Bad Timing

Rudy Guiliani blabbered on so long, they had to scrub the Palin intro video in order to squeeze her into the prime-time slot. Looking out over the delegates, it’s obvious that Republican efforts to recruit delegates of color haven’t been very successful.

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  1. Morgan Warstler says:

    you weren’t watching CNN or Fox – you need more than one TV going Jon, to talk meaningfully theses days.

  2. Patrick says:

    I watched Guilani’s speech, with the sound off, and the start of Palin’s speech on CSpan. 3 black faces in the whole scene (one of whom seemed to be a security person). One possible hispanic. The Repub party is a big tent, but Jim Crow just hammers in the stakes and goes home.

  3. Nikc says:

    the more TVs you have on, the more meaningful you’ll be.

  4. Alex Bowles says:

    Well, I think Palin just hit it out of the park. Wal-Mart America has its girl. This was love, total love, and she gave it right back, in spades. And it’s going to be hard for anyone to call her names when she’s already said the only difference between herself and a pit-bull is that she wears lipstick.

    Policy points? Not so much. Dividing cultural issues? Didn’t touch them. Obama’s agenda? Aside from slamming him on taxes, she didn’t have much to say, though she did get in some great pot shots about his comments in San Francisco (boo hiss!) and his Hollywood set design in Denver – BOO hiss! (she, on the other hand, was standing in front of a giant TV, and there’s nothing pretentious about THAT.)

    The real kicker was that she milked what little executive experience she had to the absolute hilt, pointing out that she’s actually got more than Obama and Biden combined, while skirting the fact that you could add McCain to that list, and she’d still come out ahead. Listening to her talk about the way she ran things, I’m sure at least half the audience was imagining that they were hearing an actual Presidential speech. And they were fine with it. In fact, they probably couldn’t wait for the dream to come true.

    In short, total personification of the Conservative fantasy. Couldn’t be better. No, seriously; Could. Not. Be. Better. She makes monster trucks look liberal.

    Among the base, she’s officially untouchable. The girl can do no wrong. Attack your mom and apple pie before you mess with her – if for no other reason than she’s probably a better shot Oh, and ‘the media’ is officially on notice. They, oddly enough, got the biggest, loudest and longest boo of the night.

    So maybe McCain did take a very big gamble, and for all the wrong reasons, but like Robert Altman said, a long shot always pays more than the odds. I mean, can you imagine Lieberman, or even Ridge, getting those kinds of cheers?

    “One of Us. One of Us. One of Us.”

    Of course, she was totally scripted, completely protected, and very well rehearsed. Who knows how well she’ll do without very hands-on handlers. But Obama’s really got his work cut out for him. The GOP is now motivated. He needs to lock up his own party fast, and win more independents, if he expects to win.

    Issues are their weak spot. They have no real policy. the irony is that everything they said about Obama, is actually true of the Republicans. And again, reform when it’s your own party can be a very dicey game.

    Final thought. McCain looked old. Very old. Especially when he was walking off the stage. Palin, on the other hand, looked ready to run the country, even if the image couldn’t be further from reality. This crowd did not care.

    Hillary must be seething.

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