This is Frightening

Hillary is not conceeding. OMG. Is she out of her mind? She and Bill are like Mafia chieftans fighting to preserve their power.Oberman says they cut off cell phone and TV service to the venue so no one would know the networks had called the winner. It’s like the old Soviet Union. The crowd has been giving the slogans to yell. But now at the end of the speech, just when it looks like she might concede, but no– she starts pitching for money to get back the $11 million she “loaned” her campaign, not for party unity.

The speech was so ungracious that any chance she would have of being Vice President was blown. Perhaps she’s just trying to get some guarantee her money will get paid back.


UPDATE-Hillary asked for our feedback. Feel free to let her know what you thought of tonight’s speech here.

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  1. Paulette says:

    Hillary is like a bad date that won’t leave!!! :-)

    Sounds like she wants tol be the healthcare czar…

  2. Jason says:

    What was disgusting about her speech is that she was giving her supporters reasons to feel bitter and robbed, with her talk about wanting respect for her supporters, and how she won the popular vote (a lie) all for a little bit of leverage in negotiating whatever she wants.

    The whole idea is to whip her supporters into such a frenzy and alienate them against Obama to the point where she can argue she is the only one who can bring them back into the fold.

    It’s her personal gain over what’s good for the party. Again. Makes me sick.

  3. zak says:

    I read that she wants the VP offer so she can turn it down, and that her campaign made clear if HC isn’t going to be VP, no other woman should be offered the spot.

    I’m glad breaking an important gender ceiling is HC specific. . . it’s not like other women are good leaders in the political minefield. . . just HC.

  4. Paulette says:

    Zak — I heard that as well. How SELFISH is she? It’s all about me. me, me. IF I can’t be the female President, there should be any other female Presidents. If I can’t be the first female VP there should be any other female VPs. SICK. Hillary is self serving — it’s not about America, its about Hillmerica. Very frightening indeed!

  5. Hugo says:

    Gawd, zak. That’s so true. I hadn’t thought about it (I’m sorry to say). That may be her darkest legacy. Oh, my.

    But still I say, don’t be surprised when she takes the nomination away from Barack. Don’t be surprised, but please, please don’t be jaded either.

  6. Hugo says:

    Paulette, we posted at the same time, which I think explains scientifically why you took the words right out of my noggin.

  7. Hugo says:

    And Jon I’m gonna take the microphone again to say, hell yes it’s frightening. Irrespective of your differences with Jonah, this is exactly the behavior of Fascists, and those of us who are of a certain age know it and ought not be blithe nor ostrich-like about it.

    The communications blackout at the Clinton venue: I mean HELLO, zak! THERE’s the story of a decade! THERE’s the detail that speaks volumes! Nail it. Source it sixways. Tell it. Do tell!

    Do you follow what we’re scared about? We may be in the advanced stages of a coup d’etat.

    I don’t know about Jon, but I’ve seen too many of them, and they make me, as they do Jason, sick to my stomach.

  8. Rick Turner says:

    And why should anyone bail her out? She made a bad investment “loaning” her campaign all that dough. She should suck it up (whoops…can’t say that with Bill in the room…) and take the loss like the man that Bill is…

  9. Another Jon says:


    This is all too melodramatic for me. Jonah Goldberg Hugo? Come on….I mean. I get it. But really? Say what you want about fascism….but at least it is an ethos. The Clinton’s are much too transparently power hungry to be considered fascist. The individual is front and center in this fiasco. They are not even pretending. Nationalism does not play to that crowd.

    This has been over for a month now. All of this talk about concessions and stealing the election is feeding the monster that is their ego. I refuse to partake and will focus on the tragedy that is McCain and his foreign and economic policy.

    But if it happens…I will silently eat my words and watch while the Democratic party morphs into the worm ourobouros.

    Where is Nader?

  10. Jon Taplin says:

    Another Jon-Brilliant!

    But don’t worry, Hugo’s wrong on this one. She’s just angling for a bailout.

  11. Another Jon says:

    Not to get off on a tangent here but this fascist thing is stuck rattling around in my head….

