Who is Michael Lee White?

Deputy Chief of Russia’s General Staff Anatoly Nagovitsyn showed photocopies of the passport of Michael Lee White, issued in Texas, to media in a press briefing on Thursday.

“There is a building in Zemonekozi – a settlement to the south of Tskhinval that was fiercely defended by a Georgian special operations squad. Upon clearing the building, Russian peacekeepers recovered, among other documents, an American passport in the name of Michael Lee White of Texas,” said Nagovitsyn. Neither the owner of the passport nor his remains were found at the scene, despite a thorough search. “I do not know why he was there, but it is a fact that he was in the building, among Georgian special forces troops,” Nagovitsyn said.

I don’t have to believe Putin that the action in South Ossetia was a deliberate action to try to help John McCain’s candidacy, to want to know who Michael Lee White is, and who he was working for.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Quick, someone add him to the no fly list.

  2. Seth says:

    I kinda suspect Michael Lee White is already on the “fly anywhere, no questions asked” list.

  3. ed dirst says:

    wow a picture. hmm i wonder if anyone took a jpg of the passport. did the russians offer copies and can we get copies. that would be a good reality check.

  4. ed dirst says:

    wow a picture. hmm i wonder if anyone took a jpg of the passport. did the russians offer copies and can we get copies. that would be a good reality check.

  5. ed dirst says:

    wow a picture. hmm i wonder if anyone took a jpg of the passport. did the russians offer copies and can we get copies. that would be a good reality check.

  6. ed dirst says:

    wow a picture. hmm i wonder if anyone took a jpg of the passport. did the russians offer copies and can we get copies. that would be a good reality check.

  7. batguano101 says:

    If that picture and designation is correct you can mark off military special forces, which leaves spook work.

    Setting people up for a fake charge to destroy their life is SOP for forcing people into dirty rather than special ops.

    The question is a good one, but the more you look the more smoke you will find, until the official spin is set forth.

    Or it could be a plant.

    Tincture of time will tell something even if it is not exactly the truth.

  8. David L. White says:

    Michael Lee White (born 1967, as the Russians said, not 1971) is my little brother. He has lived and worked in Kazakhstan and China. His passport was reported lost or stolen in 2005.In any event he was here in Austin, living temporarily with my aged father, during the last month or so. The problem is that he has not been heard from for several days, since flying back to China. Coincidence?

  9. David L. White says:

    Even the most extraordinary coincidences are theoretically possible, but that the person whose passport was “found” (ha ha) by the Russians in Georgia would, so it seems, go missing as the story broke seems a bit much. Perhaps he is merely late in calling. But that is not like him.It seems that the Cold War is not over after all, and that the old games are still being played.

  10. Chad says:

    I just heard a lady on coast to coast (latenight radio) who said Michael is her son and that he lost the passport back in 2005. He has since gotten a new one but just left today for a trip back to China where he has been living for 2.5 years as an English teacher. He was home for the past 6 weeks helping his elderly Father. Pass this information on. She says he is now missing. She thinks he was arrested as he entered China today.

  11. Brother MLW says:

    From my Mother:

    Who is Michael Lee White? He is my son, my world traveling, writer son.
    Why hasn’t Mike himself come forward? Because he innocently, unknowingly returned to China before the name on the passport was released. He had no idea that that the passport the Russians “ found” was the one he had reported lost or stolen in 2005. Now he cannot come forward. He is missing. Mike spent the last six weeks here in Austin, Texas and we can prove it. He was taking care of his 85-year-old father, a WWII veteran who had suffered a stroke. Mike innocently left Austin on the morning of August 27.th He was returning to China to teach English, as he has done for several years. He teaches to support himself while co-authoring with his father, a Professor Emeritus of history, a book on understanding nationality and taming its virulent cousin nationalism, a book that he hopes will help make this a better world. Michael is a deep thinker and a researcher, not a warrior. (If you are interested in his book, go to http://www.nationalityinworldhistory.net.) The story naming Michael broke as he was in transit and just in time for him to arrive in Hong Kong — not knowing what was going on, not even suspecting, just returning to the people and the work he loves. We have not heard from him since. Please pray for him and visualize him being treated kindly and the released. He is such good and such a brave man. We so appreciate your interest and concern.

