Barack Plays Hoops In Kuwait

Sometimes a candidate gets to create a metaphor in a single visual image. Barack’s is competence–the three point shot from way outside. Watch this crude Army outakes roughcut of Obama in Kuwait- the sound is untouched using only the camera mike, so its shitty. Deal with it. Its quite real. If you want the exact moment-the magic starts around 3 minutes in and goes for about 1 minute. Then you watch the whole tape and tell me why you wouldn’t vote for him This is the future.

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Now back to my epic task to write what I’m thinking about, almost in real time on this subject that most of us believe is the most important today–and the most impossible to solve. And it is not even being talked about in this campaign, by either party.

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  1. skeptic says:

    he sure can shoot! but can he bomb?

  2. Ibou sow says:

    Good luck to Obama!

  3. zestypete says:

    I’m just imagining McCain trying to do that… sorry, it’s hard to type while I’m laughing…

  4. Hugo says:

    zestypete, man, that’s just nasty. McCain’s arms haven’t the scope of movement to shot a lay-up, much less Barack’s casual three-pointer. But an American with useless legs managed to save your country’s ass, now, didn’t he?

    How much basketball did Obama play for Oxy? Or did he? If he did so, why so? If he did not, why not?

    The tape unfortunately doesn’t include the widely-broadcast footage of Sen. Obama, having landed in Iraq, striding athletically down the gangway onto the tarmac energetically chewing gum with his mouth open.

    Or the later shot of Prime Minister Al-Maliki, in his official reception parlor, in front of countless cameras, officially receiving the candidate, only to have the American gesture to offer the Iraqi Prime Minister an invitation to sit down.

    So, to my Barak shopping list of at least two professional humorists, add one protocol consultant, please. Preferably before he goes to Paris.

  5. BobbyG says:

    String Music.

    BTW, I found it delicious on “Hairball With Chris Matthews” that Her Otherwise Serene Royal Court Composer Highness Andrea Mitchell was all in this huge and poignant pissy snit yesterday because Obama was, in her words, holding “fake press conferences” via his military hosts, and not allowing the “real” media to interpose themselves. They were reduced to observing as — well — reporters! Oh! The Impudence!

  6. Hugo says:

    Oh, forbid that they ever should be reduced to mere observation simply because they’re presupposed to conduct Actual Journalism in the face of of telegenic beauty — or at least, competence.

  7. zestypete says:

    Hugo, which useless legged American saved Canada again? I’m confused.

  8. Azmanon says:

    The sound is bad from poor compression methods, but I think the point remains clear.

    For me, those hoop shots are a symbol of Barak’s campaign, long and from the outside with a clear goal in mind.

  9. Hugo says:

    Think Lend Lease, zestypete, or consider how the introduction of sonar, close air support and American subchasers narrowly kept Germany from winning the naval war, leaving open sea lanes for the planned North American invasion. And speaking of infirm presidents, Jack Kennedy’s spinal column was disintegrating rapidly during his incumbency — not to mention the almost daily cocktail of cortisone, speed and massive injections of B-12.

  10. zestypete says:

    Hugo: again, I’m Canadian, not British.

    As a Canadian, I don’t feel any need to thank the US for what it did in WWII. Canada declared war on Germany in September 1939, despite the fact that it was completely unprepared to do so. It sustained substantial losses throughout, including massive losses at Dieppe. Germany made it to Canadian shores more than once during the war and were stopped. Canada played a substantive part in the war effort and did so from the start. And no lend lease money went to Canada, which operated a similar program that sent $4.7 billion in supplies to Britain and Soviet Union.

    But this is off the point: you were right, the joke about McCain making the three pointer was mean, but it wasn’t about ability, it was about style, grace and the power of youth. Three things the US needs right about now.

  11. Hugo says:

    Hi, zestypete. I’d have responded earlier, but the fat, fresh cast around my broken wrist required a period of rediscovery of the index-finger hunt-and-peck. I hadn’t meant to snub Canada nor any nation. It’s quite obvious that the two nations are mutually indebted for the ultimate triumph in the mid-40’s. I mentioned some of the ways FDR saved some Canadian bacon — and my purpose was merely to point out that an old and infirm (not unlike Sen. McCain) President could hang tough, and tougher than a three-point swish.

    I personally have been, for some decades, grateful for and respectful of the Canadian sacrifices in the War. Yes, y’all were more than two years ahead of the U.S., during which time yor forces suffered Dieppe. (And also during which time many Yanks fought under Canadian colors.) One wonders what would’ve happened to Canada’s Pacicific Coast had the U.S. not held the Aleutians? But, too, there was Juno Beach, and there was an enormous Canadian contribution to intelligence gathering and management. Besides that, I mourn the recent death of our family friend, Dr. Grant Allenby Gould (uncle of Glenn), who, in WWII service as an RCN ship’s surgeon managed to get two corvettes blown out from beneath him, and on both occasions tended to the wounded — the second time, while treading water — day and night, under the crudest, most improvisational surgical condtions, while himself gravely injured. Several of the Sailors and Merchant Marinemen whose lives he saved were American.

  12. zestypete says:

    Thanks for the words, Hugo, they are appreciated.

    As for McCain, I have no doubt that he would do what he thought best for the American people were he voted President. I don’t really question his motives: I accept that he wants to be President out of a sense of duty to the country and in honour of ideals that go beyond ego and self-aggrandisement. That doesn’t mean I like him or agree with his views.

    At the same time, the ease of Obama’s three-pointer doesn’t make me worry any less that, handed the presidency, he won’t become as much a politican as any other candidate (with all its negative connotations).

    My point, when it comes down to it, is this: the US has been perceived as a hammer when it comes to foreign policy under Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al, and continues to be seen as such to this day. And the rest of the world is tired of feeling like nails. Obama offers an America that is new and undiscovered for much of the world. And that makes for a very refreshing change.

    The thought of McCain trying to compete with that, well… he better hope that things either get much better or much worse in the next few months. Otherwise, he’ll have nothing to sell. And I don’t think the American people will be buying.

  13. Terry McCall says:

    Can’t help but notice how most of the troops in the video are black. No judgment here, just wondering if it reflects political maneuvering or a military reality.

    Something tells me the scale tips towards the latter.

  14. Hugo says:

    Spot-on from where I sit, zestypete.

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