Ford Motor Co. CEO-Rip Van Winkle

Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally just woke up from a long nap to discover their reliance on light trucks and SUV’s might not be the right strategy for an age of Peak Oil.

Last year, pickups accounted for about 14 percent of the overall United States market, but they now represent 9 percent. Mr. Mulally said the striking shift by consumers from trucks and S.U.V.’s into smaller cars and crossovers now appears to be “structural in nature” rather than a short-term reaction to gas prices. “We needed to act now,” he said.

For this brilliance they are paying him $37.5 million a year!

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  1. Rees Whitaker says:

    Your rearview mirror is very clear. What a cheap shot

  2. STS says:

    I think the 37.5 mil is mostly for defending the status quo against the overwhelming pressures of the real world. Call it a King Canute’s Ransom (he of the attempt to command the tides).

    Wasn’t Bill Ford totally into green tech and social responsibility and such? Maybe he just found himself unable to overcome the sheer inertia of a signature Oil Age industrial empire.

  3. Jon Taplin says:

    Rees- Thanks. I bought a Prius 28 months ago.

  4. jorgipogi says:

    I bet he wants a tax rebate.

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