  12. Jason says:

    He is an English teacher and author working in China. He lost his passport in 2005. Somehow the Russians got it.

    Check this out:


    And this:


    White’s grandmother phoned into a radio show, coast-to-coast AM, last night.


  13. nickotien says:

    Does anyone have a closeup of the picture. Michael Lee White, born in 1967, resident of Texas. I know this person and have been in contact with the family, they say he was on a plane to China two days ago (literally 12-24 hours before the story broke worldwide). He was here (Texas) visiting just a day before the apparent find of his color fax or photocopied passport….he has not contacted his family, which he always does when he lands in China. U.S. officials have contacted them…

    The guy teaches English in China, I have known him since the early nineties.

    Your sex offender is not the same guy. He is far from it….wrong birth year. Something is really screwy about this.

  14. nickotien says:

    I found his mother speaking on another site. She talks in more detail than I have previously, I feel it is her place to do so…so this will be my last post. This is a horribly unjust thing that has happened. Please pray for them and for Michael.


  15. Jason says:

    He is an English teacher and author working in China. He lost his passport in 2005. Somehow the Russians got it.

    Check this out:


    And this:


    White’s grandmother phoned into a radio show, coast-to-coast AM, last night.


  16. Seth says:

    Where was Michael back in 2005 when he first missed his passport? In Kazakhstan?

  17. Rick Turner says:

    Wow, a bunch of people who have never posted here before all showing up at once with more or less the same story. Coincidence? Twilight Zone.

  18. Jon Taplin says:

    Rick- I agree. It’s all very sketchy. Besides, the Russians say the Passport had a 2008 entrance visa stamp.

  19. David L. White says:

    Coincidence? No, more like reaction to news. And the sameness of the story has some connection with a no doubt alien concept to some here: truth. Presumably Russian intellgence is not bewildered as to how it would be possible to stamp a passport with a false entrance visa.
    In any event, my brother has appeared safe and sound in China, so the extent of any Chinese involvement would have to have been limited to 1) letting the Russians know he would be traveling when their story broke, and therefore not likely to immediately deny it, and 2) possibly jamming his email, which he says was having problems at first, explaining why he could not contact us. The last of these may well be nothing, the first is almost certainly not. What made the Russians think the victim of their hoax would not be able to deny it, and if they had no reason to think so, why bother?

  20. Rick Turner says:

    Jon, even that is sketchy. Let’s just take the lost passport story as true. How hard would it be to put a 2008 entry stamp in it at any time? Anyone could lose a passport anywhere in the world; the finder could send it anywhere in the world; and it could then have an entry stamp put in from anywhere in the world. Any rubber stamp making system can crank out a very authentic looking mark. You or I could do it at home. Check this out: http://www.art-rubberstamps.com/ Yeah, some pretty lame stuff, but you get the idea. A stamped passport doesn’t mean a thing. It wouldn’t even matter if it were one of the electronic passports with the RFID chip in it. That stuff can be hacked as well.

    Is there a record of this guy having lost his passport? Most folks who do lose one get in touch with an embassy or consulate pretty quickly. Not that any report of such is necessarily accurate, either. And a .pdf or .jpg of a passport? Come on now. Anyone with PhotoShop could put in any picture they wanted to. Passport photos don’t mean much either…beard, no beard; moustache, no moustache; in my case almost brown hair, and now silver white.

    Also, do a Google search on Mr. M. L. W. You’ll quickly find many of the same words, sentences, paragraphs & the story that appears here all over the place. This whole story stinks to high heaven. Even if what is being broadcast is partially true, how is it that so many people are leaping to the defense of this guy at once, and on a blog like this? Someone is trying to put a lid on this and they’re not being very subtle about it, and that only makes the thing look all the more suspicious.

    It’s going to take a real person showing up somewhere to get anywhere near the bottom of this story.

