Obama and the Working Class

Hillary Clinton continues to assert that she is the stronger candidate against John McCain, because Obama can’t win the white voters who don’t have a college degree. This morning, pollster Mark Mellman debunks that idea.

First, there is no relationship between how candidates perform among any particular group of voters in primaries and how they do with that segment in the general election. In 1992, Bill Clinton lost college-educated voters to Paul Tsongas in the early competitive primaries, but he went on to win that group in November by the largest margin any Democrat ever had. Similarly, John Kerry lost young voters in the competitive primaries in 2004 before going on to win them by a record margin in the general election.

Second, Democrats running for president have been losing white, non-college-educated voters since before Mr. Obama was elected to the Illinois legislature. Al Gore and Mr. Kerry each failed to win a majority of this bloc in the general election. With these voters, the size of the losing margin is what matters…Mr. Obama is faring better today with the white working class than did either Mr. Gore or Mr. Kerry.

Although Mr. Obama leads Mr. McCain in almost every national poll published this month, he cannot afford to take any constituency for granted. But he plainly has a path to victory. And the white working class does not seem poised to block his way.

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  1. BobbyG says:


    [1] “It isn’t over ’til the lady in the pants suit says it is.”

    [2] (yesterday) “We didn’t come this far in this historical [sic] election only to lose.”

    What do we take away from those (and other related) statements? That she intends to grab the nomination one way or another?

    I guess we will know shortly.

  2. Hans says:

    I love the “manufactured consent” on any site that is either Hillary sponsored or a Hillary supporting site.

    any comments on her official site blog not 100% supporting Hillary and everything she connives to do is greeted with this…

    [removed by moderator]
    This post violated our terms of service and has been removed.

    what a joke!

  3. Hans says:

    ha-ha! there is another excuse de jour today…

    I am not a Pelosi fan and I was born in and lived in San Fran for many years! So City/Pacifica to be exact!

    Whatever Nancy! I haven’t seen you work endlessly, ferociously and tiredlessly for the Amereican people as Hillary does!! Hillary will put you to work when she is President!

    I hope those in SF do not vote for Pelosi in her next bid for re-election!

    Sorry, had to vent! She frustrates me!

    Now it is all the House Speaker’s fault! I love it

    Irony of that comment is, Hillary promised 200,000 new jobs in NY when running for Senator and didn’t live up to that.

  4. BobbyG says:

    Pelosi now calling bullshit.

    “(CNN) – Hillary Clinton has hinted that she is prepared to take her fight to fully seat Florida and Michigan all the way to the party’s convention in late August, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that’s not going to happen…”


  5. BobbyG says:

    Hans –

    I been lurking at this pro- HRC blog called “TexasDarlin” after seeing a cross-post on TaylorMarsh.com

    Li’l Darlin’ reflexively labels ANY posts containing mere sarcastic criticism of HRC Worship as “hate speech” and “Obama thuggery” and deletes them.

  6. goodtimepolitics says:

    PELOSI and others are out to push Obama into the White House no matter what it takes. Hillary has a right to fight until someone wins and not just because MSNBC says they have won. There is something worrisome happening in American.

  7. Patrick Freeman says:

    More code words. A large subset of the “white, working-class” is racist to the core. Maybe no longer as overtly as among the people I knew as a child, but the fear and distrust are still there. Hillary knows that, and has been playing to their prejudices since February, with Big-Foot Bill’s clumsy assistance. No matter what, Obama will not be able to attract their votes, and he knows better than to waste time and money on the effort. He does not need them.

  8. Rick Turner says:

    Bill and Hill…the working people…yeah…how did they get their millions? Not working on a production line in Flint, nor checking out dog food at WalMart, nor even by running a legit business on their own… How the hell did she become the voice of the working (wo)man?

  9. Hans says:

    get real dude, you have no motivation other than destroying the democratic paty and watching us do it to our sef. Thank you Hillary for being a vindictive bitch! you earned it, wear it as history will show. no not the “history” bush claims, but real histroy. thanyou very f***ing much for being a c*** of arrogance and over inflated self worth!

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