    I would just like to use our friend Morgan as an example why fascism is more susceptible to the right-leaning electorate (and I would like to bash Morgan a little because it is easy and fun). And really it is nothing personal, I just think someone who thinks like Morgan is a fundamentally different type of person than myself.

    Really it all comes down to personal morality in relationship to others. People like Morgan think it is all right to kill and take advantage of other people because of some distorted nationalistic pride or misguided, ethnocentric sense of self-preservation. Love it or leave it. Get it? So these types of people are susceptible to the rhetoric of fascism. While someone that leans more towards the left thinks that is all bunk. Their morality is based on all individuals being equal so that nationalistic shit does no fly. The kicker is that people that are left-leaning are way more selfish, hence the altruism. It makes us feel good. Either way, the Individual is front and center and The State is second fiddle.


    My point is Jonah G. is a doosh.
    And I should not drink Skullsplitters and post to Jon’s blog.
    And Morgan is a moral relativist….Sartre on crack.

  12. Jon Taplin says:

    Another Jon- I don’t care what you’re drinking. Passion and intelligence is what we love here. And you’ve supplied both tonight.

  13. jeff says:

    Obama won the nomination tonight yet Hillary’s speech was all about Hillary. What she’s done and who are her people. HER PEOPLE. I thought slavery had been abolished in this country. I get the gnawing feeling that she really wants Obama to lose in November regardless of the cost to all of her “Her People” to say nothing of the rest of us who aren’t her people so that she can gloat and say “I told you so” and wait for 2012. Is that too cynical of me to think or just cynical enough?

  14. jeff says:

    one further note. She’ll either wind up in bed with Ralph Nader or play the Glenn Close part in the remake of “Fatal Attraction”. That’s true. I saw it on Entertainment Tonight.

  15. Jon Taplin says:

    Jeff- Fatal Attraction it is!

  16. Tennessee William Shakespeare says:

    She did not exactly seize the moment or anything.

    She didn’t even seem to grasp the moment.

    Eerie, really.

  17. Hugo says:

    A.J., dammit,

    You are undeniably cool, and I’m too American to buck the Cool. Do not focus your crossed eyes on my mention of Mr. Goldberg, though, as Jonah was simply the referant common to we who worry constantly about the next face of fascism.

    Look, it’s plain boorish to say that because Jon and I are “frightened” by this week’s horrid abuses of power, therefore we’re fainting damsels. You know very well that the “fright” is our way of expressing revulsion from today’s events and from what those events imply, going forward.

    I do believe that Jonah explicates an accurate definition of fascism, but at the same time I simply view fascism as power-idolatry; the making of power into the ultimate idol; the worthiest end.

    You’re a fool to counterpose fascism over against the elevation of an individual. If you can’t see that the two amount to a “force multiplier”, then do post again after your head has stopped swimming.

  18. Jon Taplin says:

    This is a little off topic, but according to Jack and Jill Politics, there are some members of the Congressional Black Caucus whove been carry water for Billary, that have got some fairly angry constituents.

  19. Jon Taplin says:

    Hugo- I think my critique of Liberal Fascism was where we were introduced. It’s been an honor to get to know you, but I must say I still disagree with your defense of Jonah’s thesis. The parties of Mussolini, Hitler and Franco embraced a specific rightist, authoritarian and racist ideology. You cannot apply the name for that–Fascism– to the sort of propaganda “manufacturing of consent” that Lippman talked about, Wilson attempted and perhaps Hillary dabbled in tonight. I just can’t accept you using that term. I know why Jonah wrote the book. He was sick of being called a facist, when all he was–was a deluded neoconservative chickenhawk. He thought he could take the epithet out of the left lexicon.As for me, I’m tired of the whole name calling thing, and that’s why the commentary on this blog has been such a joy. Even when yesterday Morgan call Bernes a “pinko”, I laughed. The epithet had no sting anymore.

  20. STS says:

    I guess Hillary is now an empire and “creates her own reality”. Too bad that empire is about the size of Gorbachev’s around Christmas of 1991.