  21. Jason says:


    Why don’t you call up all the national papers and TV channels with this story? Or maybe you already have? So far I have seen no follow-up to this story since Nogovytsyn’s news conference.

    This is already an international incident. Even Putin referred to it in his CNN interview.

    If this is a Russian hoax, then you should tell the world about it, not just us folks here.

  22. Rick Turner says:

    This could be a hoax within an enigma within a scam. So far nobody looks clean and transparent in this one. Somebody knows too much and isn’t there.

  23. whatsupdoc says:

    A lot more information about Michael Lee White has now come to light. A post claiming to be from his mother is here:


    His resume is here:


    [edit] *This Resume includes: “graduated from ‘Air Assault’ airborne training school 1993”

    Has this part of the resume been noticed/reported as yet? Whatsupdrs (talk) 13:59, 30 August 2008 (UTC)

    And his grandmother reportedly called into Coast-to-Coast AM, a radio show, last night:

    http://www.libertyforum.org/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=w3t_news_video&Number=296448235&t=0 —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jbod (talk • contribs) 13:04, 30 August 2008 (UTC)

    [edit] Interesting topics in his book

    If the post claiming to be from his mother is accurate, then his book websit, http://www.nationalityinworldhistory.net, has topics which seem quite coincidental for someone who has never been involved with the Russia/Georgia situation e.g.:

    2. “Why Do We Create Nationalities?” (84)

    10. “The Evolution of Russian National Identity” (33)

    Whatsupdrs (talk) 13:59, 30 August 2008 (UTC)

    In the entry, I would focus less on the book and more on the guy’s identity and whereabouts, and the political context (i.e. Putin’s accusations of US provocation in South Ossetia).

    It ought to be pretty easy to prove that he was nowhere near Georgia at the time (assuming he wasn’t). I doubt that CIA operatives post their resumes online. But the fact that he has a military past adds to the suspicion that this may be a Russian put-up job.Jbod (talk) 14:13, 30 August 2008 (UTC)

    Good point.But it is also extremely suspicious, from a statistical perspective, that this guy just happened to be incommunicado when the shit hit the fan. For an average person,in 2008, what are the chances that they would be in transit and out of touch on any particular day? Maybe a couple of days per year? That would make it 180/1 times 3 the chances he would be “missing” last Thursday through today if he really is just a traveling teacher. Also, why has the US government said nothing at all about this person since it does seem that he does exist and does/did have a passport.

    [edit] Can This Story be Censored for “National Security” reasons?

    Just thinking outside the box, does anyone know if the WhiteHouse could (if the Russians are right) use “national security” as a way to keep American media from chasing this story? There is absolutely nothing in Google News or Yahoo News dated Aug.30th on Michael Lee White.

    * The Air Assault handbook for that training http://www.campbell.army.mil/aas/aaslthandbook.pdf

    “The school also trains and qualifies military SPIES(sic) masters in the application of infiltration and extraction techniques.”

  24. Jon Taplin says:

    Some friends with National Security contacts think the Russians may already be holding someone, ready to roll him out, like Francis Gary Powers at the appropriate time. Their thought is that Putin, coming from the KGB, is to smart to float a story like this without some sort of back-up.

  25. Jon Taplin says:

    David White- Did your brother report the missing passport to the State Department? How come they are completely silent on this matter?

  26. Greg says:

    Jon, I don’t know if it is likely they are holding anyone, given this direct quote in the NYtimes story:

    ““If the facts are confirmed,” he added, “that United States citizens were present in the combat zone, that means only one thing — that they could be there only on the direct instruction of their leadership.”

    If they were holding anyone, Putin wouldn’t have phrased it like this.

    What I think is more revealing about Putin is this statement:

    ““As far as the perception of these events by the general public goes, it depends not only on politicians, but also on how artful they are in controlling the mass media. And our American colleagues do this much better than we do and there’s a lot we can learn from them”.”

    He is aware of being made a pawn of in an even larger arena than they inhabit alone, and typical of Russian pride, is determined to learn the media management tactics of the U.S. in an attempt towards catching up in the global shell game. What a good example we set.

