Hillary's Speech

Well she sure delivered for Barack and the Party. It couldn’t get much better on the unity message.

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  1. sauer kraut says:

    Yeah, but let’s see which path her conspiracy-prone drones follow.

  2. sauer kraut says:

    Yeah, but let’s see which path her conspiracy-prone drones follow.

  3. Morgan Warstler says:

    Agreed. now aren’t you sorry for attacming the shit out of that poor lady who started ESPRIT?

  4. Morgan Warstler says:

    Agreed. now aren’t you sorry for attacming the shit out of that poor lady who started ESPRIT?

  5. STS says:

    Yes, she gave a terrific speech.

  6. STS says:

    Yes, she gave a terrific speech.

  7. zak says:

    The Fox pundits are saying Hilary did NOTHING to encourage her supporters to vote Obama — were they watching a different speech than the rest of us?

    My respect for her returns a bit this evening. I hope this was a good lesson for her hubby’s speech tomorrow night.

  8. zak says:

    The Fox pundits are saying Hilary did NOTHING to encourage her supporters to vote Obama — were they watching a different speech than the rest of us?

    My respect for her returns a bit this evening. I hope this was a good lesson for her hubby’s speech tomorrow night.

  9. Lumineux says:

    Um, zak, since when does Fox EVER see the same thing the rest of us do??

    I agree with you on her speech. She delivered what she should have, but it will be interesting to see if the damage can be undone by November 4th.

  10. Lumineux says:

    Um, zak, since when does Fox EVER see the same thing the rest of us do??

    I agree with you on her speech. She delivered what she should have, but it will be interesting to see if the damage can be undone by November 4th.

  11. zak says:

    Also, the Gov’r from Montana was great.

  12. zak says:

    Also, the Gov’r from Montana was great.

  13. STS says:


    Fox pundits are shocked! shocked! that Hillary’s delegates worked to nominate her instead of Obama. Mustn’t let unity bust out with a rousing chorus of La Marseillaise.

  14. len bullard says:

    Good speech. It made Chelsea very electable in 12 years. It was predictable.

    But a warmup act. Bill is what we’re waiting for because he is unpredictable. Drama.

    We hear about this ‘brand new approach”, “something new”, “something different”.

    Someone better figure out what this “something” is and say it in a few short words. Nuance is nuts. All Al Capone had to do was sponsor soup kitchens. People understand soup; they don’t understand nuts.

  15. rhbee1 says:

    You mean the nuts that look right at you when they speak. The ones who admit when they are puzzled. The ones who think, and then, act. The ones who choose to ask people to think and then act? You mean those kind that we, the cognosenti, understand but the little folk won’t? You mean those kind of nuts?

    I guess you missed the part where Hillary said to never give up.

    I do see why you might be cynical but the way you are conceding to McCain and the republicanites is reminiscent of the way democants voted repugnant after the swift boat to Kerry and that’s something I don’t understand.

    The real squeal I have against this political media process is the falsifying of the story.

    – Flash to the kid, catch those tears in Bill’s eyes, show us Michelle strong jawed, Biden near by. Back to Hilary, her speech measured in cadence, measured by the commentators, prognosticators, measured through their camera’s eyes.

    People watching people act like normal with lens turned to their faces.


  16. zestypete says:

    From Slate.com:

    Number of times Hillary Clinton said “Obama” in her convention speech: 12.

    Number of times Hillary Clinton said “I”: 21.

    Number of times Hillary Clinton said “me”: 13.

    Doesn’t necessarily mean anything; I just like the stat.

  17. len bullard says:

    I mean the ones can’t give an elevator pitch in less than 20 floors.

    I mean the ones who tell a customer they are too simple minded to understand or too racist to care.

    I mean the ones who lose because on the drive to the voting booth they remember how arrogant the candidate sounded while their gas tanks say E.

    The narrative arc of this election will not be the rapid ascent of Barrack Obama, but the sea change where Hillary Clinton, the most divisive hated figure in Democratic politics became the beloved first woman statesman in American history. That’s the real movie, that’s the real story, a story of heart, courage and spirit in a time of spin, sales and Spy vs Spy. And statesman, not politicians, are what we need.

    Change is always personal before it is cultural.

    A good story is first and always, personal.

  18. Ken Ballweg says:

    But ah, if it had been reversed? Would the post speech punditry and sniping be significantly different?

