This is so pathetic. The Huffington Post devoting “major wood” to their home page of the sad story of a few Clinton backers who haven’t got the message that Hillary has conceded.

Maybe, just maybe, a bunch of delegates to the Democratic Convention in Denver will change their minds at the last minute. Maybe there is an outside chance that between now and the last week of August a critical mass will decide that Barack Obama is not their guy — that, to the surprise of one and all, Hillary Rodham Clinton is to be the 2008 nominee after all.

That is the thinking behind a small but determined band of Hillary backers, some of whom have formed a 527 fundraising committee that has already run one $9,700 ad in the Chicago Tribune

These rebel Clintonistas are like those Japanese soldiers who showed up thirty five years after the Second Warld War was over, ready to surrender. I know Huff Po just as much as Wash Po and Hardball and Fox News, wants you to think this is a close race so you will check in with them twice a day to know the latest political news–but quite frankly, none of this made up news like the respectable Tom Edsall is peddling, is relevant to what we are about to experience as a nation. So don’t let this silly faux news keep you away from what’s really going on. Corporate Socialism.

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  1. MS says:

    Everyone (in the corp media – sadly including HuffPost, too much of the time) wants to turn this election into a ‘horse race.’

    Another stupid example.

  2. Brian says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if neither McCain or Obama is actually nominated.

  3. Kurt says:

    We’ve been in post-democratic America for eight years now. The Dark Ages lasted, what, five centuries? McCain probably won’t even finish one term, so we should be more worried about what Mitt Romney will end up doing to us.

  4. Jon Taplin says:

    Kurt- In your dreams. McCain has as much chance of being President as you do.

  5. Kurt says:

    You lost me there. Not sure what you meant by in my dreams. I’m an Obama supporter, but looking at all the data that’s come out recently, it looks pretty clear that McCain will win in November, unless something huge happens between now and then.

  6. Jon Taplin says:

    Kurt- I don’t know what the source of your pessimism is?

  7. Mark Maglio says:

    I like that the only place I heard Tony Snow died was on that screengrab.

  8. zak says:

    How are Americans expected to choose between two candidates, when they aren’t presented well-rounded coverage of either. There is clear bias in the name of ad sales. . . it’s feasible McCain could win because enough Americans buy what MSM is saying. While more and more Americans are turning to the web for info on candidates, but are enough Americans doing so.

  9. Fentex says:

    A source of pessimism might be Obamas FISA vote – I see today the first polls reacting to it are being published and Obama has taken a big hit (perhaps a 10% loss in supporters).

    It seems not only blog readers and engaged political pundits have noticed his vote and been disheartened by it.

    It was the first significant test of action for Obama (since he became the presumptive democratic nominee) and he failed it.

    People seem to have noticed, and arguments that he was shrewdly navigating hostile election waters ring hollow. In light of that republicans would have to be feeling a little less scared.

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