    Hey, the Senate’s not a bad retirement home!

  21. Boomlet says:

    I went over to Hillary’s website, where she is asking for advice on how to proceed. Quite a few pleaded with her to run as an independent against the dems and repubs in November. This meme seems to be pretty strong over there and I, frankly, had never thought of it. If she does that we’ll know alot more about her character than we ever

  22. Dan says:

    ” Irrespective of your differences with Jonah, this is exactly the behavior of Fascists”

    For God’s sake Hugo read a book.

    The behavior of Fascists involved beatings, kidnappings, extortion and murder. Hillary is being coercive and disruptive to the Democratic Party. But every time a Democrat does something that neither of us like, it doesn’t mean that Al Gore and his Hippy Legions are about to throw you into a concentration camp.

    Dial down the silly hyperbole, or make it a little clearer that you’re being sarcastic.

  23. Hugo says:

    Dan, you and Jon are right about my buffoonery, but it’s you who ought to read a book about how fascism starts, before the thuggery turns pro. In other days you guys would’ve been the first to call old Sam Hiyakawa a “fascist” for his plug-pulling maneuver in San Francisco. And you might’ve been right.

    I wasn’t trying to tie last night’s treacheries to Jonah’s book; on the contrary, I mentioned the book only to bracket it, to reclaim the word “fascism” outside the context of that book. I regret that this caused another backlash against the book, as though I, and not Jonah, were its author. (Which is rather trenchant, as I did in a way write the first draft of that book, toward my doctoral thesis decades before; there’s a reason why only a journalist could have written “Friendly Fascism”.)

    Dan, I don’t fear Al Gore. I admire that particular wound-up hardass. He was a visionary Senator, one of my favorites of all time, and I made good money off him. I do, however, think that anyone who truly cares about him should contribute to Tipper so she can whisk him away to Bimini on a boat called “Monkey Business”, or whatever, and let the hothead just chill. (Perhaps you think I’m being inadequately sarcastic, but not so; utterly serious.)

    Yes, dammit, Richard Daley the Elder’s tactics in ’68 were as fascistic as things get in the history of this great country. And Hillary’s conduct, as reported by Jon, was of a piece with that legacy.

    Jonah Goldberg has nothing at all to do with it.

  24. Dan says:

    OK that’s better. Though I haven’t seen any Hillary goons swinging nightsticks and cracking heads.

    I still think you’re a wackjob but I love you again.

    Incidentally I’ve read at least a couple dozen books in the last ten years that are directly or closely connected with the rise of the Nazis in Germany. Beatings, kidnappings, extortion and murder all the way. It was the Freikorps and the Stahlhelm that were Hitler’s first tools. More refined methods of political manipulation came later.

  25. Hugo says:

    Dan, I love you back, sweetheart, but for heaven’s you’ve got yourself into the position of arguing that the fascist tools precede the fascist. Dare any of us ask–I mean, is it OK here?–what turned the mind toward fascism in the first place?

    I happen to have concluded, as many others have done in equally independent fashion, that the disease in question occurs in a catalytic reaction of sheer powerlust fired like a uranium bullet into the notion of persons as people, as so many statistical factoids — as mere units within majestic SYSTEMS.

  26. Morgan Warstler says:

    My god.

    “Fascism is a government, faction, movement, or political philosophy that raises nationalism, and frequently race, above the individual and is characterized by a centralized autocratic state governed by a dictatorial head, stringent organization of the economy and society, and aggressive repression of opposition.”

    That’s it – thats what it means. It is therefore the opposite of liberty. IT INVOLVES GOVERNMENT, so it puts you who believe in government closer to it, than those of us who call you fascists.

    We call you fascists because you are power mad, and rather than earn power legitimately through the market you turn to government and that makes you evil. It does make you evil – you who seek government, seek power over your betters – and it is ugly.

    Notice, that I personally, who do not believe in any government past security, am here willingly in the kitten’s den – SUGGESTING we take the maximum ($MAX) from the private sector that is possible – simply because the issues that face us are a crisis that great. I’m amazed that you don’t think “wow a libertarian is prepared to accept 40% tax rates,” but you don’t – you still feel threatened. Why is that?

