Did Obama Win The Drudge Primary?

Politico’s Martin and Smith float the radical notion that the heart of the right wing online media machine, Matt Drudge, is a quiet Obama supporter.

After skewering Al Gore and lampooning John Kerry, he’s emerged as an unreliable ally for the GOP, while trumpeting Obama’s victories and shrugging at his scandals.

“It’s clear to us that Barack Obama has won the Drudge Primary, and it’s one of the most important primaries in this process,” conceded a senior aide to Hillary Rodham Clinton, who also acknowledged that Drudge’s treatment of Obama could make the Illinois senator more electable in November.

Wow! Rupert Murdoch and Matt Drudge on Barack’s side. Evangelical’s and Miami Cubans coming over to Obama’s positions. Does the earth still revolve around the Sun?

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0 Responses to Did Obama Win The Drudge Primary?

  1. Troll of the People says:

    Jon, just who do you think came over to who’s side?

  2. Patrick Freeman says:


    Jeez. Do you have a pulse? In your head?

  3. Noel Mccarthy says:

    Drudge’s clear appreciation for Obama has been going on for a year – I always assumed it had more to do with Hillary hatred.

  4. Todd Sieling says:

    Talking about Matt Drudge like he matters only encourages him.

  5. oj says:

    really, i think he matters a great deal – whether he matters to YOU, Todd, is an open question…

  6. Jon Taplin says:

    Morgan-Patrick is right. You are not thinking straight. Drudge knows which way the cultural/political wind is blowing. He’s not interested in siding with losers like your old buddys.

    BTW-I’m glad you went back to using your real name. Its a good name.

  7. Morgan Warstler says:

    Jon, you’re nuts on this one. Trust me.

  8. Tennessee William Shakespeare says:

    Too true. Taplin, you are nuts on this one.

    It is a terrible name.

  9. Hugo says:

    But a Trojan one, Tennessee. I’ll give him that.

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