Global Warming Deniers In the White House

If this weren’t happening at the highest level of our government, I would think it was a high school clique snit. In December the Environmental Protection Agency sent the White House a document attached to an email, stating clearly that Greenhouse gases are pollutants that must be regulated. The White House response?

Don’t open the email! They sent it into the Spam folder and pretended it was like a virus.

The document, which ended up in e-mail limbo, without official status, was the E.P.A.’s answer to a 2007 Supreme Court ruling that required it to determine whether greenhouse gases represent a danger to health or the environment, the officials said.

This week, more than six months later, the E.P.A. is set to respond to that order by releasing a watered-down version of the original proposal that offers no conclusion. Instead, the document reviews the legal and economic issues presented by declaring greenhouse gases a pollutant.

Stephen Johnson, the compliant head of the EPA should be sent to work in a toxic waste dump.

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  1. Danny Kenny says:

    I think we need to kill all humans; they reduce oxygen in the atmosphere and create carbon dioxide. They are the polluters. And damn them using energy to make their lives better. We need to ban all energy usage from here on out, especially those icky hydrocarbons.

    Malthus was wrong in his time, the Club of Rome was wrong 50 years ago, and the global warming alarmists are repeating the same mistake. Correlation does not equal causation. Environmentalism is the new communism, and it should be treated as such.

  2. Jon Taplin says:

    Danny Kenny- What are you trying to say? Is this like some Rush Limbaugh routine? Please see our new posting standards

    You too, Morgan

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  4. Danny Kenny says:


    It’s ridiculous that you try to pull comment standards when you have openly attacked libertarians without knowing what they believe. I don’t see how my post violates any of your so-called standards. I don’t see an ad hominem or a self promotion in my comment, but I do see a philosophical lack of understanding on your part regarding environmentalism/communism. I am far from the first to point this out, it was actually predicted by some very perceptive philosophers when communism fell that it would be replaced by the new evolution as religion environmentalist movement.

  5. Dan says:

    Al Qaeda was the new communism, and then I heard that gay marriage was the new communism, then it seemed like it would be generalized Islamofascism, and for a while it was capital gains taxes, then back to al Qaeda, and socialized health insurance made a pitch. North Korea and Cuba pop up every once in a while to make actual, old communism the new communism, but they’re both in their “later Elvis” phases.

    Now it’s environmentalism. I wonder what communism will be in two or three years.

    I’m pulling for violent video games!

  6. Dan says:

    What depresses me about stories like these, and we’ve been hearing them at least since 1980, is that the right feels perfectly comfortable with packing agencies with hacks whose purpose is to undermine and defeat and frustrate the agency’s charter, and waste taxpayer money, in the name of what they think is a higher purpose.

    Then they talk about enslavement and lies and deceit and fraud.

  7. Jon Taplin says:

    Danny Kenny-We have certainly been openly engaging Libertarians on this blog since it started. What your philosophy does not take into account is the Collective Action Problem. Why would any given factory install pollution controls (and raise their costs) unless all facttories have to install them. Otherwise you have too many “free riders”.

  8. STS says:


    You forgot about “death taxes” … definitely communist. Clearly what America needs is a good titled hereditary aristocracy, with a long string of imbeciles named Bush on the throne. Definitely not communist.

  9. Danny Kenny says:


    Libertarians absolutely and totally believe in private property rights. It is nonsense like the EPA that allows an ‘acceptable’ amount of pollution that create these collective action problems.

    If you violate my property with pollution, I can take action against you. This solves that collective action problem much more tidily than coming up with allowances on how much you or I can pollute and get away with, even if it affects my neighbor’s property.

  10. Danny Kenny says:


    It is easy to be flippant about the threat of environmentalism, but it has already claimed lives in Africa. In order to save the beautiful nature of Africa, DDT spray is not used, which has contributed to millions of deaths from malaria.

    I am far from the only one with these views. I have no problem with preservation, but environmentalism is a loaded term.

    Remember that Hitler and Mussolini were praised before they were reviled. The same intellectual traditions that warned against the dangers of the increasing centralization of power in the 30’s is sounding the horn now. Climate models are based on the same shoddy ideas that our current financial models were built on. We all know how that is transpiring now.

  11. zap Louisiana says:

    What pollution?Im looking out my window and i dont see any pollution.

  12. zap Louisiana says:

    algore is my hero. He set the bar on how much green house gas i can emit before i need to conserve.Idont think i can reach those levels without a jet and mansion.

  13. Dan says:

    You say that it’s easy to be flippant about environmentalism, then you talk about Hitler and Mussolini.

    So, yes, I agree with you, it is obviously easy to be flippant about environmentalism.

  14. Dan says:

    Incidentally, does anybody know where this Al Gore = Adolf Hitler thing started? Did it come from that “Liberal Fascism” book? I’m also assuming that this must be trumpeted 24/7 on AM radio as well. Is this a Rush Limbaugh thing too? I’m just curious if anybody knows how it is that lots of people suddenly all started chanting in unison about Al Gore, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

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