Sy Hersch on Cheney's Casus Belli

In January I wrote about the phony Iranian Speedboat incident that got Fox news and the Bush propaganda machine all riled up for a couple of days. Last week at a conference The New Yorker’s Sy Hersch revealed that after this incident, Cheney held a “lessons learned” meeting because he was impressed how quickly the establishment press had been able to escalate the incident into a cause for war. If it hadn’t been quickly debunked by the local Navy Commander, Cheney felt they might have been able to escalate it into the Casus Belli, they had been looking for. One of the suggestions in the meeting was to make some PT boats that looked like the Iranian boats and outfit them with Navy Seals dressed as threatening Iranians. The idea was dropped because Americans killing Americans to start a war against Iran might have not been appreciated by the public if it was revealed.

OMG–Cheney and Addington need to be stopped before they start a war. Here’s the video of Hersch.

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  1. We The People can’t stop a president and vice-president bent on war. Iran will be attacked before 2008 is over and they don’t need an excuse to go to war, it’s already been decided. The only thing that will stop Bush and Cheney is a coalition of foreign allies to say enough.

  2. dragonmage06 says:

    This is truly sickening and it seems to show how complicite our supposedly “free media” is with the administration.

    Journalism is dead.

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