It's Over

Despite the spooky echoes of the “Brooks Brothers Riot” in 2000, on the part of the Clintonistas at the Rules Committee hearing, the committee voted to seat the Florida and Michigan delegation with one half a vote each. My guess is the final victory of Obama will come with the votes of Montana on Tuesday evening.

Two details. Harold Ickes threat to take the Michigan ruling to the credentials committee is the idle boast of a man who just realized he does not rule the DNC anymore. This is Barack’s party. Second, all the fulminating by the cable network talking heads about women not voting for Obama is nonsense. Only 24% of women favor overturning Roe v. Wade. Does anyone really think the other 76% of women are going to vote for John McCain so he can change the Supreme Court to do just that?

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  1. Hugo says:

    Turpitude. Turpitude and pusillanimity.

  2. Jon Taplin says:

    Hugo-They broke the party rules. They’re lucky they got any votes.

  3. BobbyG says:

    What Jon said.

    Memo to Ickes: call the waaaaahhhhhmbulance.

  4. Hugo says:

    That’s what I mean, Jon, except that it wasn’t luck, it was the swishes caving for some very dark and compelling reason. Those committee members looked like they’d been levered by so much torque their frames and underbodies were bent.

    The Party is NOT into democracy, per se; that was put before them as a theme three cycles ago, and they rejected it. I mean Florida, I can kinda see, but MICHIGAN? They’re the out-and-out scofflaws of the 57 states.

    Politics is NOT compromise; compromise is one of the tools of politics. And you do not ever compromise principle; especially not if you take democracy seriously.

    I think they’re unbelievably chickenshit (and I know two of the Committee members, and worked for one.) What standing do they now have to cast aspersions on the hinky 2000 GE vote, or the mega-glitchy 2004 one? They just pissed that away, thanks to whatever Billary and Lanny and Terry and Harold are using for a hammer.

  5. Jon Taplin says:

    Hugo- You have had far more belief in the magic powers of the Clintons than I. The point about my “Interregnum” trope is that the people who were in power don’t realize the rules have changed. All the royal families who marched behind Queen Victoria’s casket (ruling half the planet) had no idea the age of monarchy would be finished in 20 years. Harold Ickes has run the DNC since 1990. He just can’t figure out what happened.

    Today will be seen as an extreme example of transparent Democracy. The Clintons are objecting to the Unanimous decision of the Michigan Democratic Party!

    You watch, John McCain has a much bigger problem that Reverend Wright, and his name is Phil Gramm. I’m going to write about it laterr.

  6. Morgan Warstler says:

    Except all the money has been spent! Deficits as far as the eye can see.

    There’s nothing new under the sun since 1981 – republicans spend it and democrats clean up the mess.

    Someone, please wake me when we can afford a new social program.

  7. Tennessee William Shakespeare says:

    “There’s nothing new under the sun since 1981 …”

    (For this guy)

    “Someone, please wake me …”

    (Confirming that he is asleep)

  8. Jon Taplin says:

    Morgan- You are like Harold Ickes–just waking up to realize the reign of your team is over.

    I’ll “wake you up” around January 20th. Then you will find the Democrats control both the executive and the legislative branch. And we won’t have a Republican tody like Robert Rubin in the Treasury to spin your line that we have to cut budgets to please the bond market.

    Because the bond market doesn’t reside on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs anymore. It resides in Singapore, Bejing, Tokyo, Berlin, Stockholm–lots of places where Social Democracy, and spending money to move to alternative fuels is thought of as a constructive policy.

    You are so off base to think that you and $Max crowd have the progressives in a bind because you wasted our treasury on your useless war.

    Well guess what, the U.S. is an awesome economy and all round the world, people with capital who are scared of local autocrats are going to put their money in U.S. treasuries. And the Obama administration is going to spend some of that money investing in our future (education, Universal health care, Alt Fuels, super high speed Internet, etc) while they lower the waste in the military industrial complex.

    You and your friend and patron Karl Rove are going to have to find new suckers to buy your consulting services. Maybe you should try and sell them to Vaclav Klaus.

  9. Morgan Warstler says:

    And I’ll say, the biggest cost savings McCain or Obama will find will be extending the age of retirement. And we have 80K in Iraq in 2011.

    It’s a bet!