    Jon, I did say pinko laughingly as a joke – not as an attack. It is like some other old word like “hi-fidelity” – it is over, passed by, forgotten. Communism is dead. As I said Che is a t shirt – the capable don’t have to share more than they want – and all the government’s money is spent.

  27. STS says:


    Hillary’s no fascist, liberal or otherwise. She’s just a liberal-leaning aristocrat. A Whig to George W’s Tory. Both kinds have to manage the “mob” somehow. Both have a kind of repressed distaste for that part of the job of governing.

    Obama is fresh in that his style of organizing is more revivalist in flavor. It remains to be seen whether his movement establishes a higher degree of popular involvement in government, or simply replaces the baby-boomer generation of Ivy League establishment players with a younger set.

    Bright young stars like Austan Goolsbee will have exciting new jobs come January 2009. But what will all those energized revival-tent crowds be doing then?

    My hope is they’ll be deeply involved in political activism in local communities throughout America. Today, that’s just a hope. But it just might be Obama’s brand of hope.

  28. Jon Taplin says:

    Morgan- You topped yourself on this one. Just when I was hopeful you might contribute to this reform movement we are trying to build.

    Coming from the Party and State of Tom Delay and Karl Rove ( and taking their dirty money for all I know) this statement of yours is the height of hilarity:
    “We call you fascists because you are power mad, and rather than earn power legitimately through the market you turn to government and that makes you evil.”

    I accused Hillary and Bill of being like the Dictator holed up in the back room of the palace, but now they’ve surrendered. Maybe I should have applied the metaphor to you. Your team has been running the country since 1980 (even during the Clinton years after 1994). You are being thrown out of the palace. Sneak out the back door for all I care.

  29. Morgan Warstler says:


    “Bright young stars like Austan Goolsbee will have exciting new jobs come January 2009.”

    we certainly hope.

  30. Morgan Warstler says:

    Jon, you can argue with wikipedia all you want.

    If you don’t want to be called a fascist, don’t blindly support government and certainly don’t point the loaded term at free market folk.

  31. Hugo says:


    I’m tired and sad, so please leave me be. Fascism is simply the search for power-gasm. Parse that any way you please, and leave it to others to render essays in Wikipedia or on Jon’s blog. If you don’t recognize the Clintons as power-maniacs and deception junkies, then I doubt that you and I have any common ground.

  32. Jon Taplin says:

    Hugo- The Clinton’s are not nice people. But we don’t call the Sopranos fascists. We call them gangsters.

  33. Hugo says:

    As you may recall, my fine Princetonian, the Bard observed that “men have fought and men have died, but not for love.” So too have gangsters fought and even died, but not for power; for gold. The closest those two venal lowlifes have come for years to anything like normal conjugal relations has consisted of the one having phone sex with the other over the next day’s titilating power play.

  34. Tennessee William Shakespeare says:

    Don’t sugar coat it, Hugo.

  35. Hugo says:

    We were supposed to have done so much better than this, though, Tennessee–you know? I’m not kidding about this: my ancestors, who are also our ancestors, are breathing down my neck of late. I’m hairtrigger-intolerant of anyone who would make light of our national pass. I guess I’m just too old for this stuff. It never changes. “Change”? My blessed fundament

  36. Dan says:

    “I happen to have concluded, as many others have done in equally independent fashion, that the disease in question occurs in a catalytic reaction of sheer powerlust fired like a uranium bullet into the notion of persons as people, as so many statistical factoids — as mere units within majestic SYSTEMS.”

    As has happened quite a few times in the past, I can’t really make out what you’re getting at. But I think what you’re saying is that fascism is a mindset. Fascism begins as an idea. And that apparently the fact that Hillary didn’t quit the race soon enough proves that she sees people as mere statistics?

