This is Getting Depressing

I was going to write a post about all of the stupid new reality shows ABC is advertising on the NBA Finals game. With titles like “I Survived a Japanese Game Show” or “Wipeout”–I was going to call the post “The Theater of Humiliation”, Bruce Springsteen’s trenchant description of reality TV. But with 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter, I’m afraid the Laker’s performance deserves that title. Kobe may provide a miracle, but its not looking good. I can only look forward to three games on our home court. Just as I writing this a miracle may be happening. Four point game with one minute to go.

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  1. BobbyG says:

    Long time Laker fan here (love Phil Jackson), until Kobe’s Colorado incident.

    This was a must-win for the Celtics tonight. Could not go to L.A. with a 1-1 split.

    Long way yet to go.

  2. Patrick Freeman says:

    What’s a “Laker?” That have anything to do with sailboats?

  3. Morgan Warstler says:


  4. Dan says:

    I wish I could get enthused about the NBA. I do love the game of basketball.

    It’s a shame the NBA no longer plays basketball.

  5. rhb says:

    Read Rick Fox’s analysis of Sunday’s game. He saw what I saw and then some. Add in TJ’s bit about trading Vlad R right now, dice up some Jackson commentary about the blind guys in stripes, toss a few bricks like the Kobester and there you have it Jack. The come back Lakers are right on track.

  6. rocketreferral says:


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