A little Late for The Base

It seems to me that John McCain had two choices with his VP. He could either reach out to the center and try to pull in independents or he could play to the base of the hard core conservatives. In choosing Palin, he obviously felt the base was far more important than the center.

At the same time, they suggested, Ms. Palin would also be given the task of appealing to evangelical voters, who have long been unenthusiastic about Mr. McCain. In many ways, the choice of Ms. Palin may prove to have been as much an effort to drive up turnout among the Republican base as it was a move to compete for women.

“We had a solid Republican and evangelical base,” said Charlie Black, a senior adviser to Mr. McCain. “But now it’s going to be very intense.” James C. Dobson, the influential conservative Christian leader who said in the primaries that he could never vote for Mr. McCain, said the selection of Ms. Palin had won him over.

If 65 days before an election, McCain is still worried about conservatives voting for him, he got real troubles.

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  1. jonolan says:

    The Bush v. Kerry election showed that base v. base, the Republicans win. Palin is also a near-perfect match as VP for the maverick that McCain used to be seen as.

    I don’t really know. I don’t like it that she’s an evangelical, but I like what she did to the previous Alaskan government even though they were the same party as her.

  2. Rick Turner says:

    The question is whether there will be some Palin vs. Biden debates. Can she take the heat that Biden can dish out?

  3. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:

    It is probably a good idea not to underestimate this forty four year old governor. Biden better not overlook her.

  4. zak says:

    we’re setting the bar very low for her. she just has to survive a biden debate for her to get positive marks since the expectation is that she’s going to fail spectacularly.

    since teh media is obsessed with polls, I look forward to their reporting on the polling shifts next week when the Palin announcement takes effect.

    Also, canceling th eRNC would work well for McCain, because the public would be less exposed to Palin’s ultra conservative agenda — she looks entirely too harmless when you’re not aware of what she stands for, that we know of.

  5. BobbyG says:

    Much Palin defense blather has ensued pointing fingers at Obama’s “equally thin CV.” OK…

    Comparing Obama and Palin

    …regarding the “equally thin resumes” canard:


    Undergrad degree in International Relations, Columbia University

    Law Degree and Editor of the Law Review, Harvard University Law School

    Worked for a year at the Business International Corporation and then at the New York Public Interest Research Group.

    Law firm associate, Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, Chicago

    Chicago community organizer

    Taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School for twelve years

    Illinois State Senator

    U.S. Senator


    Undergrad degree in Journalism, PolySci minor, University of Idaho

    Briefly worked as a sports reporter for local Anchorage television stations while also working in commercial fishing with her husband.

    Wasilla AK City Council

    Wasilla AK Mayor

    AK Governor since 2006

    No Contest. It is also worth noting that Obama has been vetted to date by millions of primary voters, however imperfectly we might view the vetting process. Palin was vetted by no one comparably. Mr. McCain summarily decides for the GOP voters she’s proper, absent any rational measures of relevant national experience. This is [1] an insult to women, [2] an insult to the intelligence of GOP voters in general, and [3] a dangerously expedient tactic transparently executed solely for the purpose of winning the Presidency — the public good be damned.

  6. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:

    Bobby G!

  7. len bullard says:

    In a single day with one announcement, McCain deflated the most expensive well planned and executed media sales job of all time.

    Brilliant. Strategy takes out massive energy. That, kids, is a low energy system at its best. Humor takes down smugness every time.

  8. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:

    Completely wrong.

  9. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:

    Except for the humor and smugness part. I think that is right. You should try it.

  10. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:

    The humor thing, that is to say.

  11. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:

    And one last thing, Len Bullard, why don’t you please stop ruining this country. And the world.

  12. michaelmeme says:

    Len – It was a great way to grab the news cycle. McCain needs more than a one trick pony to succeed.

    This kills his maverick image. He’s taking on a VP that is further right than the base could have hoped. She’ll only appeal to that far right segment. Obama now has a much easier job to pull in the middle.

    Net win for Obama despite the loss of the post convention glow.

  13. Alex Bowles says:

    len – I can’t speak for the nearly 40 million people who watched Obama live, but seeing McCain’s follow up move did nothing to diminish the quality of the impression created by the Democratic party.

    It simply reinforced the colossal difference in quality between the two options we have.

    ‘Dominating’ the news cycle with a tacit admission of desperation and reckless idiocy is never a good idea, but it’s especially bad when, not 24 hours prior, the bar has been raised by such an extraordinary degree.

    The content of Obama’s speech provided the blueprint for more than a decade’s worth of governance, including a moon shot that matches the ambition of Kennedy’s. An agenda like this doesn’t depend on a single news cycle to connect.

    Palin, on the other hand, now looks like a fly on the windshield.