    Well I’m no fan of conjuring up the House Un-American Activities Committee and trying people again because of ideas they hold, or allegedly hold. Action is what matters to me. I’m no fan of how people like Jerry Falwell viewed the world but I don’t accuse him of being a fascist. That would be silly. Jerry Falwell was a zealot and a bigot but not a fascist.

    If the uranium brain bullet of powerlust you’re talking about just pings around in somebody’s head, or if it’s limited to words, it’s quite frankly nobody’s business. I’m a big believer in the right to create and spread ideas, even bad ideas. It’s when the goons start swinging truncheons and overriding checks and balances and ignoring constitutions and setting up off-the-books gulags and intimidating and beating and extorting and murdering that I get worried.

    Bare-knuckled American politics is ugly and nasty and I hate it and Hillary should have thrown in the towel a while ago, but she broke no laws and broke no skulls. Talking about the Democratic campaign as a coup d’etat when we have a president carrying around an Enabling Act in his pocket strikes me as worrying about the rain coming in the windows when a tornado is bearing down on the house.

  37. Hugo says:

    OK Dan, well you’re a lucid chap and a good sport—especially to put up with me when I’m just riffing and bursting with frustration. Your honesty deserves honesty, so I’ll try.

    The presidential race is not what it seems. Its contestants do not contend for “the Office” merely. The “Office” is also a giant metaphor, and in this immediately present campaign it is, in my just plain wonderful opinion, Dan, most importantly a metaphor for getting ahold of the levers of expert systems, the ones that control you and me whether we’re midnight paranoids or blithe idiots, or whatever. The Clintons, the single most boorish family this nation has seen, make no effort to conceal their presumption that they were to the levers born, whereas we proles, who are called upon to tickle them fortnightly, are not.

    Dan, I don’t care about young Jonah’s musings or anyone else’s—though his debate with Jon was the best part of the whole exercise—but I am taking this moment to tell you in all vanity but also in all sincerity: I fear that the next inevitable fascism is upon us, in the form of exquisite systems we’re not allowed to contest until we have proved ourselves perfect subjects of same.

    Now, I know this sounds melodramatic, and I appreciate your taking me to task, but this is what I believe and this is the battle I’m preparing to fight in earnest.

    Hillary is indeed the face of fascism, and I don’t give a damn what anybody makes of my saying so.

  38. Morgan Warstler says:

    Dan, what do you call someone taking your money when you instead prefer to keep it?

    The fact that you don’t call it “theft” amazes me.

    What amazes me even more, is that you seem so stunned and angry, that the people being stolen from would be so willfully dis-respectful of you, as to pre-spend the funds taken from them, so the thieves are not called Robin Hood, but instead are called Clinton and Obama.

    I am truly amazed you don’t see how this shit happens. My point isn’t to rail against the theft. I came to terms with it long ago. My point is to ask, why you need to call it other things – like fair or democracy or rights?

    And I say this, because it seems to me, that your own cause / goal – of getting even more booty during the robbery would go so much more swimmingly if you kept in mind that it is indeed a robbery.

    My point is, by not being honest with yourself about these things, it weakens your ability to execute AND to apparently grasp, that the victims have taken on a new defense strategy since 1980 that has been working pretty well – and I think maybe the reason you can’t fight it, is you have forgotten there really is larceny afoot. Focus, man. Focus!

  39. Hugo says:

    Morgan, you call that person “a Democrat”.

    But hey, as Ariana said the sex is better, and besides they give such good value for the dollars they extract from every billionaire and seamstress among us, by force of law. They’re so devoted to public service, dontcha know…

  40. P. Cross says:

    Our home grown fascists don’t seize power the old fashion way they acquire power by other means, but nun the less they are still fascists.

    BO has every intension of going after the wealth in the capitalistic system. Same as Billary. The key is who decides and who’s wealth is it. Surprise Surprise.

  41. Ken Ballweg says:

    Damn Hugo, I thought it was called a neo-con lining his Swiss bank account with the national treasury. Betcha, betcha, betcha Halburton and Betchel have stolen more than all the Dems combined.

    And, reading that last post, I doubt P. Cross is K. P. Cross. Hard to imagine her referring to the order of the lesser Nuns.