  10. Hugo says:

    Jon, I agree with you about Tuesday night. Hillary will not close her campaign at that time, though. She’ll make a big show of suspending it. Then they’ll wait for their anti-O bombs to go off, so that she can be “sent for” to save the Party. The Rules Committee wouldn’t have taken the actions it took tonight unless e.g. Lanny and Terry had shown some hardcore “leverage”—meaning an extortionist threat—the Clintons are willing to present. I still think they mean to take out Obama, and have figured out a sufficiently obscure and deniable trapline of proxies and cutouts and third-party “placements”. As a fallback they husband their “leverage” carefully, so as to squeeze as much juice as possible out of Obama and the Party. Appointment to the (big) bench seems the best prospect for everyone concerned.

    It’s not the “magic powers” of the Clintons that impress me; it’s their profound venality that does. Hillary’s husband is the original Thing That Wouldn’t Leave, and likewise she’ll never end her campaign. Not in her mind anyway. I agree that Harold sounds like the melting witch from the Land of Oz, but this is going to be the ugliest campaign of all time, and not just because Ickes is a sociopath, but because the Clintons won’t listen to anyone who isn’t one.

    I’m glad you’re going to stay on Gramm the Sham. (With all due respect to the recently deceased Sam the Sham.) My guess is that you’ll find a guy named Neil in the middle of the story. But there’s even worse on McCain and, unfortunately, on Obama too.

    The Clintons are counting on it.

    And as economists go, I’ll take Professor Klaus over Professor Gramm—though they’re both total “sonsabuzzards” (as TR used to say). What Klaus meant by the “privatization” he first advocated and then ably implemented was, the conversion to a market economy from the blood-and-bone disaster of Moscow’s neverending command schemes. What Gramm means by his advocacy and practice of “privatization”, on the other hand, is the salubrious exercise of getting money into his own pocket.

  11. Morgan Warstler says:

    Hugo, please let Jon continue to bad mouth Klaus – it makes me smile.


    McCain will be the next president. Clinton’s female supporters will not vote for Obama and if not for McCain, then a protest vote for Nader. The so called Reagan Democrats will never, never vote for Obama. Out in the Bitter Hinterlands no one much likes the liberal McCain, but they loath both Clinton and Obama.

  13. P. Cross says:

    Only difference between Obama, Hillary and McCain is that Obama & Hillary are in a power boat headed for the falls and McCain is in a Kayak. The left, Obama & Hillary have a choice, McCain must go with the flow of his fellow Cino’s in congress.

    Obama will waste his gift on the same old failed ‘government policies that will be revised and extended. If elected he will continue the headlong flight to financial ruin.

    If you want one year of prosperity grow grain. 10yrs grow tree’s, 100 years grow people. Chinese proverb on personal responsibility.

    All we seem to do is grow Government.

  14. Hugo says:

    I’m a kid in a candy store: so much deliciousness to plagiarize! From goesdownbitter, the expression “bitter hinterlands”, and from P. Cross, “Cino”. Coup de tete! Why didn’t I think of that?

    What guilty pleasures!

  15. zak says:

    Can you share the source of that 24%/76% stat. . . I’m having trouble sourcing that statement?


  16. Jon Taplin says:

    Zak- Sourced from a Jan. 2003 New York Yimes Poll, quoted here.

  17. Morgan Warstler says:

    Zak, based on this it sounds about right, maybe even slightly low. I can’t understand it either. But, I warn you beware government controls of all forms, not just the ones you are worried about.

  18. Jon Taplin says:

    Hugo- I remember that Neil Bush was right in the middle of the Savings and Loan Scam. What a delight if he popped up in the third act of the Sub-prime melodrama!

    Morgan- Whatever position Vaclav Klaus has , he owes to the 30 years of work of Vaclav Havel and his compatriots like The Plastic People of the Universe.

  19. BobbyG says:

    Harriet Christian, President of the Manhattan Chapter of The Densa Society of Noooh Yawk, seriously off her meds. And a funny reaction.

    Y’know, I read an enticing argument recently throwing cold water on the idea of max get-out-the-vote participation. Basically, if you’re such an intractably limbic-driven lunatic Star of Your Own Reality-Show Psychodrama incapable of rational parsing and getting up to speed on the catatonically tedious non-YouTube Moment details of process and governance and policy, maybe you should just stay home and throw shit at your TeeVee between Budweisers.

  20. Hugo says:

    Jon, Klaus was one of the compatriots, albeit the most conceited and over-rated one. (Worse, he was the only one who was arythmic and tone-deaf.) He leads now because he was the most obnoxious, and therefore most politically formidable, of the Velveteers. But he’s a fairly contemplative head of state who sees a threat to Freedom, so I’m inclined to read his book and see what he’s on about. Eternal vigilance, and all that.

  21. Jon Taplin says:

    Hugo-On your advice, I will buy his book as well.

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