    She was flat telling her supporters who came to the convention with hopes of a floor fight miracle that that wouldn’t happen. Was she happy about that? Not really. Can you blame her? Unless you can unhook the visceral reactions which HRC seems to invoke every bit as much as Obama there’s no way to appreciate what she did. The two get to the gut for all the same level of complex reasons. Racism and sexism are important factors, admit it. And if not directly, it was buried in the fear with both BHO and HRC that either of those ism will be enough to derail the Democratic bid.

    Her job was to pull the plug on a floor fight, and take some of the steam out of newsies pushing stories of division from the Hill delegates. I think she did it spot on in terms of what her wounded ego would allow.

  19. sauer kraut says:

    Hey now, Len. No reason to insult spy v. spy.


  20. zak says:

    rhbee, did you catch the interview with a hillary supporter afterwards — she was entirely genuine about what hillary means/t to her and how Obama has not yet proven he can be president. She won’t vote for mccain, but she might just stay home in November if BO can’t convince her.

  21. Alex Bowles says:

    Is this a case of expectations for Hillary being so low that limiting herself to damning Obama with faint praise is considered (for her) a major success?

    I know people are impressed with her right now, but I just don’t get it.

    Her opening move was a rundown of her own career goals, concluding with ‘but Obama is my candidate, and he needs to be our president.’ That’s it; no mention why, except that he’s not McCain – talk about damning with faint praise.

    And then it’s right back to her campaign – a rundown of highs and lows, the people she met, the tears she cried, and images of people looking to her as a savior, ending with a line about making history. Great, Hillary, can we stop talking about you yet?

    Actually, no, we can’t. We have other Democrats to talk about to, and their heart-felt opposition to the damage done by Bush, and the prevailing subtext – vote for Obama because he isn’t a Republican.

    And then it’s right back into and extended ten point agenda that’s entirely hers. This is where she could have talked about how she and Obama aren’t really that far apart, that they share all these goals, and that this was a list of common Democratic commitments. But no, this was HER platform, which Obama may or may not share – she doesn’t really say, as though she’s not entirely clear either – kind of like how she’s wasn’t entirely clear if he was or was not a Muslim.

    About halfway through, she finally, if obliquely, acknowledges that Obama can tap into an essential type of passion. However, it’s not putting Obama in the White House that matters, it’s putting a Democrat. Again, we’re right back to the ‘he’s the best we’ve got’ framing.

    And the digs don’t stop. When she talked about all that he would do, she ended with the health care issue, and how she looked forward to watching Obama sign a bill that “covers every single American.” This, of course, was the key point on which she and Obama so conspicuously differed. Months after loosing the nomination, she’s busy selling her agenda, on his stage. PUMA.

    A few more cursory words about Obama and Biden (yeah yeah, they’re great people – especially Michelle), then it’s right back to McCain. And there’s nothing to say why Obama is better than McCain, just that McCain is a very bad man, just like Bush.

    Moving into the finale, the peak of her performance is a showpiece about women’s rights (translation – it’s still all about Hillary). We get a full-blown history, including citations of particular constitutional amendments – and entire narrative of progress and development of which Hillary is, presumably, the crowning achievement.

    This is followed by the obliquest possible references to the parallel struggle for civil rights and racial equality in which Obama has an equally significant role. Martin Luther who? You have a what? I’m sorry, I was too busy reminding everybody about what we just lost to mention what you’ve just won.

    For once, Bill Kristol may actually have a point.

    Seriously, there was not one ounce of concession. Not one scrap of torch passing. Not the slightest hint that the engine behind Obama’s success has fundamental merit which Hillary herself has recognized. And, above all, there was not one single reason to get behind Obama for being Obama.

    He’s a Democrat. He’s not John McCain. I support him, even if I don’t say why, except that he’s a Democrat and he’s not John McCain.

    Maybe that’s all that anyone could really hope for. Like Ken said, perhaps this was the absolute maximum that her wounded ego would allow for.

    And perhaps my negative reading is just some twister filter, cemented into place after Snipergate. Maybe she really did repeatedly praise Obama and his achievement in high and unequivocal terms. Maybe she really did note something in his accomplishment that she could point to as fundamentally Presidential. Perhaps she did congratulate Americans for reaching such a major milestone on racial reconciliation. And maybe she did concede that the weight of the party was really and truly behind Obama for very good reason. All I’m saying is that it’s not in the transcript.

  22. Zhirem says:

    Alex, I had not gone into that much scrutiny, and I must say that was an interesting read. You are not alone in your thinking, as I too thought HRC’s speech was not the great resounding success that many others felt it was. Then again, I have never been very engaged by her public speaking. She uses some of Bill’s words, yet has none of his magic. I mean, come on, who else would have the unmitigated gaul to actually say: “That depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’, is.”?!

