PAFMA-Putting America First My Ass

Over at Daily Kos, they are starting a successor to the PUMA movement. Consider it a Bill of Attainder against the John McCain propaganda machine. The kind of work the Establishment press used to do.

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  1. Alex Bowles says:

    Well, they pretty much said it: ‘if we think it’s in our interests to have Palin meet the press, then she’ll meet the press.’

    Note the construction. The handlers were straight-up. This is OUR decision. Palin, apparently, isn’t consulted on any of this. Her job is to read whatever these guys stick in the teleprompter. And everyone else’s job is to simply believe it.

    Apparently, the media’s job is to carry the water, or get the f*** out of the way.

    As an aside, 9 of the past 43 presidents have been replaced mid-term by their VP’s. Yeah, that’s 1 in 5.

    Having so conspicuously failed to vet her themselves, they’re now saying that nobody else can do so either. However, the are supposed to blindly accept the 20% chance that she could become President well before the next election.

    Hot mess indeed.

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