Obama Moves Ahead

The new Reuters/Zogby poll should quiet those pundits who have been forecasting that Barack could not pull the Democratic Party together.

Democrat Barack Obama has sprinted out to a 10-point lead over Republican John McCain in a four-way presidential contest including Libertarian Bob Barr and Liberal Ralph Nader, the latest Reuters/Zogby telephone poll of likely voters nationwide shows.

Obama does well among his Democratic base, winning 79% support – an indication that the party faithful may be coming together behind his campaign as a bruising nomination campaign nears the end. He also does well among non-aligned voters, as independents favor him over McCain by a 48% to 32% margin.

Obama was magnanimous to Hillary last night and gave another great speech. At least one key McCain adviser, Mark McKinnon has seen the writing on the wall. He resigned yesterday, keeping his promise that he would not work against an Obama campaign.

Mr. McKinnon had told friends, and some journalists, that he did not want to be part of a hard-fought campaign against such a historic candidacy. In his interview with Cox, he had said of Mr. Obama: “I think he has a deep character and good judgment. I also think he’s wrong on some fundamental issues. But I believe he is honest and independent.” 

BTW-That 4% of the voters say they are planning to vote for Ralph Nader is somewhat troubling. Who are these knuckleheads?

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  1. John Hurt says:

    A beautiful thing is happening in the United States. People who don’t see it are blind to the most important moment of our lifetime.

  2. Zhirem says:

    Nader voters are the anti-social crowd. Not enough attention from their parents when they were younger, they would rather spoil things than contribute. Their ‘protest’ vote will most certainly change nothing, but will enable them to feel better about voting their conscience, and have the added side-benefit of enabling them to bitch for the next 8 years about a guy they did not vote for.

    That said, hopefully we will have a more fair election this year, than we had in 2004 or 2000. Shennanigans should be at a minimum, because it is harder to steal a blowout than it is a squeeker…

    – Zhirem

  3. BobbyG says:


    The United Mine Workers of America, which claims to represent more coal miners than any other union in the world, announced its endorsement of Barack Obama Wednesday.

    In a statement, UMWA International president Cecil E. Roberts said, “Sen. Obama will implement the clear change in direction UMWA members — indeed, all American working people — must have if they are to once again move forward and have a true opportunity to realize the American dream. After eight years of being pushed aside by an administration which neither respects nor values the contributions American working families make to our society, we are looking forward with great anticipation to a new era in our nation.”

    Interestingly, the statement doesn’t mention Hillary Clinton…

  4. BobbyG says:

    BTW, from the “It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Lady In The Pants Suit [Steals The Nomination] Says It Is” Dept:

    [AP] …In an interview with The Associated Press, Clinton said she is willing to take her fight to seat Florida and Michigan delegates to the convention if the two states want to go that far.

    Asked whether she would support the states if they appeal an unfavorable rules committee decision to the convention floor, the former first lady replied:

    “Yes I will. I will, because I feel very strongly about this.”…

  5. Jim Knucklehead says:

    I may not vote for Nader, but I do plan on supporting Cynthia McKinney and may vote for her unless someone announces a place for her in the next Cabinet.

  6. Gabriel says:

    Why exactly are Nader voters “knuckleheads”? Elections in a democracy have to be narrowed down to two choices, and anyone who’s not satisfied with those has to shut up? If you concede that Obama and Nader have *different* positions, then it should be no surprise that at least some people would prefer Nader over Obama. Insulting people who have a different preference probably won’t get you very far in convincing them to rethink their choice.

  7. Jon Taplin says:

    Gabriel- I heard this same argument from Nader voters in 2000. And what did it get us? George Bush. Ralph Nader has turned from one of my heros into a publicity seeking blowhard. Those who think that voting for him will actually change anything for the better are as delusional as he is.

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