    HRC did what she had to do, but I really think that America is being fed ample amounts of fertilizer when the MSM comes up with this PUMA tripe. 60-odd malcontents does not a movement make. If they want to spite their face by pulling a misplaced VanGogh-job on their noses, be my guest. Should McSame actually attain the Big Chair, his court selections will significantly alter the fabric of this nation, and they will have no one but themselves to thank for it.

    Seriously, the tripe that passes for content in the MSM these days is horrid, rank and destructive. The Fourth Estate is dead. Her corpse is rotting. And the collective sensory organs of our nation espouse: “Who farted?”…

    To quote the altitude-challenged firebrand from Ohio’s 10th Congressional district: “Wake Up America!”. The media has a story to tell, in order to sell; and the headline: “Not Much of a Presidential Contest” doesn’t move ink, paper or airtime like: “This Thing Is Going Down To The Wire! Closest Race In History!!!!111one!1!”

    – Zhirem

  23. Alex Bowles says:


    This had nothing to do with her delivery. It had everything to do with the script, which was all about appearing to support Obama, while undermining him relentlessly.

    Just like “he’s not a Muslim – as far as I know”.

    I still can’t believe she took the opportunity to plug her health plan in place of Obama’s. That wasn’t a slip of the tongue, it was a calculated choice. Kind of like stealing the White House spoons on the way out of office in ’01.

    Did she really think that people wouldn’t notice?

  24. len says:

    “Racism and sexism are important factors, admit it.”

    No. No one can be compelled to make the fear of others their own hair coat. If those are problems you have in your life, get over them. If those are problems you believe in your wisdom you can judge in others, get over yourself. Seriously. If the sexism wasn’t real, then neither is racism. If both are real, then neither does our choices credit and they are OUR choices. Bush has NOTHING to do with the mud the Democrats slung at each other and at the American electorate.

    Hillary was quite plain: if I support her for who she is over what she believes in, that would be wrong. She did not say that to support her because of who she is and that enables one to believe in what she believes is is wrong.

    The Clinton’s are showing what statesmanship is about. If you want them to bow down to the Obama, you don’t get politics and I think you may not understand consent of the governed.

  25. Alex Bowles says:

    I can’t speak to – or judge – the isms harbored by others. My own feelings against Hillary were far more personal (in that they had to do with her as a person) – specifically, the breathtaking lack of personal integrity she’s displayed, and absence of concern for the greater good that I detected – in her, and throughout her speech.

    I understand fighting a tough fight. I don’t understand continuing to campaign months after the contest has been called – to the possible detriment of the chosen candidate.

    The reality is that she just couldn’t keep the slurs and digs out of her appearance. Yes, they were subtle, but then the most damaging ones often are. That may be politics, but it sure isn’t statesmanship.

    Like you said, this has nothing to do with Bush. It’s just Dems slinging mud at each other. Or rather, one Dem slinging mud at another who is going out of his way to brush it off, and rise to the level of an actual statesman.

    The other day somebody here made a point about how systematic Obama has been in building his base – in direct contrast to the reckless sense of entitlement and inevitability that fueled Hillary’s campaign. So far, it’s paid off. I never expected her to have the grace to admit it. At the same time I’m amazed by how many people think that’s what she did.

    But hey, if it works, I won’t complain. I just don’t believe she did anyone any favors last night (unless you think that not precipitating an actual floor fight is a ‘favor’).

    We’ll see, soon enough.

  26. Ken Ballweg says:

    “It couldn’t get much better on the unity message.”

    Well hot damn, Bubba did just that, Jon. Who’ed a thunk it?

    And damn straight Alex, preventing a floor fight was a major contribution; more so than you seem to realize.

    And, no Len, I wasn’t saying that everyone is racist and sexist, but that that is a powerful piece of the resistance of so many folks who are answering the polls with McSame. And, yep, I can see it others who say things like “I’m not gong to vote for no nigger!” a statement I heard last week. I think you totally misread my post, in that I believed that Hill did something really great and necessary for the Democratic party and I don’t think the folks who are sniping at her are getting that. And I think a lot of people are opposed to Hillary for gut reasons that aren’t fair to her.

    Not sure what you are telling me to get over.

  27. Todd says:

    While political speeches rarely move me, I felt Hillary gave an amazing one considering all that had come before it. At one point, when invoking some dramatic literary images, she truly had captured and channeled the excitement of the crowd, and brought it around herself and landed it at the name Obama. And, for all it’s worth, I don’t think Bill could have looked prouder in the shot I saw of him applauding.

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