, and as I look at the housing bubble, the fannie/freddy bailout, and the ubiquitous reliance on the quick fix (now also the split-second reactionary analysis), I despair.

    Pop culture? We’ll have our art again. As the fortunes of the US wane, the standard of living declines and the incentives to maintain such a predictably reactionary population decline, I’m fairly sure that we will remember how to “think” in sufficient numbers that we can begin to recover the wisdom we abandoned in favor of search-engine convenience. I’m afraid as a culture we may be due for one of those “painful growth experiences”. It’s just a shame we have to hit times hard enough to knock us out of our lazy complacency.

    In the mean time, we all better get used to the idea of saying “President McCain”, because that’s the direction the winds of fortune seem to be blowing our rudderless culture. Either that, or those of us who know better need to start urging our contemporaries to avoid the conceptual junk food in favor of a more nutritious and balanced analysis, and a correspondingly healthier political rhetoric.

    This is my attempt at inspiring you, by the way. Just in case you weren’t too distracted to notice.

  6. jb says:

    The $60/day covers meals, not hotels. She could have easily been traveling around her very large state during the day, buying food where necessary, and making it home in the night. You might even say she was fiscally responsible by coming back and staying in her home rather than in a hotel.

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