Frank Rich on the Bloviators

Frank Rich nails what I’ve been saying all week–the establishment media just manufactured fake political drama on the Obama-Clinton feud out of whole cloth.

What is most surprising is how astonished the press still is at each Groundhog Day’s replay of the identical outcome. Indeed, the disconnect between the reality of this campaign and how it is perceived and presented by the mainstream media is now a major part of the year’s story. The press dysfunction is itself a window into the unstable dynamics of Election 2008.

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  1. fieldingbandolier says:

    Uhm, I think Eric Boehlert over at Media Matters said it first (and better).

    My apologies if you’ve already linked this story.

  2. 4leslie says:

    I agree, and I’d like to take it even a step further.
    One person not normally included in the bloviator column is Tina Fey. She imposed herself into the discussion as a faux-feminist for Hillary AFTER the writer’s strike.
    Talk about audacious indignance…

  3. Ken Ballweg says:

    Excellent read. Wish Media Matters had wider impact.

    Wouldn’t it be fun if “FactCheck, MediaMatters, and Center for American Progress could get a nightly program (or even a segment) on one of the cable channels called The Other PBS (PBS = Political Bull Show” with a major section called “Skewering Pundits”. This should have a Daily show type graphics of the heads of the pundits being “corrected” for the day turning on a spit. Each month it could run a tally, like a contest, of the most skewered.

    Would be best if it covered the full spectrum of Dem and Repub so it had credibility and bias deniablity, which means the sources I cited would need to be broadened. Sweet Mary’s Son, but Daily Kos could provide the a source for the dem-foot-in-mouth-side daily. Wouldn’t that have been a better use of the Air(heads) America investment capital?

    Highlight allegation in context, offer up the facts as Boehlert did (but KISS it, this is TV afterall), and do it all with a tincture of the Daily Show irony rather than the self righteous tone of Keith O’.

    Tag: “No, really, You decide.”
    and the elevator pitch:
    “We slap political talking heads for you because you can’t reach them as easily.” **

    ** I hereby attest that I will make no IP claims to the above concepts if anyone wants to run with it.****

    **** That is, as long as you don’t f’ it up and make it one sided.

  4. Greg says:

    (whoa, my bad ^. Please delete the post on top of this one. Shoulda had my morning coffee first 😉 )
    Excellent read, especially the part about:

    …points out that when networks judge their success by who got the biggest share of the television audience, “they are still counting horses while the world has moved on to counting locomotives.”

    If Barack’s speech at the convention had 38 million viewers, I wonder what similar numbers would be for the internet, if it were even possible to collect such a thing; not to mention the red-blue skew would be interesting.

    I haven’t had Cable Television for years, come to think of it, the last time I did, it was bundled free with the internet, even then, I only watched it a few times. TV has been sneering at me since I was a kid, delivering its status-quo targeted message/massage. Once I hit college, I gave it up and never looked back. Sure you miss stuff once in while. But eventually, if you’re perceptive, you’ll pickup on word-on-the-street and sit down and catch up with a good show that you’ve been missing. Any more, I couldn’t dream of turning on the boob and just watching whatever came on. Tivo is a mandatory accessory if you must have TV imo.

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