  42. Morgan Warstler says:

    Ken, Medicare certainly outweighs Halburton’s ill-gotten gains, no?

  43. Hugo says:

    Well Ken you durty bastid, why don’t you throw in Fluor and the Boho Grove and make it a perfect Grand Slam of pettyparanoia?

    Just when I was taking a liking to you, you turn all silly on me…

  44. Hugo says:

    And what in hell is a “neo-con”? Are you insulting the late Pat Moynihan? Because if so, it’s machetes at dawn, mofo.

  45. Ken Ballweg says:

    The difference Morgan, is that Medicare actually does something useful for the American public. And the flaws in the drug benefit fiasco can largely be laid at the feet of the cynical congress that has long since proving itself to know diddly squat about fiscal responsibility.

    Hugo, sorry to disappoint. Though you have a point about including Fluor in the no bid theft zone. I was forgetting the Katrina contracts. Silly me, indeed.

    Don’t really have to throw in a necked cabal of fat white guys out in the trees to see that war profiteering through no-bid contracts has cost this country more than the Dems. Do remember that they haven’t really been too in charge of the budget much of late. So, unless you are harking back to the New Deal or Great Society days, there really isn’t much of a track record to go on is there?

  46. Ken Ballweg says:

    A neo-con is a person who, once the truth comes out, gets convicted of graft, racketeering, and war crimes and does really hard time for it.

    But that’s just my fantasy.

  47. Jon Taplin says:

    Morgan and Hugo-You aren’t libertarians, you’re anarchists. You just want all government to disappear (except your beloved military) and by some magical stroke, the roads will get built and maintained, the streets will be policed, the fires will go out by themselves. Its all such nonsense.

    Morgan- You remind of Wesley Snipes, who told the court he didn’t have to pay taxes on his millions unless he wanted to.It’s so silly its hardly worth debating you anymore.

    Hugo-as for this line-” exquisite systems we’re not allowed to contest until we have proved ourselves perfect subjects of same.”–that’s what Jason Bernes was trying to get at. But the systems are corporate/government surveillance approved by Your President, George Bush and deeply worrisome law professors like John Yoo.

  48. Morgan Warstler says:

    Jon, READ.

    I keep saying $MAX – 40% income tax (which you no longer comit to I might add).

    Tell me how that is anarchy?

  49. Dan says:

    “The Clintons, the single most boorish family this nation has seen”

    It’s a tie with the Bush family. Come on, Hugo. Do you really think that it is the Clintons and the Clintons alone who delusions of dynastic grandeur? I’m sick of Bill and Hillary and their preposterous behavior. But they’re not the only ones I’m sick of.

    I also am plenty worried about our government assuming total power. Of suddenly saying, “All rights suspended. All laws suspended. We’re governing by fiat. We have this piece of paper right here, that we rammed through Congress during our Support the Troops extravaganza, that says we can declare an emergency for any reason we choose, we don’t answer to anybody, the emergency lasts until we say so, and nobody can interfere with that either, and while it lasts, all branches of government are suspended unless we say otherwise.”

    From the same people who have built secret prisons in other countries to avoid the legal system.

    If you want your spine-shivering sense of deja vu to 1932, there it is. In my opinion.

    (Though in the interest of avoiding hyperbole, I admit that 1) the Bushes aren’t sending goons with nightsticks to beat their opponents and 2) they’ve been carrying this Put Everyone In Jail Free card for a while and haven’t used it. Knock on wood with trembling fingers.)

  50. Dan says:

    Incidentally Hugo, though I sometimes have trouble understanding you, and I certainly disagree with you pretty strongly at times, I really enjoy talking with you.

    (So far anyway, knock on wood with trembling fingers.)

  51. Hugo says:

    Dan, that was the first really viable definition of “neoconservative” I’ve seen, even though it fails to encompass the late, remarkable Senator Moynihan. “Neocon” – (noun): perp yet at large.

    That’s good!

    Jon, I ain’t no anarchist. Why heck, it seems like I’ve spent the better part of my life counseling those confused souls. They don’t know from paranoia! I know from paranoia!

