David Gergen Tells The Truth

When David Gergen tells the truth about McCain’s advertising, George Will looks like someone farted in church.

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  1. Ed Darrell says:

    And Obama gets hammered for pointing out McCain’s breach of etiquette.

    Do you have a suggestion for how Obama could handle these things better?

    The White Citizens Councils didn’t have members in sheets and pointy hats, and they got away with their act for decades. Is it necessary for McCain to put on a robe and sheet in order that we may fairly call his tactics for what they are?

  2. Hugo says:

    First, hi, Ed! (BTW, I referred someone to you recently.)

    My take on it is that Geo. Will is behaving as though Gergin were a professional chatterbox and political whore. But I agree with Gergin’s take on the proliferating expressions of “Dat Ole Time Religion”, refitted to an age of political — what did Ed so aptly call it — etiquette.

    Incidentally, Ed, Obama’s breaches of etiquette and protocol during his Obama Europa Tour ’08 were arresting, and easily avoidable. It appears that our candidate may be too supercilious to submit to the counsel of a protocol advisor.

  3. STS says:


    Not sure where you get the idea that US Presidents need to be acquainted with protocol. Bush trying to massage Angela Merkel’s shoulders?

    By the way, since these niceties are suddenly of such enormous interest to right-blogistan — the same crowd who cheered on Bush’s cretinism from start to finish — maybe you could do us all a public service and explain why Obama isn’t stuffy enough for the pickup/gunrack crowd? What did he do over in Europe that was so declasse that he provoked large crowds in Berlin to throw tomatoes? Or were they turnips?

  4. Hugo says:


    I neither deserve nor need that crap about “right-blogistan” and something called the “pickup/gunrack crowd” (by which I take you to mean the bitter, little people of non-urban Pennsylvania, clinging in desperation to their vices and superstitions, holding out desperately for the American Messiah).

    If you’ll look up the White House site, you’ll find in the Office of the President a Chief of Protocol, and in the Office of the First Lady a Chief of Protocol, and in the Office of the Vice President a Chief of Protocol. JFK worked with such people throughout his candidacy, and during his incumbency he looked to the First Lady and her staff to keep him from faux pas. Ronald Reagan did the exact same thing, until Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II came to visit, and the First Lady’s protocol chief rather inexplicably curtsied to the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh in a receiving line. The staffer was fired within the week. (American representatives always have been forbidden to genuflect before royalty; I mean, that’s quite the point, isn’t it. No bowing and scraping. We fought a war over that point, and won.)

    Top business executives commonly use the services of professionals who specialize in keeping their globetrotting clients from using the wrong fork, or calling the President of the Irish Republic “Prime Minister” (RR), or publicly puking on the host’s lap (GHWB).

    Mr. Obama arrived in Iraq to find dignitaries, soldiers in dress uniforms, and a band waiting to greet him, as though he were the incumbent President. And indeed he greeted them in return, by bounding down the gangway enthusiasting chewing on a wad of gum. With his mouth open.

    Next, he was received by Prime Minister al-Malaki at the official residence. Within, the two stood posing for the usual photos, until Obama turned to the Premier and offered the man a seat. In his own home.

    Throughout the trip Mr. Obama greeted Muslims with a shake of the right hands — in American fashion, rather than in the indiginous, Islamic fashion.

    In general he acted as if to broadcast to anyone watching that he owned them. But not in Europe! You brought up the cheerful and large crowd gathered on a beautiful day in Berlin. The youth were from peace-activist organizations and Green party chapters. They came not only to see and hear Obama — they’d been promised an address on peace — but also because of the advertised free beer and music.

    I could go on like this, but I’ve already posted these observations on this blog. George Bush has nothing to with this discussion; that old red herring has turned gray-green in the blogosphere.

  5. Kenneth says:

    I love the dumping of W Bush! Grey-green indeed!

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