Clinton's "Blame The Media" Strategy

I’m afraid the next two weeks will be filled with recriminations as the Clinton team moves into the later stages of grief. We’ve been through Denial and Bargaining. We are entering Anger, Guilt and Depression. Enabler in Chief Lanny Davis signs on the the Fox News view of the world.

Hopefully we will get to Acceptance by June 10.

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  1. BobbyG says:

    She’s sayin’ today that she’s gonna fight all the way to the convention floor. Maybe that’s just public posturing / trial-ballooning for the behind-the-scenes death-with-dignity negotiating, but I don’t put anything past her and Bill.

  2. Hugo says:

    Stage Acceptance by the 10th next? I don’t think so. They couldn’t possibly reach that stage so soon.

    More like a boring Summer in the Grenadines (no; too Tory) with Marianne Miracles, and maybe some clam-digging and pedicures with the Bloodworths and a seance or two with Eleanor. THEN, maybe, acceptance.

    I’m thinking garlic&wood, though, because they’re thinking arch-procedural, arch-statistical choreography at the Convention, and if they’ve already taken it that far, then only a stake in the heart will stop the terror. Else falls Tokyo.

  3. rhb says:

    So Obama is taking over control of the DNC and Clinton is counting Fla and Mich as hers and the count in real delegates is still in doubt. All I see is two tough candidates who are willing to battle it out to the last second. Aside from the fact that it tires us all out to have to go through it, (think of how weary they must both be) and it certainly seems to be making the faux media giddy, I think it just demonstrates how tough either one will be in the race against the McSame. In the final analysis maybe we get a candidate that won’t give up. And even though I hope it is Obama, I still remember trying to figure out who in the hell was George McGovern when all of us thought we were getting Eugene McCarthy.

  4. Another Jon says:

    You are worse than Thomas Pynchon. And I tried my damndest to read GRAVITY’S RAiNBOW

  5. Ben K says:

    I want Hillary to be the nominee of the Dems, but her campaign just made critical mistakes the other side didnt. That is no ones fault but their own.

    Sure the media loves Obama, but this is her own doing.

  6. Thom Dowting says:

    She’s gonig to take it to the convention floor. No Dem nominee coming out of a convention decision has gone on to win the presidency. Obama looses. She has a chance again in 2012.

    Even if Obama concedes FL and MI before the bylaws meeting on the 31st then she still could try to sway the supers with some eve of the convention type shenanigans.

  7. Hugo says:

    I know, I know, AJ. Wish I could blame it on the iPhone. But the truth is that I’m confused. Is Hillary not playing the victim this week? Or is this the week she’s not playing the fighter?

  8. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:

    The media love money.

    And celebrity.

    And the media.

    But most of all money.

  9. beingajerk says:

    Hilary lost, she is fighting a battle that has already been lost. Why campaign more. The democratic candidates this year seem week. Obama is an African American Senator with very little experience and Hilary Clinton is a female… The point is there is way too many anti-feminists for Clinton to win. Then there is republican John McCain….. He is self explanitory. Vietnam Veteran with war in his blood. A republican president will another 4 years of war.

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