  27. zak says:

    seeing as Putin suggested an American presence in Georgia to favor McCain come election season, would he be savvy enough to go for a big scandalous reveal just in time for the foreign policy themed debate; would it impact mccain or would he brush it off as bush action

  28. Rick Turner says:

    What is the single most important item for any experienced American citizen/international traveler to keep on their person when times are rough? You got it, their passport. I can see being casual with one in easy times, but if you’re caught in an invasion scenario…

  29. Jon Taplin says:

    Whatsupdoc-Certainly looks like the resume of a “contractor”.

  30. Jon Taplin says:

    My friends believe this was a classic Cheney “off the books” operation. Kind of like the Niger forgeries and the phony letter from Saddam’s guy claiming to have trained Mohammed Atta.

    My guess is that Cheney and Addington have been freelancing more than Nixon ever did with the Plumbers.

  31. Daniel says:

    There are some interesting local interviews on Youtube. People claim they saw bodies with US flag patches on the shirtsleeves, though they said the uniforms were black. Black uniforms are not worn by soldiers, though they are worn by Blackwater and DynCorps. Of course, I can’t validate the truth of this, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility

  32. Klaatu says:

    I can’t find his book anywhere, including Library of Congress. The site that hosts the book seems non-functional . Is the book being sold?

  33. batguano101 says:

    “Off the Books”-

    Ritual Abuse Trauma-
    Gassing the target, entering, ripping out hair progressively artificially blading, grinding off teeth, injecting face/neck/nose etc to disfigure-mutilate, violation, vandalism, “gang-stalking”, and official oppression to obstruct justice to torture/mutilate/violate the target.

    No one likes to be mutilated/violated.

    Without absolute protection by officials in law enforcement these covert operations inside the USA can not take place.

    This is lawlessness and no protection of the nation in any way- just the manifestation of deranged criminals run amuck.

  34. whatsupdoc says:

    Does anyone know if the WhiteHouse could (if the Russians are right) use “national security” as a way to keep American media from chasing this story? There is absolutely nothing in Google News or Yahoo News dated Aug.30th on Michael Lee White (advanced search) and today only 1 item whereas a web search shows thousands of new web pages in the past 2 days.

  35. Jon Taplin says:

    Now that the State Dept. has confirmed the passport was stolen, I tend to think that the Michael White part of this is a non story. http://www.statesman.com/news/content/news/stories/local/08/31/0831passport.html

  36. clayton says:

    If it’s a non story, what’s with the bizarre spamming of the Michael White story across the web and earlier in the comments here?

  37. Klaatu says:

    In which country was the passport stolen?

    Why would I believe the State Dept, …. or the Russians for that matter?

    His mother says he is not a warrior, but his military record says something rather different.

  38. Klaatu says:

    Meanwhile all those links on google news. where are they? Poof!


  39. Rick Turner says:

    On the one hand, it looks like a case of passport “recycling”; on the other, how did the story wind up everywhere at once on the Internet from family members signing on to new blogs, etc.?

  40. Klaatu says:

    There does seem a concerted effort to post eveywhere at once almost immediately. For instance:

    I can’t really blame them for trying to tamp down internet speculations, but it does seem a little too concerted to me. JMO, but I think there is another story here yet to be told.

  41. N.G says:

    I believe the Russians have live American(s)or bodies of them or both.

    I read on a Russian news site that Russian military authorities had taken pictures, tissue samples and even fingerprints of all the bodies returned to the Georgians. This sounded interesting to me. Why did they do that and why did they tell that fact to the media?

    I would like to say that I know for a fact that the USA supplied Croatians during the civil war in Yugoslavia, with hired guns from a company of “mercenaries” out of Virginia. They were very hush hush about it the time.

    I am unable to give you more info on that but it happened.

    Me thinks they doth protest too much… The USA and the Europeans about the Russians and Russian “over response” to the attacks from Georgia on South Ossetia.