    It’s adorable, really, in a deeply lifelong neurotic Woody Allen kind of way. If you love disease, you’ll love the paranoid schtick. The thing about Anarchists is, they can’t quite cross that invisible threshold into the wonderland of morbid psychosis. They have to be helped across. That’s where I come in.

    I do some ‘splainin’ to them about how our Founding Collegiate Smartasses pined for the Kingdom of Heaven but stared into the face of the Kingdom of George, and knew the difference. About how they steeled themselves—one of them, at his Sherry-fueled stereograph—to conjure the worst of the worst, so that we could have the best of the good-enough.

    Come on. You know this stuff, Jimmy Stewart. Knock it off. We’re not anarchists. It’s just, somebody’s got to remember what the word tyranny means, so that it still has real bite.

  52. Ken Ballweg says:

    The US military has awarded an $80 million contract to a prominent Saudi financier who has been indicted by the US Justice Department. The contract to supply jet fuel to American bases in Afghanistan was awarded to the Attock Refinery Ltd, a Pakistani-based refinery owned by Gaith Pharaon. Pharaon is wanted in connection with his alleged role at the failed Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), and the CenTrust savings and loan scandal, which cost US tax payers $1.7 billion.
    Gaith Pharaon.

    The Saudi businessman was also named in a 2002 French parliamentary report as having links to informal money transfer networks called hawala, known to be used by traders and terrorists, including Al Qaeda.

    Interestingly, Pharaon was also an investor in President George W. Bush’s first business venture, Arbusto Energy.

    A spokesman for the FBI said Pharaon was not wanted in connection with the French report, but confirmed he was still sought by the US Justice Department.

    “Ghaith Pharaon is an FBI fugitive indicted in both the BCCI and CENTRUST case,” said Richard Kolko, a spokesman for the FBI. “If anyone has information on his location, they are requested to contact the FBI or the US Embassy.”

    The US military purchases jet fuel from Attock through the contractor Supreme Fuels, according to a US government website. The $80 million contract for 2008 was posted this week on a US government website . Attock supplied the US military more than $40 million in jet fuel in 2007, according to another spreadsheet posted on the site.

    ABC News
    June 4, 2008

    Just have to love those no-bid contracts. Free Market at it’s finest.

  53. Morgan Warstler says:

    Ken, do you think we got any fuel? Thats what makes me so mad, I want to know HOW MUCH FUEL we got for $80M – then I’ll know if we should worry about it. This is the digital age – all the data, just give me all the data.


    Look man, I do not worry about jack-booted thugs. OK, I was pretty teed off about the branch davidians and the Texas Amish sex fiends.

    But, generally, I do not worry about jack booted thugs.

    What’s so SICK is that you don’t feel morally depraved for wanting to steal more than 40% of a man’s income “in his own interest” – WTF, are you retarded?

    You have no moral ground to to defend. Kettle Black. But, you can’t even grasp it. You don’t even recognize it. The first tyranny is progressive taxes, after that the recipients of the organized larceny became kept subjects, forever slaves, pure and simple.

    Look, this isn’t a diatribe against taxes. I accept it at $MAX, it is a diatribe against you for worrying about government intrusion on mankind AFTER you feed and nurture the beast with the blood of your betters.

  54. Hugo says:

    Dan, I shouldn’t have responded to you in jest only. That was wrong of me. You’re pondering a grave matter, the fascist impulse, and I’d like to address your serious concern seriously. I’m wrung out just now, but would like to discuss it with you when next that particular moon swings into Jon’s orbit, but I’m unimaginatively old-school, I must warn you, and my tenuous understandings date to the Late Pleisticine, even prior to the Advent of Goldberg. I’m with e.g. Phillip Zimbardo and the elders at the Wiesenthal Center: it’s a kind of technique prerequisite for which some very specific psychodynamics must obtain. It’s a desperate subject, but a really urgent and present one, actually. It haunts both of us, evidently. Sorry to hear that. But it’s vincible. Don’t worry about that.

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