  14. Alex Bowles says:

    Bobby G,

    You neglected to mention that Obama has also bested the establishment within a dominant National party, while getting them to return to his stage, with assurances of support in his ongoing campaign.

    Palin has taken on members of her own party as well, but only at the state level, and now, they’re not even returning her calls.

    Obama has also delivered a ten-year outline for an agenda of national governance, designed to bridge fundamental rifts in the electorate.

    Palin has done nothing at all on the national level, and has declared herself a loyal and committed member of a group that’s deepening the rifts.

  15. Alex Bowles says:

    It’s also been pointed out (I wish I could remember where) that the ‘lack of experience’ was a Republican meme designed to diminish Obama. It’s their story, not his.

    If they feel this way, fine. Many people share that outlook, and it’s a perfectly acceptable point to raise in a Presidential election – especially when it can be used to signal a clear difference in values between two campaigns.

    The problem is when the pro-experience campaign openly contradicts its own values, and selects a possible CIC so green, she makes Obama seem like a firmly established elder statesman.

    The contest is no longer between Democrat and Republican values. It’s between Democrats and Republicans who have no respect for their own values.

  16. zak says:

    You’ve forgotten Palin’s years on the PTA.
    They were important enough for her to mention in her intro speech . . .

  17. BobbyG says:

    Alex, yeah, that was implicit in my observation. Obama was the last one standing after a grueling primary that involved many tens of millions of Democrats. He’s been fully vetted and found credible.

    zak -My Bad. How could I ever have overlooked that?

    Photoshop update:


  18. Suriyawong says:

    Joe Biden debate? I am sure he is working on his plagiarized responses to Gov. Palen already. We will certainly get an earful of him talking about himself. I do agree with him on one thing, however, I don’t think much of Princeton either.

  19. Jon Taplin says:

    Suriyawong-Try to say something intelligent. You’re new here, and we expect a higher quality of riposte.

  20. Suriyawong says:

    Sounds like a 7th grade come back lacking any substance and ignoring the points I made. See, I was right about Princeton!

  21. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:


    What Mr. Taplin was suggesting, unless I read him wrong, is that if one is going to try to defend the indefensible, he or she might consider thinking things through a little more deeply and clearly. Schtick and snark will not get you there.

    Please try to be respectful on this blog, and if you cannot find it within yourself to do that, please at least try to be funny.

    Your assignment now, if you continue to post in this space, is to write up a scenario of a meeting between Sarah Palin (also, when attempting such a defense, I would suggest that you make every effort to get the names right) and Vladimir Putin.

    Here is a title for your paper- The Palin Putin Affair.

    We await your manuscript with great anticipation.

    And, I would like to add that it is not necessary pay any attention to the “points” you made, or respond to them substantively as they were completely without substance in the first place.



  22. Alex Bowles says:


    How about starting with the correct spelling of Palin? Then you could reconsider the absurd proposition that Biden is busy plagiarizing answers to questions that haven’t even been asked.

    Jon was actually doing you a favor by ignoring your ‘points’.

  23. Alex Bowles says:

    TWS once again outclasses me on the graciousness front. If only I’d hit refresh a moment sooner…

  24. Suriyawong says:

    Alex, thanks fopr beeing mi spel-chker. Its a challang im shur.

    TWS, I detect a sense of Princeton. Fact: Joe Biden has plaziarized publicly and often. You both, with Master Zen miester Jon, excel at attacking the messenger, and you ask me to be respectful! “The lady doth protest to much.”

  25. Greg says:

    Suriyawong, so I’m guessing that your keyboard is broken or you’re typing on your cell phone? What’s your deal with Biden again? Did you ever say in the first place? Here, I’ll grep backwards and look.. Oh wait, no you never said. You didn’t even make a point. Good god, at least one fact so that we can debate something tangible. Until you do, all we’ve got is your atrocious spelling.

  26. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:


    Thank you for your kind words about Princeton, As you well know, it is extremely bad manners to insult one’s alma mater.

    In your posts, I detect a great deal of frustration. And envy. I also detect a great deal of fear and a certain sense of self-satisfaction, the great religion of the Soviet agent, Ayn Rand.

    Suriyawong, you are out of your depth.

    If you want to troll this site, you are going to have to work a lot harder. Really a lot.

    For starters, you would do well to at all costs avoid the use of the configuration, Fact: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Especially when the exclamation- Fact- is followed by a bald faced lie.

    If you want to try to gain even a shred of credibility, please list the many examples of Biden’s frequent, in your word, plaziarizm.

    We all know he cribbed a Neil Kinnock speech that he liked. He copped to that. Tell us about the rest of it. There must be many examples.

    And by the way, really good politics. The whole country loves the kind of stuff you are doing.

    In closing, you are the one doing all the protesting, old timer.

    Peace and love.



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