    Why should there have had to be any response at all from Russia, IF Georgia did not go in, guns and rocket launchers blazing and attacking civilian homes, churches, hospitals and so forth, in the middle of the night??

    Something is not right in all this MSM attacking Russia ONLY and saying so little about the initial attack on the people of South Ossetia.

    Hey, the pipeline still flows with Caspian oil through Georgia an it was not hit by the Russians. So, why is that? Why didn’t the Russians blow it up??

    This Micael Lee White sounds a lot like my good friend, former US Army “green beret” Delta force leader and now a computer programming instructor in an Asian country I will not mention.

    Well, I think the Russians HAVE something. I cannot wait to see what/who. If they do they will spring it to their own ADVANTAGE.

  42. Chuck says:

    His resume says that he “helped implement operation Joint Endeavor in Bosnia”. Reading up on the operation:
    “This operation marked the first commitment of forces in NATO’s history as well as the first time since World War II that American and Russian soldiers have shared a common mission.”

    experience – check.

  43. Klaatu says:

    NG, there is an excellent timeline here.

  44. George_S_not_W says:

    Putin said referring recognition of Kosovo that Russia won’t do “aping”. In fact, there are many things to mirror: passport found in the rubbles of WTC, enemy combatants, confession of one of them in all 32 sins, etc.

  45. Brother MLW says:

    The “concerted effort” to clear my brother’s name is logical given that 1) he was falsely accused 2) we love him and 3) he has a future as an author which is at stake.

    I think the US government would be wise, as they have been, to ignore the story once initially calling it something like preposterous.

    I am not in a position to know if the US has operatives there, only that my brother is a teacher and aspiring author who was at the time in question taking care of my elderly father in Austin.

  46. whatsupdoc says:

    Today there is a front page Wall Street Journal article on Michael Lee White. (pay per view,unfortunately)

    Some applicable aspects/content of the WSJ article

    1: Why is it a front page story in a business publication and not even followed up on by major ”’news”’ media?

    2: WSJ reporters actually went to see Mr. White yesterday in what they call his
    “spartan” apartment in China.

    3: The WSJ article says that the CIA said that Smith is not a CIA officer (present tense) but also reported that the Office of National Intelligence, the umbrella organization for all U.S. intelligence agencies, refused to comment.

    4:The WSJ says that Smith showed reporters two U.S. passports in his possession, 1 issued in 2005 and 1 issued in 2008 (note US passports typically have a 10 year validity). No explanation for why he has 2 in his possession is in the WSJ article.

    5: His current passport shows he left China July 18th,2008 and returned there on August 28th. There is “no entry stamp from U.S. authorities” showing he returned to the U.S. but the WSJ says sometimes US authorities do not mark the passports of returning Americans.

    6: WSJ says he served in Bosnia with peacekeeping forces (drove tank trucks and fueled helicopters).

    7: The WSJ article referenced his online resume but did not mention his Air Assault Airbourne training which is specifically listed on the resume.

  47. whatsupdoc says:

    here’s a new AP article with an in person interview
    In this one, instead of presenting 2 passports, he said he had none “He said he couldn’t show his passport to the AP because university officials who are helping him apply for a work permit have the document.”

  48. whatsupdoc says:

    Notice in the AP article,instead of presenting 2 passports, he said he had none available:”He said he couldn’t show his passport to the AP because university officials who are helping him apply for a work permit have the document.”

  49. Jason says:

    May be because he submitted his passport to the university authorities after talking to the WSJ but before talking to AP. As he has just arrived back in China that wouldn’t be too surprising.

  50. Mark says:

    The US media is appearantly going an extra mile to create an image of someone peaceful and utterly innocent, reducing his military experience to driving fuel trucks and such, bringing in all the details such as “spartan” or “cramped ” apartment (however these two definitions contradict each other), mentioning a “sick father” who suffers from numerious illnesses all at once and such and such.
    In both articles the narrators did not mention the Georgian aggression against Ossetian civilians, nor the US role in arming and training the Georgian troops which performed the act of aggression, proving beeing strongly biased.
    Besides, there are numerious contradictions, already mentioned above, creating a strong impression of facts being frantically piled up in order to show “black” as “white”.

