Obama is a Pro

When Barack moved the heart of the DNC to Chicago, I knew he was a brilliant manager. I used to work as a Merger and Acquisition VP for Merrill Lynch Investment Banking and the key negotiation in a merger is where the HQ is physically located. By moving the DNC types out of their “territory” to Chicago, the Obama team makes it clear who is in charge.

Now they have hired Patty Solis Doyle to run the VP staff. This is both smart and amusing. Smart because she is deeply connected to the Women’s and Hispanic communities. Funny, because it makes clear without saying a word that Hillary Clinton is not in the running for the VP slot, since she fired Patty three months ago.

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  1. sabeke says:

    Kos had a different take on the Doyle hiring:

    “It would certainly be weird to see Doyle as chief of staff of the person who fired her quite publicly just a short while ago. But Doyle and Clinton go way back, so it’s plausible.”

  2. zak says:

    Per the Huffington Post, “”A former bundler to Hillary Clinton just called in to tell me that Barack Obama’s selection of Patti Solis Doyle as chief of staff to the campaign’s eventual vice presidential nominee is the “biggest fuck you I have ever seen in politics.”

    Probably a bit of an exaggeration on the part of the unnamed source, but it doesn’t sound as though there are many warm and fuzzies between the two women these days based on that remark and other blurbs floating around the blogosphere

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