Hillary as VP-WTF

The Times reports this morning that Bill Clinton wants his wife to be Obama’s VP.

“If she’s not going to be the nominee, then he wants her in the second spot,” said one friend of the Clintons. “In the long run, it’s the best way for her to run again in 2016.”

The very thought of this is as frighteneing as one of Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s B Movie horror plots like Scream II. There is Bill wandering around the West Wing making trouble for Obama, while he uses the Naval Observatory to throw parties for Ron Burkle’s “consulting clients”. In the past I have used the old Wall Street term “Big Swinging Dicks” to refer to the entitlement attitude of Bill and his pals. Part of me believes Bill is maneuvering Barack into offering the Veep job so that Hillary can publicly turn him down.

Whatever the case, Obama should ignore the two of them. Jim Webb, Chuck Hagel or Katherine Sibelius would be the right person to consider for VP. Some morning in September, Bill Clinton is going to wake up and realize he is no longer the Big Dog in Democratic Politics. And he will be the last person to know that obvious fact.

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  1. J. A. Carizo says:

    The Clintons just want to look Hill-arious. But I agree with you. Bill’s statement is frightening. That is a sign of greed for power…

  2. Hans says:

    You know, Bill & Hillary had that option potentially open to them at the lastest a month ago, but chose not to go there. So now they get nothing and if they are lucky [dependent upon what happens comes this November] they will be relegated in history to somewhere between GWB & Ralph Nader, all of course by their own making.

    Good choices up there for VP.

    We should get a Friday Evening VP [Quarterback] thread going to discuss this. I have one going here, with some ideas already so we should we shoud hash out the details of the dream ticket, as there are many possibilities I don’t know much about and others I have good ideas on.

  3. Another Jon says:

    I have thought, from the very beginning, that an Obama/Webb ticket is a slam dunk.

    A no-brainer.

  4. Rick Turner says:

    Two looser cannons could not be imagined…

  5. Rick Turner says:

    By which I mean the Clinton Duo. Is that Janus Clinton?

  6. Dan says:

    Add James Carville and you get Cerberus.

  7. Zhirem says:


    Jon: Nightmare ticket has no legs. It appears to be shaping up this morning, that Obama *was* asked and that Barack *did* decline.

    Sibelous (sp?) is likely a great choice. Webb is a little young, but his military experience eliminates McSame’s advantage there. Hard to say who Obama will want to have, but he has many good options to choose from.

    – Zhirem

  8. Dan says:

    My first-ever political cartoon.

  9. Dan says:

    Well shucks. I’m not seeing it…maybe HTML isn’t allowed here.


  10. Boomer says:

    So, now HRC says she’s gotta stay in because, wink, wink, wink, Robert Kennedy got shot and killed in June during the primary, wink, wink.

    Ya never know what might happen.


  11. Will says:

    I think you mean “Kathleen Sebelius,” who I strongly support for her ability to work across party lines, which reinforces Obama’s message of bipartisanship.

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