  51. whatsupdoc says:

    Jason, you think he would have had to give them BOTH passports? Also, you’d think after all this lost passport commotion he’d be extra careful about letting so called “university officials” take it/them: why? he could have gone with them to a photo copier. Plus, how could he have been working there in June without a permit? Think about it. Whole thing smells fishy to me.

  52. Jon Taplin says:

    Whatsupdoc-The first rule of foreign travel- Never surrender your passport. Someofficial can make a copy of it in your presence, but you don’t give it up. I agree. Something is not right here.

  53. Jason says:

    Folks, I live abroad and here people “surrender” their passports all the time. Last week I was registering my passport with the authorities and there were people in the line, HR reps from companies and organizations, with whole stacks of foreign passports belonging to their employees. This is entirely routine.

    As far as why he needs a new work permit, may be because September is the beginning of the academic year? Why not try the obvious explanation first. It’s probably an annual permit.

    As to why he didn’t show his 2005 passport to AP, may be the AP journalist didn’t ask to see it. That passport doesn’t prove anything one way or the other. The Russians claim they have a passport that was recently stamped.

    Obviousy if White had any reason to conceal his current passport, he wouldn’t have shown it to the Wall Street Journal.

    It is much easier to explain these supposed discrepencies than to believe the fairy tale that is being pedalled by the Russians. Namely, that a US secret agent left no other trace, but accidently left his passport behind. During his day-job, he teaches English on the other side of the world. As all the intelligence experts have commented, it’s laughable.

  54. Rick Turner says:

    Can a US citizen have two valid passports? If I lose mine and apply for a new one, does it get a new unique number? Is the number on the old one “retired”?

    This whole thing is fishy from both the US and Russian end. The AP and the WSJ are getting two quite different stories. And the idea that MLWs family members show up here to explain things to a few people out in the blogosphere is also kind of absurd.

  55. Jason says:

    Actually I’m more surprised that Michael himself hasn’t posted. May be he’s a shy kind of guy…

  56. Mark says:

    Jason, considering all the American involvement in the training of Georgian troops, and afterwar US support of Georgia in form of substantial amounts of money (1 billion out of your taxpayers pocket) and the Nato warships carrying “humanitarian aid” the Russian claims can be “fairy tales” only to a strongly biased person. What seems to be fairy tales are the stories about lost passports and hushing the facts about White’s military training. Of course it would be absurd for CIA admit that White is their agent, and it seems that his cover-up story was created in a big rush, which explains the few days he was not getting in touch with his family and not answering emails (the story was not ready yet) as well as all the inconsistencies in the story itself.
    But was he in Georgia or was he not, I don’t really see the big scandal about it. US weapons, US money, US coordination and US-trained troops were used in the conflict, somewhat like in a Bay of Pigs conflict. US do not really deny these facts. How much difference would one instructor do, whether he was actually there at the time of fighting or shortly before, the Georgian invasion was not spontaneous, but planned in advance?

  57. Jon Taplin says:

    Mark-Consider that this was not a CIA operation, but one of Cheney’s off the books operations?

  58. Mark says:

    Jon, in my opinion that can be only assumed, for I find it impossible to imagine what would it take to find the truth in that case. Anyhow, I dont suppose that Cheyney would be able to pull anything off, that CIA would not be aware of.

  59. Rick Turner says:

    Here’s the thing…How many people read this most excellent blog? How many of those who read participate? This is not the Huffington Post. We are a small group here. Given that as the starting point, how would anyone in MLWs family find the time right now to post here on this blog? Don’t you (we) think that we’re pretty small potatoes compared to what that family must be dealing with right now? So who is putting up these posts that purport to be from family members, or if it’s even half legit, why post stuff here in what is probably still a fairly obscure place in cyberspace? And why are the big guys, AP, etc. getting conflicting stories?

  60. Klaatu says:

    US military trained Georgian commandos


  61. Lau says:

    If I were a secret agent, I would never travel with my real passport.

    Why would any secret agent travel in his/her real identity during the operation?

