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Sumner Redstone Sould Be Ashamed

Sumner Redstone, the controlling shareholder of CBS, always shows up at the big Hollywood liberal parties and brags about how he is a great fighter for the First Amendment. But yesterday, CBS Outdoor, the billboard company that controls much of … Continue reading

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Russia Could Meddle in Iran

Juan Cole publishes an amazing article translated by the USG Open Source Center. The original comes from Moscow Vremya Novostey  in Russian — a Liberal, small-circulation paper that sometimes criticizes the government. What’s surprising is the “liberal paper” suggesting Russian … Continue reading

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McCain's Frat Boy Campaign

Kevin Drum has moved from the Washington Monthly to Mother Jones. After showing that she is nearly illiterate when it comes to foreign policy, Kevin delves into the reasons for Sarah Palin’s nomination, he’s just as sharp as ever. This is … Continue reading

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Another Conservative Leaps to Palin's Defense

Noah Milmann of the American Scene, with a full-throated defense of the Palin nomination. I realize, of course, that she’s totally unqualified to be President at this point in time. If McCain were to die in February 2009, I hope Palin … Continue reading

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DNC Record Viewership

38 Million viewers watched Barack Obama’s speech last night, a record for a Presidential convention. The audience estimate of 38.3 million means that Mr. Obama’s speech reached more viewers than the Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing, the final “American Idol” … Continue reading

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Consumer Spending Dries Up

Way back in January, I expressed my doubts as to whether the Stimulus checks would generate jobs or keep us out of a recession. Well the stimulus checks have all been spent, and as soon as they stopped coming personal … Continue reading

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El Rushbo on Palin and the Feminazis

Rush Limbaugh held forth this morning on why Liberal Women were not happy with the choice of former beauty pageant queen Sarah Palin as VP. . According to Rush the whole purpose of feminism is to give ugly women a leg up … Continue reading

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Readin',Writin', Shootin'

As high school students gather around the country after summer, most questions revolve around who’s dating who. Not in Harrold, Texas. Students in this tiny town of grain silos and ranch-style houses spent much of the first couple of days … Continue reading

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Conservatives Are Worried About Palin

Ramesh Ponnuru is one of the smartest guys writing on the National Review’s Corner. Here’s his thoughts on Palin. The pros: She’s a pro-life conservative reformer from outside Washington, and a woman. The pick signals a boldness and willingness to … Continue reading

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Who is Michael Lee White?

Deputy Chief of Russia’s General Staff Anatoly Nagovitsyn showed photocopies of the passport of Michael Lee White, issued in Texas, to media in a press briefing on Thursday. “There is a building in Zemonekozi – a settlement to the south … Continue reading

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