    It just doesn’t make sense.

    They all should have fake names, fake nationalities, and passports!

  62. Mark says:

    Lau, He was not a secret agent, none of the 007 stuff. He was an instructor and possibly a coordinator.
    However when the possibility of White’s direct involvement in the conflict as a military coordinator arose, CIA or whichever other organization in US had to come up with an image of a person who is completely remote from military. In my opinion, if I remember right what they taught in psychology class, when someone’s lying about something, they always bring forth an abundance of facts in support of the idea. Furthermore, the controversies between the facts brought forth in order to create Mr. White’s peaceful image and conceal his military experience, convince me, that he is not that person that is being portrayed by the US media.
    Now, theres another controversy – people say, that it would be impossible for Mr. White to forget his passport in the conflict zone, and at the same time they agree that a former military person, supposively well-trained and organized, to forget his passport in a plane seat? Can you believe that someone would forget a passport, when he is about to leave the plane and enter the customs where he is required to present the document? I find it absurd.

    At the same time it is more believable for someone to loose important documents at the time of panic. Georgian army retreated in great haste, leaving alot of weapons, machinery and ammunition behind. It is possible that some of mr. White’s belongings were left behind as he was running for his life. However out of these belongings only a passport would be traceble.
    A little video about panic:

  63. Brother MLW says:

    I am, as I have indicated before, Michael White’s brother. The family has found time to deal with this and my father’s poor health because my brother has spent the past ten years, roughly, working with my father on their book, thus, his reputation is important for his future career.

    Interviews have been conducted now and the truth is coming out. My brother will be interviewed Monday by National Public Radio.

    I want to pose some common-sense questions which I hope will settle this question for those with open, grounded minds not full, therefore, of preconceptions or biases.

    1) Why would a government agent use his/her real name?
    2) Does it not matter that the Dept. of State confirms that the passport was reported lost/stolen in 2005?
    3) Is it not conceivable that a man who has been to about 75 countries could lose his passport once? Is that somehow impossible, even once?
    4) Would a government agent go public with a book about nationality? Would the government even allow it? Would he or she post in on the web while still conducting sensitive operations in a foreign land? Would he use his real name?
    5) Can’t some of the errors in the articles be due to reporters’ errors? I know for a fact that I told the Austin American Statesman that my brother had a VISA for Kazakhstan and they falsely reported that he was a dual-citizen. Some differece, eh?
    6) How likely is it that a paramilitary/spy type of person would be an intellectual of some depth and gravitas in his spare time? Is it at all likely that an author of such a novel, seminal work would train soldiers to kill also?
    7) Would the U.S. government be well-served by posting on sites such as this? Wouldn’t it be best for them to first dismiss the story and then quickly drop it? The more it is discussed, the more it raises doubt. Thus, wouldn’t appear that only loved-ones would have the motivation to clear his name?
    8) Pursuant to 7 above, if the loved one’s care about his future, why would they not spread the word widely?
    9) Why not post here? When I search for my brother’s name and “passport” this website is on the very first page on Google–which ranks sites via hits/popularity.
    10) Why would the government place an old woman over Coast to Coast AM (heard in 24 time zones by 25 million listeners) to say she was my brother’s mother? Remember, more attnention tends to create doubt.

    My father’s health is failing and he does, unfortunately, suffer from a several different ailments. Michael came from China to see my father and to take care of him. He was here in Austin from mid July until August 27th.

    This might be my last post because I believe that most people who have heard about this have already made up (closed) their mind as to what the truth is.

    Brother MLW

  64. whatsupdoc says:

    Where are the interviews with the non-family people who saw White in Austin during August?

    Has ANY U.S. media even tried to find anyone?
    Neighbors? Local merchants? There is not 1 single independent (non-family) indicator that he was in Austin at all.

    Does the government have the legal authority to shut down a story like this under the National Security laws? If that’s not what’s going on then can someone tell me why AP and WSJ are willing to send reporters to interview him in China and not to interview unbiased witnesses (to his presence or absence) in Austin?

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